Boys Over Flowers Episode 19

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The series just seems to be dragging its feet along, the pace is like, completely stuck at where we last left off – the love rectangle is still going strong. Noooooo the last thing I want is for more people to root for Jihoo-Jandi. Not that Jihoo doesn’t deserve it, but Jandi freaking loves Junpyo, she just needs to wake up and realise that. On the other hand though, more crazy developments with SoEul, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.

The episode starts where the previous one left off, with Junpyo and Jaekyung in his room, and he somehow ends up on top of her. I love how he calls her Monkey, but this is totally the wrong drama for them to be in. Jaekyung challenges him to a video game, some one-on-one fighting game in which she whoops his ass, of course. He loses not so graciously, claiming the joystick is spoiled. Pah sore loser. 😀

Next we see Woobin coaxing Yi Jung not to waste himself away because it’ll slow down his recovery. Yi Jung doesn’t really care; he can’t do his pottery even if he recovers anyway, so he feels that it’s pointless, and he’ll just continue being the playboy that he is. Then, he gets a phone call saying that his mum has attempted suicide (again) and wants to see him in the hospital. Initially Yi Jung has this concerned look on his face, but then his expression changes and he says he’s too busy to see her. He then grabs his coat and leaves, telling Woobin to leave him alone unless he wants him to go crazy.

Do you sense all the chemistry and sparks flying around these two?

Do you sense all the chemistry and sparks flying around these two?

Yi Jung then shows up in front of Ga Eul, asking her if her invitation for a date still stands. She agrees (rather happily I must say) and he brings her to a club. Yeah, a club. Where he sat and waved happily to all the chicks passing by. While Ga Eul sat around looking bored and helpless. Hmmph. Evil evil Yi Jung. Two girls even saunter in and join them on their date, and he actually had his arms around two other girls. On a date with Ga Eul. If I were Ga Eul, I’d kill him on the spot. But Ga Eul has better EQ; she just goes off to the washroom to wallow, poor girl.

Yi Jung waits for her outside when she comes out, telling her that if she couldn’t stand seeing him with other girls, she shouldn’t have asked him out in the first place. He then leans in and whispers to her that the highlight of the evening is yet to come. If he weren’t saying that in such an annoying tone I’d actually be happy. =( His highlight of the evening was dinner with Daddy. O_O Meeting the parents so soon?

At dinner, horny daddy shows his liking for Ga Eul, being the perv that he is. Yi Jung laments that his dad and him are so alike – his mother is in the hospital but he’s on a date; Daddy’s wife is struggling with life and death but Daddy is more interested in young ladies. Daddy asks Yi Jung to talk about family matters only at home, but Yi Jung presses on, offering to ‘lend’ Ga Eul to him. Upon hearing this, Ga Eul is furious, and splashes her glass of water at his face. I would’ve emptied the glass over his perfect hair if I were her.

Of course, seeing Yi Jung treat Ga Eul like this is just so infuriating. Not to mention disrespectful. But looking at it from a SoEul point of view, it’s actually a big step in their relationship, because Yi Jung sort of opens up to her indirectly about his family problems. I don’t think it’s something that he does for every girl, and somehow I feel that it’s going to pull them closer, because at least now Ga Eul sees him for who he is, that he’s not just a straight-out playboy. Yi Jung probably never told any other girl except Eunjae about his parents and things like that. I wouldn’t be jumping for joy if I were Ga Eul, but from a third person’s point of view and a complete sucker for the SoEulmates, I’m positively thrilled. It’s like, he let her into his life. 😀

Meanwhile, we see Junpyo and Jaekyung shopping at the supermarket, which is his punishment for losing the game. She says something to him about losing graciously, but he had to repeat it to himself twice before he got it, which made me LOL because his expression was just so retarded. The two of them started stuffing their face with free food samples, which was  a really cool couple moment. Except that it is in thw WRONG drama. God, but it was cute how they got complimented by the ahjusshi and and Jaekyung looked so happy. Turns out the grocery shopping was to stock up ramen for Jandi and her little bro, as Junpyo found out only when they were nearing Jandi’s place.

Jandi isn’t home though. She’s with Jihoo, who sends her back to the clinic. Jihoo is a bit hesitant to go into the clinic with Jandi though, but she reassures him that Grandpa should be gone by now. Jihoo goes in, and sees thank you notes from children around, and also pictures of himself and his family lying around his office. He looks as though he’s seething with anger as he looks at those. He even gets a flashback when he sees Grandpa’s fishing gear around.

Back to Junpyo and Jaekyung and Kangsan. Kangsan makes ramen for them, and Junpyo and Jaekyung fights over who gets to eat ramen. Junpyo only gets a teeny weeny bit on the pot cover, whereas Jaekyung manages to grab the entire pot, that glutton. Junpyo asks Kangsan why he’s not eating, Kangsan says that he eats ramen everyday. (That poor boy, he so needs some loving homecooked food.) What Kangsan really wants to eat is pizza! Haha little boys and pizza. He even says that he’ll die without regrets even he gets to eat pizza for just one day. =.= Junpyo is amazed at his simple wish, he rubs Kangsan’s head, so cuteeee. XD

They both end up sleeping on the ground waiting for Jandi to come back. Jandi doesn’t appear, and Jaekyung asks if Jandi has a handphone that they can contact. Kangsan says that she gave hers to their parents when they left, which surprised Junpyo. He literally bolted upright when he heard that Jandi no longer has a phone. Lol. Jaekyung then drags Junpyo to buy a new phone for Jandi. They go to a shop, where all the handphones are blurred. (lol, they couldn’t just have secured a sponsor and earned some $$ for product placement, couldn’t they?)

We go back to Jihoo, who hears someone calling out his name. Grandpa has appeared behind him. Jihoo literally goes O_O and hurries to leave. Grandpa stops him, and Jihoo emotionally chokes on his words, saying that he’s sorry for causing the death of his son and daughter-in-law. Gosh, all that angst. Grandpa says that it’s not Jihoo’s fault; it’s his own. But Jihoo says that he should have said that 15 years ago, not now. He had no idea how badly that child wanted to cry in his grandfather’s arms. Grandpa goes, “Oh child…” helplessly, but Jihoo turns back and tells poor Grandpa never to call him that again. Jihoo then leaves, while Grandpa stumbles, clutching his chest.

Jandi walks in and sees Grandpa there, and he tells her to go after Jihoo. She runs out in the rain, but she doesn’t see him standing by the corner, crying to himself. Poor boy doesn’t cry that well really, but at least he looks good doing it. He flashes back to the day of his parents’ funeral, where he and the rest of F4 were there. He remembers seeing his Grandpa leaving, and little Jihoo chases after the car and falls to the ground crying for Grandpa. Seeing little Jihoo cry is just heartbreaking.

Seeing elder Jihoo fight the tears however, is just painful to watch. Jandi waits for Jihoo at his front door, where he literally collapses into her arms. Like a dead turkey. Jandi comforts him with a pat on his back, probably at a lost as to what to do with him and Grandpa.

Also stumbling home is Yi Jung, who obviously drowned himself in alcohol after the disastrous dinner. I dunno how many times Kim Bum has been drunk in his life, but in this scene he looked more blind/sleepy than drunk, maybe that’s what the director wants us to believe. That he’s sleepy. He fumbles with his keys and fails completely to open his door. Guess who shows up? Ga Eul. Gosh, that girl sure has a huge heart. She helps him into his house, where he slumps down on his workbench. As she turns to leave, he grabs her hand, then proceeds to say that he’s afraid of scaring off that child, like his father and his mother. He is afraid that the child will cry because of him, that’s why he ran away. I’m trying to figure out who he’s talking about, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Ga Eul but Eunjae. It’s quite baffling really, hopefully they’ll show us in the next episode.

We go back to Jandi, who has tucked Jihoo into bed. She places a towel on his forehead and places her hand on his face while he’s sleeping. Jandi-Jihoo shippers must be in heaven as Jihoo holds on to Jandi’s hand. Like omg they hold hands again after the hand-holding in the previous episode. >____< I’m secretly crying for my Junpyo-Jandi dreams, because the next scene shows Junpyo pacing around his flat, looking over to Jandi’s place waiting for her to come home. That poor boy.

Jandi isn’t about to come home yet; she prepares some porridge for Jihoo to eat when he wakes up. Awwww. How can they possibly make us believe in a Junpyo-Jandi ending if she and Jihoo keep going like that? Haih. When Jandi finally goes home the next morning, Junpyo yells at her for not coming home all night. She wants to explain at first, but then stops herself because it has nothing to do with him and she deserves her own privacy. Junpyo then corrects her, saying it should be ‘pride’ instead of ‘privacy’. Rofl how dim can he be. She is somewhat baffled and double guesses herself, and they sort of have a cute bickering moment again, like the old times. Yes, it’s sad that I watch this series now only for these little moments. And SoEul too. 😀

Next we see Mummy Junpyo coming home from her business trip. She checks with Assistant Jang to see how Junpyo is doing. He tells her everything is fine with Junpyo, that he’s seeing Jaekyung and things she wants to hear. But Mummy Junpyo flings a few paparazzi photos of Junpyo at Jandi’s place with her and her little brother, which was really creepy because the photos look like they were taken by someone who was actually in the flat with them. They looked like set photos, really, does the crew think we’re stupid?

Meanwhile, at school Kangsan is approached by a guy who presents him with a truckload of pizzas. Junpyo pulled this off for Kangsan, and he tells Kangsan to enjoy it.  Junpyo looks on happily as Kangsan wolfs down the pizza with his friends. (He made them all line up, lol) Kangsan still has dreams about eating pizza later in the night while Jandi is bewildered. She is unsettled that it’s so quiet around here. She’s probably secretly hoping that Junpyo would be terrified by a cockroach again so that she has an excuse to go over. 😉

Junpyo is having problems though none related to cockroaches. He has trouble turning on the stove, and calls Assistant Jang for help. I do hope Assistant Jang is paid well for all the silly things he’s made to do. He’s too hungry to wait for assistant guy to show up, so he snacks on raw ramen first, and decides that it’s pretty damn good raw anyway. That look his face as he was crunching away was just priceless. 😀

There’s a knock on his door, and Junpyo is surprised that Assistant Jang is here so soon. However, he opens the door to see his mother’s henchmen, who are here to bring him home. As he’s being wrestled towards his car, Junpyo meets Jihoo, who has arrived to look for Jandi. They exchange meaningful glances, and after Junpyo is driven away Jihoo calls someone (through his helmet again lol, didn’t they realise it the first time how funny it was? Or they meant for Hyunjoong to do that on purpose?)

Jandi, who has fallen asleep at the study table, is awakened by someone at the door. It turns out that Jihoo has called F2 over. Yi Jung shows up with a smile, and Woobin gleefully greets her with a “hey yo!”. Woobin tells her they’re here for her housewarming party. Yi Jung looks around distastefully, even reaching for his nose at one point. At least Woobin is more subtle. 😀 That boy deserves so much more loving than he gets.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Mummy Junpyo, who has come to spoil the party. Jandi asks her what she was doing here, but Mummy Junpyo immediately attacks her by telling her that she should greet her first and invite her in, and she makes another pass at Jandi’s upbringing and supposed lack of manners. Jandi reluctantly invites her inside, but Mummy Junpyo says she’d rather stand outside than to enter a house like that. Pah. Jandi should so tell her off anyway, since that evil witch already has a twisted mindset about Jandi’s manners and upbringing, might as well prove the evil witch right.

F3 is also less than happy to see her there (the feeling is mutual, of course) and Jihoo stares her down, but ultimately Mummy Junpyo is scarier. Mummy Junpyo marvels at Jandi’s ability to seduce men seeing that she’s got F3 there, despite Woobin’s attempt to explain. Jandi tells her things are not what they seem, but Mummy bursts out in anger, saying that she shouldn’t ask an engaged man to come to her house in the first place. Jandi defends herself by saying that it was Junpyo’s doing, which has nothing to do with her, but Mummy Junpyo dismisses her excuse. She tells Jandi that even if Junpyo comes to look for her she shouldn’t see her, because she has nothing to do with Junpyo anymore. Gosh, if she has Junpyo so well controlled it wouldn’t be a problem, wouldn’t it? Doesn’t that say something about her upbringing of her son? Jandi should SO tell her off, because I can’t be yelling at my computer every time I watch their confrontations.

Mummy Junpyo even goes as far as to tell F3 to lay off Junpyo and stop helping Jandi, for the sake of their families. *rolls eyes* Woobin tries to comfort Jandi by telling her not to take the evil witch seriously, since she’s mean to them (F3) as well. Yi Jung tries to ask about Junpyo, while Jihoo can only clench his teeth in anger.

The next day, F3 + Ga Eul show up at Jandi’s place to help redecorate her flat, as her housewarming present. Awww. The four of them work on the flat while Jandi and Kangsan are barred from entering, lol. Yi Jung and Ga Eul working together was nice for me. 🙂  Jandi is thrilled, too.

Can't get over how smug Woobin looks in this one - he's totally the gang leader

Can't get over how smug Woobin looks in this one - he's totally the gang leader

Junpyo is pacing around at home, helpless because Mummy grounded him. Jaekyung shows up at his place, and he shoos her away. She tells him that she was planning to go to Jandi’s with him, but too bad. It’s a perfect cover because Jaekyung told Mummy Junpyo that they were going on a date. Junpyo is startled, but tries hard to hide his pleasure as he ‘reluctantly’ agrees to accompany Jaekyung there.

Back at Jandi’s everyone is having dinner after a day of hard work. Kangsan is slumped at the corner on the beanbag, and Woobin asks if he wants any more sausages, but they realise that he’s fallen asleep. Jihoo silently gets up to grab a blanket for Kangsan. Awww. Yi Jung and Woobin have a little bit of fun banter (I dunno why, but their brotherly love just shines through whenever they’re in a scene together lol). Ga Eul suggests that they play truth or dare. Just then Jaekyung and Junpyo barge into Jandi’s flat to join them.

Everyone ends up playing, and they try to set a punishment if someone doesn’t want to answer. Jaekyung suggests that the person should kiss the one asking the question, and Woobin goes even further to suggest French kissing, but Junpyo objects (he’s probably afraid that he’ll have to witness Jihoo and Jandi French kissing lol). Yi Jung suggest they either kiss the forehead or get hit on the forehead, but after Woobin demonstrates what he can do to a metal cup with his fingers, Jandi quickly agrees that a kiss on the forehead would be fine. Swoonworthy Woobin. 😀

Yi Jung gets to go first. He looks meaningfully at Ga Eul for a few seconds, but directs his question to Jihoo, asking him if he can ever love anyone apart from Seo Hyun. Jihoo ponders for a bit, then says that he hasn’t done this for quite a long time. He then goes over and plants one on Yi Jung (!!!!) much to Yi Jung’s terror. Poor little cute Yi Jung.



The game then got a little emo with Jihoo asking Junpyo if a person he loves had to suffer because of him, would he let go? Junpyo says no, which was quite cool, and asserts that he’ll hold to her and make her happy no matter what. On Junpyo’s turn, he asks if the promise they made by the road (in like Episode 10 or 11) still stands. Sadly, she replies no, because the person who made the promise and the person who listened to it no longer exist. Awww. =( =( Jandi then tries to lighten the moment by asking Woobin (who was pleasantly surprised to get chosen lol) who would he marry if F4 were women. Yi Jung chokes upon hearing the question in the cutest way possible to choke on your drink. 😀 Woobin is like, no, no, no way!!! He then nicknames the 3 of them according to their traits, with Yi Jung being Casanova, Junpyo being the dictator he is, and Jihoo being so hard to grasp, Woobin said he’d rather be sent to a monastery. LOL. Which then leads to F3 all pouncing on him, and Yi Jung asking Jihoo to kiss Woobin lol.

The whole truth and dare thingy was really funny and sweet, but it really didn’t do much for the series in terms of pace. It did give Woobin more screentime though, which I found really nice. It’s really quite a double-edged sword, how they decide to slow down the drama to give more screentime to the supporting characters, which is what viewers want anyway but people would then complain that the series is moving too slow or getting too draggy. =(

Later on, when Junpyo sends Jaekyung back, she asks her own truth or dare question to him – if he could choose between love and friendship, which one would he choose? He tells her he’ll choose both, because there’s no such word as abandonment in his dictionary. I thought that was a pretty cool answer coming from a retard like him. Lol. Jaekyung is obviously taken/impressed by his answer, which only made her like him more. (Which means it’s even harder for her to let him go?)

In the morning, Kangsan and Jandi are rudely awakened by what seems to be an earthquake. But wait, this isn’t Japan. They go outside to see construction workers demolishing the building. Seriously, people don’t just demolish buildings overnight, they have to give notice alright? *rolls eyes at incredulity of the situation* Jandi and Kangsan are forced to move out right away. It’s obvious that the evil Mummy Junpyo is behind all these. Gosh, how dare she.

We see Yi Jung doing some springcleaning, and he sees the handwarmers that Ga Eul made for him. He thinks back to the night of their date, and he puts on the handwarmers and admires his hands a little (so self-loving, our Yi Jung). Is that guilt and a tinge of affection I see in his eyes? Or is it just there because I want to see it so badly? Yes I do want SoEul together very very badly. I hope everyone can tell by now.

Ga Eul is working hard in her pottery class, and Eunjae encourages her. Ga Eul sees a nice little accesory that Eunjae has on her bag, and Eunjae agrees to lend it to Ga Eul so that she can make something similar. Omg warning bells ahead. This must be the thing that leads Yi Jung to Eunjae again eventually. Speaking of Yi Jung, he appears at the class just after Eunjae leaves (fate, fate) and gives Ga Eul some pointers.

The last scene is of Jandi and Kangsan parting at the train station. Kangsan is going away to join their parents on the fishing ship that their uncle owns. Jandi has to stay behind so that she can graduate from high school and go into medical school like she hopes. The parting scene was quite touching, with Kangsan reminding Jandi to have proper breakfast every morning, and telling her that Junpyo still has feelings for her. Awww.

No preview for the next episode, but we get nice NG clips at the end. A ot of scenes from the Episode 18 preview still hasn’t aired yet, like how Yi Jung will discover the accessory that Ga Eul borrowed, and how Jandi will move into Junpyo’s house to be his maid. More to come next week!


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