Boys Over Flowers Episode 18

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I’m really really disappointed with this episode. After waiting all week long, you’d think they would give us something more substanstial than just a feeble continuation of the love rectangle, but no. I am happier that there’s more Jandi-Junpyo interaction in this episode than just her watching him with Jaekyung or him watching her with Jihoo, but the pace has really fallen back quite a bit.

Something that made me go ‘HUH???’ was Woobin’s little suicide attempt. At first I thought “Great, they’re finally giving us more development on Woobin” but what the heck is it with him trying to jump off the bridge anyway? That scene felt like it came out wrong, because it didn’t seem to contribute to any continuity in the drama, and it seemed like the producers just want to hurriedly pay a homage (or something?) to Jang Ja Yun, the cast member who committed suicide recently. They did put a “in memoriam of” message at the start of the episode, and it’s kind of sad (and scary) how all these things are happening to the cast members.

Or Woobin’s whole emo low self-esteem thingy really wasn’t a suicide attempt (maybe I just happened to relate that to a real-life, off-set happening) since Yi Jung grabbed him off back to the ground very easily, with like, one hand. Then he sort of pinned Woobin onto the car, which probably made Woobin-Yi Jung shippers very happy lol. 😀 Anyhow I’m happy for the extra screentime for Woobin, and we at least get more insight into his character than we have so far.

More on the Junpyo-Jandi development: she moves into a dumpy place with her brother after their parents go away (I dunno how parents can actually abandon their children like that, even in the Japanese version I was miffed), he moves into the dump next door. Thanks to Junpyo’s trusty assistant guy, who has been (creepily) keeping tabs on Jandi, and alerts Junpyo that Jandi has moved into a place that ShinHwa owns.

But, Jaekyung and Junpyo are stil very much on. How the hell am I supposed to believe that Junpyo-Jandi has a chance when Jaekyung is running about in Junpyo’s mansion making him breakfast? And he does eat the breakfast that she made for him, partly because it reminded him of Jandi and her family. Okay, so it isn’t that bad after all. Jaekyung does know that Jandi has a history with Junpyo, although Junpyo did not admit to it. I don’t think Jaekyung will confront Jandi about it as well, since she’s so determined to win over Junpyo with her own efforts. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see her try so hard though; I do genuinely like her spunk and character.

More reason that convince me that the producers don’t want to let Junpyo-Jandi get back together: Jihoo and Jandi. There is a lot of Jihoo-Jandi in this episode still, with him taking care of her after she witnesses the pool scene with Jaekyung and Junpyo. He plays the guitar for her until she falls asleep. 😀  Also other little things like giving her his fork after she dropped hers, which I thought was a very sweet little gesture. They also go the temple together, where this strange monk tells him that Jandi is like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud, that she is a treasure bla bla. Pardon me, but I don’t believe that complete strangers can know someone’s traits without even a conversation with him/her. Seriously. But Jihoo obviously takes his word for it, because he gives her this lotus flower thingy she admired after bringing her to an art exhibition. That gift was in return for her gift to him, which was a sketch she did of him while he was sleeping. Aww. See why this is so in the way of Junpyo?

As for Yi Jung, he also gets some brotherly bonding time with Junpyo, apart from Woobin. Yi Jung has unfortunately, hurt his hand after getting beaten up at a club. It was completely his fault – he was drunk after the Woobin incident (I dunno why he should be the one getting drunk when it should be Woobin), and he kissed a random woman he bumped into, and the guys around her got all crazy. One of the guys stepped on Yi Jung’s hand before Woobin managed to swoop in and save Yi Jung. And to think one scene ago Woobin was the one needing saving. Puzzling. Anyway, Yi Jung’s hand is severely injured, and he won’t ever produce the same quality of pottery again. Well, I’m saying it in a less dramatic way, because as if Jandi’s injury, it’s not really like he absolutely can’t do pottery again, it’s just that, he’s going to have troubles expressing his flair and talent in his work.

Junpyo pays Yi Jung a visit after finding out about his injury, and Yi Jung relates his injury to Jandi’s, which surprises Junpyo. Junpyo doesn’t *really* know why Jandi doesn’t swim anymore, because he was hidden away in Macau, and Yi Jung didn’t really bother to explain back in Macau either. No one did because they were all just so pissed off with Junpyo. Well, this better stir up some guilt in Junpyo and hopefully he’ll actually do something to win Jandi back, not just by moving in next door to her and eating up all her instant noodles.

Yi Jung however, broods and broods and broods endlessly. He thinks about the old times with Eunjae, and just as I predicted/expected, there was a scene like in Ghost where they do the pottery thing together. He is so broody and sad that even when Ga Eul asks him out on a real date, he turns her down flatly. Aww my poor girl. But she has no idea what’s going on in his world right now. And he uses his three principles in dating to turn her down too. Which was really silly. He said that he would never date 1) kind-hearted girls, 2) girls who are silly and blur, 3) girls who are related in any sort of way to his friends. Unfortunately, Ga Eul falls into all three categories. I somehow think that those are just excuses, because he’s too distracted by his own problems.

Next episode: Yi Jung probably meets Eunjae. Which is kind of “oh no, oh yes” for me. Oh no in the sense that Ga Eul will be so so sad, but oh yes because there’ll be more development for SoEul in general. And Yi Jung looks pretty when he’s sad and weepy and all, but I’d like to see him happy more. On Jandi’s side, it seems like she’s going to move into Junpyo’s house…as a maid. ^___^


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