Boys Over Flowers Episode 16

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Episode 16 starts off at Jihoo’s place, where Junpyo has shown up to seek some solace. He said he chose Jihoo because his place was the nearest. He didn’t want to go to Yi Jung because of their fight in Macau (speaking of which, didn’t he also throw a few punches at Jihoo himself in Macau? Hmmph), and Woobin’s place is always filled with noisy girls. I wonder if he was talking about his sisters. 😀  Jihoo reminds Junpyo about that few strikes he dealt him at the airport not too long ago, but Junpyo quickly changes the topic, asking for a present, since it was his birthday after all. Lol. His expression was really cute here. Jihoo gives him Jandi’s present, which didn’t really impress Junpyo as he saw the stuffed toy. Then he saw Jandi’s card, and that look on his face made me want to reach out and hug him. Aww.

The next day, Jandi goes to school as usual, and runs into Chaekyung. Gosh, what is she doing there? Apparently she’s decided to attend ShinHwa university, just like the boys. She recognises Jandi as the girl from Macau who she saved (she seemed to have forgotten the fact that Jandi was at the party?), and she asks if they can become unnie-dongsaeng (like a big sis-little sis thing), because she thinks Jandi is cute. Jandi is somewhat reluctant but gets pressured into saying yes, since Chaekyung is too nice to resist. F4 then show up for class, including Junpyo. Chaekyung bounces over, but Junpyo doesn’t seem too happy to see her. Chaekyung then threatens to nibble on his ear some more, which makes Junpyo look a bit scared. Hah. F3 are baffled as to how intimate those two have become, and Jandi just feels so awkward that she probably wished a manhole would appear beneath her feet immediately.

After school, Ga Eul is trying to dig out the dirt about Chaekyung at the porridge. Chaekyung then suddenly shows up at the shop. Speak of the devil, heh. She gets acquainted with Ga Eul, and asks the Master if she can borrow the two girls for the day. The spineless idol-worshipping Master is only too happy to oblige a pretty girl like Chaekyung, who asks her scary female bodyguard to stay at the shop to help out. The three girls then indulge themselves, getting manicures and going shopping. Chaekyung asks Jandi what kind of style does Junpyo like on girls, but Jandi tells her that he’s too full of himself to notice what girls are wearing. Then Chaekyung presses on some more about how Junpyo is like, and Jandi goes on to elaborate (that silly lovesick girl). Impressed by Jandi’s vast knowledge of Junpyo, she asks Jandi to be her love guru. Oh no.

Jandi then goes home to realise that her family found out about Junpyo’s engagement. They are all very downcast and unhappy, and they want to know who that girl is. And who else shows up at their doorstep but Chaekyung herself. They don’t realise it at first I think. But they take Chaekyung in for the night at Chaekyung’s request. I really don’t get why these rich people refuse to sleep in their presidential suites. They dress Chaekyung up in pjs and she does a self-satisfied pose, much like Junpyo did during his sleepover. Anyway, before sleeping, Chaekyung and Jandi have some girl talk, where Chaekyung wonders if Junpyo already has someone that he likes. But she’s adamant that she’ll make him like her, because damn, that girl is a fighter.

The next day after school, Junpyo approaches Jandi, asking her why she no longer swims. Gosh, he’s so behind in Jandi’s life happenings, like how she’s into medicine now. Jandi refuses to tell him anything, and tells him that Chaekyung is nearby. Jandi then searches for her nearest escape route, which is Jihoo, who is preparing to leave. Chaekyung sees them together, and gets introduced to Jihoo. She then asks if Jihoo is the one that Jandi likes. I love how clueless she is, seriously. She then proposes that they all go on a double date. At this point Junpyo’s expression is as hard as a stone, and Jandi quickly turns Chaekyung down and leaves with Jihoo. Which leaves a not-too-happy Junpyo and a still-perky-but-ignorant Chaekyung.

Jihoo sends Jandi to the clinic where she helps out at, and decides to join her in being a voluntary slave. Jandi goes in, and immediately is greeted by the friendly patients there. Jihoo however, sees a familiar face – his grandfather. He is stunned, and immediately runs away, leaving the old man running after him, calling out his name. Jandi then find outs that the doctor is in fact, Jihoo’s grandfather. But seriously, didn’t anyone recognise the old man at all? I mean, he used to be a president. I think even young people would know what past presidents look like, they must’ve learnt it in history or something. *rolls eyes*

Jandi tells Ga Eul about the old man and Jihoo, to which the Master asks Jandi to help them both reconcile. At that very moment, Chaekyung turns up at the shop again, with Yi Jung and Woobin in tow. The two boys collapse into chair, looking exhausted. Yi Jung asks Ga Eul for a glass of water, lol. They then recount what happened with Chaekyung. Both of them tried to turn their charms on Chaekyung, like what Jihoo asked them to do.

Yi Jung took her to his pottery gallery, presumably to try and win her over with his sense of culture and sophistication. Chaekyung looked happily at this huge bowl, which Yi Jung said was some Queen’s favourite. (I wonder what the Queen used it for though, it was huge) He then presents it to her as a gift, which made Chaekyung very happy, because her pet lion would love it. That creeped Yi Jung out, because his face was just too hilarious.

Next was Woobin, who set up an elaborate act, getting his men to act as bullies targetting Chaekyung. He then swooped in to save the day, even going as far as to pretend to fight them. Once his back was turned though, Chaekyung’s many bodyguards came in to subdue all of Woobin’s men, and the female one twisted Woobin’s arm back. Poor guy.

Chaekyung then took the boys for another joyride, making them put up with her crazy antics in the karaoke. Honestly speaking, lots of people go crazy in the karaoke like Chaekyung does, just that Yi Jung and Woobin find it distasteful because they’re so upper class and snobbish. She also takes them to try weird delicacies (was it fried scorpion or something?) and forced them to drink copious amounts of soju (note Yi Jung’s disgusted face when Chaekyung pours him more), resulting in both of them puking their guts out. Hah. Weaklings. They have certainly met their match. Yi Jung claims that he’s never dated such a weird woman before. They then say that their only hope is in those two silly people (which I believe are Jandi and Junpyo). Woobin then grabs Ga Eul’s hand, and tells her that they’ll need her help for this one.

Meanwhile, Jandi isn’t much bothered with Chaekyung. She sits in her room and recalls the moment back in the clinic when the anguished doctor tells her that it was he who caused the death of Jihoo’s parents. Loads of question marks here, but he doesn’t elaborate further. Jandi then gets a call from Ga Eul, saying that Yi Jung has asked her on a date! Alright, so the date situation is probably a ploy to reunite JunDi, which makes the whole SoEul date in the previews a little disappointing, but still. Jandi tries to talk Ga Eul out of going out with Yi Jung, because he’s the playboy of F4 (duh). Ga Eul refuses to heed her advice, and Jandi tries to call Jihoo for help. When she can’t get through, Jandi starts having these horrifying thoughts of Yi Jung and Ga Eul, which served for some nice SoEul eye candy for me, but made Yi Jung seem more like a pervert than a womaniser. Or do they mean the same thing? Hmm.

Anyway, her last resort was to look for Junpyo (I wonder why she didn’t think of Woobin at all, poor guy). She goes over to his place, and finds Woobin there dancing to Paradise (lol). He points out where Junpyo was, and Jandi dashes off to find him in the bathroom/room where he just finished taking his bath and was half naked. I love how they keep trying to take Lee Minho’s clothes off in the show, lol. Jandi is horrified, much like how she was when Jihoo walked into her in the toilet. Lol. Woobin jokingly said that she didn’t ask him what Junpyo was doing, just where he was, so…:D I must say, Woobin looks so good after his haircut, am so totally loving him now.

Then Junpyo comes out fully dressed, but with wet straight-ish hair *swoon* and asks what’s wrong. Jandi can’t even look him in the eye now, lol. She asks him for a favour, because she can’t do this herself. She then blabbers on about how she must stop it before they get into a hotel, which baffles Junpyo. He thinks that Chaekyung’s appearance drove her crazy or something (yeah right), but Jandi bursts out saying that Yi Jung and Ga Eul are going on a date. Junpyo smiles knowingly, but Woobin is less subtle – he snorts with laughter. LOL Woobin how can you do that when Jandi is freaking out? Put on a better act!

Woobin wonders aloud how long it’ll take Yi Jung to get Ga Eul, perhaps one day. He tells Jandi about how Yi Jung is a 5-second killer, and demonstrates on Jandi. Junpyo quickly pulls her away though. Heh. Jandi is too shocked imagining Yi Jung doing that to Ga Eul, which was accompanied by scary horror film music. Junpyo muses about how Ga Eul is not Yi Jung’s type, but Woobin says that Yi Jung does find her cute. (WTG Woobin!) Jandi pulls Junpyo aside, and whispers something in his ears as Woobin looks on, amused that their plan is actually working. And I have a great Junpyo-Jandi moment to reflect on too. =)

The next day, both of them stalk the new couple, with Jandi wearing these nerdy pair of glasses which does not disguise her at all. Who does she think she is? Superwoman? XD And the specs look like the pair that her father wears too. Yi Jung spots them easily, and he tells Ga Eul to get ready for their show. Woohoo! Go SoEul!

They then go on their date, followed closely by Jandi and Junpyo, who really make very bad stalkers. Junpyo has had experience of stalking Jandi, but he just doesn’t seem very interested in stalking Yi Jung and Ga Eul. We then see Jihoo at his parent’s graves. He thinks that his grandfather must still hate him for causing the accident, omg all the angst right after cute couple moments with JunDi and SoEul just seemed even more sad. Poor boy, Jandi needs to step in and help them, because both the old man and Jihoo are just so misguided.

We then go back to Yi Jung and Ga Eul. They go skating, which made me melt with happiness despite this all being an act. Jandi spies on them with her binoculars, which really isn’t necessary since Junpyo can see them just right. When the two of them turn over to Jandi, she hides her face in Junpyo’s chest, and Junpyo awkwardly pretends to hug her. Yi Jung also has some fireworks display, like how Junpyo did in Caledonia. Jandi wonders why they can pull off this whole fireworks thingy so simply, and Junpyo dishes out a compliment to Yi Jung (like how Yi Jung complimented him back in Caledonia), then asks Jandi if she felt the fireworks were as beautiful as when he did it for her. Great moment between these two.

Their moment was briefly interrupted by Junpyo reminding Jandi that SoEul’s next destination would be…a hotel room. Which has Jandi going back into ballistic mode. While Junpyo is admiring Yi Jung’s womanising skills, Jandi is desperately plastering the side of her face to the door, trying to listen for sounds from the room next door, which I presume are where Yi Jung and Ga Eul are. Jandi checks the situation outside the room, and sees a waiter with room service. She then asks Junpyo to sabotage the room service so that Yi Jung’s plan will be foiled.

Yi Jung probably meant for them to sabotage the room service so that they can enjoy it for themselves, which proved to be true. We see Yi Jung spying on the chaos happening outside the room, and he turns to tell Ga Eul that they can only do so much for them, the rest is up to them. He then says that their work here is done, and Woobin calls to check in on the progress. After Ga Eul walks past Yi Jung, he smiles happily to himself, for some weird unknown reason. 😀

We see Junpyo and Jandi together sitting in awkward silence. They both start speaking at the same time, with Jandi wishing him happy birthday and Junpyo saying thank you for her present. Jandi also congratulates him on his engagement, although she’s obviously upset. Junpyo’s expression hardens at the mention of the engagement, and gets a little mad at Jandi for seeming to want him to get married quickly. Darn, can’t they both be honest to each other for once?

Meanwhile, Mummy Junpyo appears at the hotel (which is under ShinHwa, Yi Jung couldn’t have picked a better hotel), and a staff informs her that Junpyo is in the hotel. She goes up to the room, and sees Jandi outside spying on Yi Jung’s room. She then insults Jandi and Jandi’s upbringing again, and Junpyo appears just as Mummy is yelling at her. Mummy moves in to slap Jandi, but Junpyo restrains her and tells her to stop. Mummy slaps Junpyo instead and leaves. Junpyo is taken away by her men, but he texts Jihoo, presumably so that he can take Jandi home.

Jihoo calls Jandi, but she tells him that she’s home so that he wouldn’t worry. In actual fact, she went to the clinic and turned all desperate housewife, cleaning up the place. Jihoo turns up at the clinic too, and stops her from cleaning, because it’s obvious that Jandi is distressed. He holds her while she cries. Awww.

There’s more trouble for Jandi, as her dad got the family into more debt, and her mum’s sick with anger. Jandi ends up replacing them at their cleaning job (the one that Jihoo helped them to get). Poor girl, it just doesn’t make sense how she can be so sensible while her parents are somewhat idiots.

No preview this week, but more to come next week!


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