Boys Over Flowers Episode 17

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3

For the F4 Talkshow special that was aired on Monday, also with Mando subs:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

The special wasn’t really that interesting, but it was understandable given the circumstances, and it was nice that they got the actors to come out and talk about things a little. They were very apologetic that episode 17 could not be aired on Monday. The special had a recap of the first 16 episodes, and also some NG scenes. Some of the bloopers we’ve already seen at the end of episodes, but well, it’s also nice to see them messing up. They also had a reenactment of the favourite scenes voted by the female viewers, which was Yi Jung tying the scarf on Ga Eul, Jihoo putting the shoe on Jandi, and Junpyo putting the necklace on Jandi. They also had Hyunjoong trying to play the guitar but he wasn’t really ready for it so he didn’t do too well. Kim Bum played the piano! Not too badly too, and Lee Minho played Moon River. Hyunjoong also had a go at the piano at the end, but poor Kim Joon was stuck harmonising (rather horribly) with the female host. For me, it was worth watching the special just to hear Minho laugh. I kept hearing his laughter in the background, which makes it so endearing because I laugh really loud like him too. 😀  F4 also paid a visit to Gu Hye Sun, but they didn’t show her in her hospital room or anything; girl needs her privacy and rest.

Episode 17!!!

More and more angst in this one, especially from Junpyo and Jihoo. Angst leads to brooding, which leads to both of them looking extremely hot while brooding, which makes me forget how screwed up everything is in the series right now. Hey, even Yi Jung gets a bit of brooding in, more on that later. I’m going to just sort of summarise what goes on with everyone, in no particular chronological order, because everyone sort of has their own arc going on in this episode. (Lots of Yi Jung wheehee!)

Jihoo gets to go first, because I like his new hairstyle the most. 😀 His brooding mostly has to do with his grandfather, who he claims abandoned him many years ago. He watches some home videos (I wonder why rich people love doing this so much really) with him and his grandpa and goes into brooding mood. We also see Grandpa having some painful flashbacks of the past when Jihoo was still young and cute and he was still a doting grandpa. Jandi tries feebly to ask if Jihoo could possibly mend things with Grandpa, but Jihoo says that they never had a fallout or anything, it was Grandpa who abandoned him.

Jihoo continues to be Jandi’s guardian, looking out for her when she’s sick and helping her out at her parents’ cleaning job. When he and Jandi both witness Junpyo kissing Jaekyung, he hugs Jandi so that she won’t have to see it happening.

I dunno what’s wrong with these four people really. When Jihoo kisses Jandi or piggybacks her or something like that, Junpyo has to be skulking around, and when Junpyo gets pounced on by Jaekyung, Jandi has to watch helplessly. All these angst is just killing me, omg.

After Jandi collapses due to overworking (hmm how funny is that in real life Gu Hye Sun is probably super overworked as well), Jihoo takes her home and lets her rest in his place. While she’s sleeping, Jihoo takes her hand and flashes back to the past when Jandi admired him. And who else was watching from outside but Junpyo, who I really dunno what he was doing there. Like he just had to go stalk Jihoo now.

Junpyo has his own troubles. Mummy wants him to make a public appearance with Jaekyung, because she wants the whole world to know so that ShinHwa’s share prices will skyrocket. Junpyo is hesitant, but Big Sis makes an appearance (finally!) and stands up to Mummy, saying now that she’s sold Junpyo to JK Group, what else can she sell next when she wants something? Junhee herself was married off to a hotelier, that’s how ShinHwa got into the hotel business, and she hates her mother for doing that to her, so she ain’t going to let that happen to Junpyo too. She tells Mummy that she’s not going to let her get her way this time.

Junpyo, who is broken after seeing Jihoo being Jandi’s knight in shining armour and caring for her, agrees to go on a date with Jaekyung. There is more development between these two now, and she even talks him into kissing her, sort of. The kiss that was witnessed by Jandi and Jihoo, sadly. Junpyo doesn’t really care much about Jaekyung, even on their movie date he was very uninterested. She doesn’t give up however, she coaxes him to go for a meal with her and they run into Jihoo and Jandi, who were eating at the same place. Oops, double date gone wrong, but Jaekyung is thrilled to see them.

Jaekyung then takes up the challenge at that restaurant, which promises free meals or something if a girl can finish this enormous bowl of ramen in 20 minutes, with the condition that the three of them (Jandi, Junpyo and Jihoo) will each grant her a wish if she succeeds. Obviously, she does manage to pull it off. (Gosh, why do the girls always have to be such gluttons in this show?) She then asks all of them to go on a trip with her, to which no one but her wants to, for the obvious reason. She somehow still thinks that Jihoo and Jandi are a couple. Hmm.

Anyway, when they’re at the hotel (her family’s resort or something like that), she shows Jandi couple rings that she got for herself and Junpyo, which had J ♥ J on them. One of the Js was obviously meant for herself, and the other was for Junpyo. (So I misspelt her name all along thinking it was Chaekyung, but well, it’s never too late.) Jandi then thinks of her own necklace which also has the same initials on them, the moon and star necklace given by Junpyo. She herself broods over the necklace a little, and the necklace falls into the pool. Jandi dives in to retrieve the necklace, but once she does, the pain in her shoulder comes back and she starts to lose control and drown. God, how serious is her shoulder injury if it paralyses her so badly anyway? Unbelievable. Worry not, however, because Junpyo saves the day!

He carries her out of the pool, and she wonders why he suddenly knows how to swim. He tells her that he learnt to swim because he couldn’t stand seeing another save her all the time. Awww. Jihoo and Jaekyung then appear, and Jihoo tells Junpyo that he’ll take it from there. Whoa super angst overload here as Junpyo stares Jihoo to death (sort of) and the stare war continues with Jihoo staring back equally ferociously (or I imagined all of the staring). Jihoo brings Jandi back to her room, while Junpyo stares at them leaving. Jaekyung notices, because a woman’s instinct is never wrong. She also picks up the moon and star necklace which fell off Jandi when Junpyo put her down. Jaekyung can probably tell from now, because she then goes to Junpyo, who is brooding in the pool alone after that, and hugs him from the back. Jandi, who has recovered from the accident, goes back to the pool to look for the necklace but finds the two of them instead. Aww. Poor girl.

Even though we are then left with this whole love rectangle mess, we have a bit more development of Yi Jung’s side story. (Sadly, Woobin does not appear in this episode.) We were eased into his story with Ga Eul going for pottery lessons at first, and her teacher turns out to be a young and pretty lady around her age. They talk a bit as Ga Eul tells her that she wants to learn pottery to understand a guy she likes, and the teacher Eunjae says that’s how she started too. Hinthint she’s someone from Yi Jung’s past….we then see Yi Jung going home (I was half thinking that Ga Eul would appear at his doorstep) only to find Daddy romancing another woman at his place. He was furious, really, his eyes were flashing with crazy crazy anger, the type that I can only imagine coming from Junpyo, but apparently Yi Jung is a lot more like Junpyo than I thought.

He gets angry at his father for bringing women to his workshop but his father dismisses him, saying that Yi Jung himself must’ve brought women there before. Which led to more angst. And tears, omg this boy can really shed some angry tears. Yi Jung then angrily says that it’s not fair to his mother and all. I find his Daddy really annoying and hate-worthy, because of the way he talks, like he completely loathes his son and just wants to get rid of him. (Which I suppose, is in character) He tells Yi Jung that he’s going to be his successor/heir instead of his elder brother because Yi Jung was most like Daddy himself, a womaniser with a talent for pottery. Yeah, his brother must be a monk. Daddy also tells Yi Jung that there’s only one person who is the right one for you in your life, and once you’ve missed her, that’s it. And I’m guessing Daddy’s right woman isn’t Mummy.

After his confrontation with Daddy, Yi Jung is emotionally spent and he thinks back to the time when he was young. Back to the time when he had a soul mate, apparently. We see little Yi Jung hiding under the table of the workshop crying after another one of Mummy’s suicide attempts. He looks up to see Eunjae looking at him, and she says that no matter where he is she’ll always find him. Awww. She tries to get him up, but he says he wants to rest and she lets him sleep on her lap. Double awww. We then flash to the present where Yi Jung fantasises/hallucinates (must be all that alcohol) that Eunjae is sitting on the bench right next to him, and he asks if he can take a rest and sets his head down on her lap, which just translates to the empty bench for you and I who live in reality. He then hopes that Eunjae will come to look for him, like she always did when he’s desolate and helpless. Aww. If it were anyone else, I’d laugh at how useless they are, but I just can’t do that to Yi Jung, because underneath that playboy exterior there lies an actual soul. Who’s soulmates with Ga Eul by the way, not that Eunjae.

In more development for Yi Jung than I can imagine in one episode, we see him going to look for his elder brother, who has abdicated his right to the throne and is living in exile as a barista. Yi Jung fumes as he sees his brother serving latte (you must wonder what he has done to deserve this), in the same angry manner that he burst out at Daddy. Flashbacks then reveal that the elder bro (forgot what his name was) left a life of luxury, because some god of pottery (or something silly) that their grandfather believed in, chose Yi Jung as the successor of the pottery business. As Yi Jung goes to confront him, he hold Yi Jung’s hands (it’s getting a little ambiguous here lol) and says that he is envious of Yi Jung’s hands, because Yi Jung has the talent (and womanising ways?) that made the god choose him. Elder bro probably has some self-esteem issues, because he decides to leave the pottery business altogether. This infuriates Yi Jung – he’s furious that his brother does not bother to stay and fight for his position, instead seeing it as an opportunity to leave him behind, all alone in a broken, dysfunctional family. I must admit, I’d be furious and angsty too if I was in his position, and Kim Bum just shows that so well. He’s so emotional and raging mad that I just want to reach out to hug him and give him a pat on his head (mind the well-styled hair though).

I’m looking forward to more Yi Jung development next week, because it’s been my silver lining in the midst of all this Junpyo-Jandi-Jihoo mess. Hopefully Gu Hye Sun recovers well and we’ll get more thrills in Episode 18!


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