DA Mouth on 100% Entertainment

Links to watch in Mando subs:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Credits to sai0724 of youtube

Not embedding them because you gotta watch it in high quality. šŸ˜‰ The best thing about these links are that they’re not only high quality, but each video is a direct response to the next, which I love because of the convenience.

Part 1:
After a short intro by Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui, they start off with a medley of songs, with Da Now Yi Chang first. The camera shows DJ Zhong Hua, and I can’t help but notice his nails, which are painted blue and red. O_O Scary. MC40 is wearing purple. =) Huai Qiu (Harry) is wearing a sleeveless top. šŸ˜€ And Aisa is hot as usual.

Harry takes over with You Are My Angel after the fast song, and 40 does this weird scarf-adjusting thing for Harry. Lol. A little brotherly love there woohoo. A worthy mention is that JJ Lin wrote that song and played the piano for the track. =) Next was Get You Back, a track which I really like. And 40 was so fun to watch because he’s so animated, it’s worth watching just for his expressions. Haha XD

There was some banter after the perfomance, where Xiao Zhu does his whole showering-of-praises thing on them. Was quite funny though, he said his usual thing then mentioned that the members each had their own talents, which included Aisa being dressed in blue. It does sound a bit ?!? here when I mention it, but it was funny hearing it in Xiao Zhu’s context, because it just seemed like he lost his train of thoughts at that moment but managed to catch it back in time. There was also that bit when Xiao Zhu talked about Get Me Back – he asked 40 if the song was written by him for Aisa. Lol *hinthintnudgenudgepokepoke*

Part 2:
Time for some games with the fans! First up was Harry and his fan. I loved this part here, because Harry actually won (they played Bai Fen Bai Quan as usual), but Xiao Zhu announced that the fan won instead. Harry was looking all apologetic for winning but then LOL-ed when told that he lost. Anyway the end result would have to be the fan winning, but usually Xiao Zhu would step in and play for the fans, this time he took the short way out. The fan’s reward was getting to play act in this k-dramaish scene where Harry puts a scarf on her and warms her hands with his. Xiao Zhu asked the keyboard teacher to play some sad k-dramaish background music, but the KB guy played some wuxia-ish flute music instead lol. And Xiao Zhu made Harry speak in Korean to fit with the scene. I would’ve liked it more if Mr Pig were there to do it. XD The fan ended up with the gift that Harry brought, a very blinged out belt. The poor girl walked away very quickly after getting the belt, and didn’t see Harry who stretched out his hand to shake hers lol.

Next was Zhong Hua’s fan. Zhong Hua won also, but Xiao Zhu did his lazy trick again. The fan’s reward was getting to do the DJ thing with Zhong Hua. There was this really funny Mr Pig moment when Xiao Zhu was telling Zhong Hua what kind of scene it was. Lol I really miss Mr Pig. I didn’t get why Zhong Hua was so amused by what Mr Pig said though, but it was cute to see that side of him, because we rarely get to see him behind his DJ equipment thingy. The fan won a vinyl disc of all the songs from their first album, which was autographed by him. That’s like the most valuable present of all, I’d say, because it’s the one and only.

Part 3:
After that was Aisa’s fan. Her scene was she’d be a Japanese wife welcoming home her fan, who’s her husband. There was a hilarious demonstration by Show and Xiao Gui, who were the wife and husband respectively. Lol the story was, Show had a secret boyfriend which he had to hid from Gui. Lol. Then they did this really funny Japanese dance., which led to more funniness.

The last was 40’s fan. He really lost to the fan though heh. His scene was that his fan was harrassed by two gangsters, Gui and Zhu, and 40 has to save them. The two of them were hilarious because they tried to go all American gangsta style on her, with Zhu holding a little radio doing some funny grooving to himself and Gui having these headphones on and going “yo man!!!” and “what up man!!!” They look more like kiddy tech geeks than gangsters really.

When 40 came in to try save her, Zhu pretended he was blind. Lol and 40 quickly saved his fan while Zhu wasn’t looking. They then had an extended scene with the two gangstas coming back to attack them again, which was also hilarious. Hehe and the fan’s gift was a bone-shaped calculator which was really cute. I want one for myself!

Part 4:
The next segment was charades. Harry and Aisa were in a team, and the other two were a team. I’m not going to elaborate much on them because Harry was just hopeless at guessing lol. And I say that with much endearment, since Aisa was trying so hard as well. 40 was really good at hinting, and he was very calm while hinting too, so cool. And Zhong Hua was good at guessing as well, so they got all their questions right! Wow. The fan’s reward was getting bear hug the boys from the back…lol, which did seem kind of weird because the fan was a guy. The boys would’ve preferred it if the fan were a girl, I’m sure.

Part 5:
The fan was pretty shy, so he didn’t really hug them properly, poor guy. Xiao Zhu could’ve let the two boys sandwich him in a hug or something. Mr Pig would’ve made that happen. The show ended with DA Mouth performing Wo Jiu Shi Xi Huan Ni from their first album.

I would’ve liked it if there was more banter, but the episode had its funny moments here and there. 40 is pretty chatty but I guess the pace of the episode meant that there wasn’t a lot of time for banter and such things. The episode is not really one of the most memorable, but I like DA Mouth and I like Bai Fen Bai so…hehe. I still would’ve wanted to see Mr Pig make an appearance though. šŸ˜€


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