Boys Over Flowers Episode 20

Omg all the Jandi-Junpyo love just comes rushing back (hopefully to everyone) in this episode! There’s still the Jandi-Jihoo friendship, but to me that’s more like a kinship thing than a lovers’ relationship.

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Yi Jung and Ga Eul are kicking off this episode. What better way to start off the episode. =) It was sweet at first; he watches her do pottery and even helps her out a bit. Then he notices Eunjae’s accesory-thingy with Ga Eul. He then dashes off into the sunset alone, leaving Ga Eul to ponder what that all meant. Of course, she comes to a conclusion pretty quickly that Yi Jung is the guy that Eunjae was talking about all along. And Yi Jung’s drunken ramblings about not wanting to make ‘that child’ cry was about Eunjae. O_O

We get back to Yi Jung and his troubles later on in the episode, where Ga Eul goes off to find him sleeping in his workplace. He obviously seems troubled by the latest developments in his life, but he puts up his cool Casanova front for her. She sees through it, I mean, after all she’s seen worse of him lately. We are shown in flashbacks, Yi Jung taking Eunjae to his museum, and they sort of reminsce about the old times. Things are pleasant and nice, until Eunjae asks how he’s doing. He gets bitter about it, and asked if she was ever curious, since she just disappeared without any notice. He said she was like the air to him, without her, he’d be struggling. But Eunjae doesn’t think so – she tells him she’s just the breeze which was mistaken for air, and the breeze cannot return to where it came from. It’s all very metaphorical and all seemed very silly to me, so I made myself content by staring at Kim Bum’s pretty face.

Back to Ga Eul and Yi Jung. He tells her to leave after she tells him to quit playing Casanova, but she has a few things to say to him before leaving. She basically calls him a liar and a coward, although he claims he’s afraid of hurting Eunjae, she thinks he’s more afraid of getting hurt himself.That suave gentleman that is So Yi Jung is really but a guy who is afraid of love and loss, just like a child. Wow, go Ga Eul! She’s really on a roll here. She then passes him Eunjae’s part of the jigsaw accesory and leaves Yi Jung pondering to himself. He holds up both parts of the jigsaw, which has two characters on it, which together means looking forward to meeting someone (my own translation here, because there’re Chinese characters). He then runs out after Ga Eul. Ooh I sense so much more to come next episode. 😀

Jihoo is having less time with Jandi and more time with Grandpa. At the start of the episode we see him outside the clinic, probably trying to muster some courage to go in, but he bolts when Grandpa comes out. Another day at the clinic, when they’re almost done for the day, Jandi goes into Grandpa’s office to see that he’s collapsed. She then half-forces-half-threatens Grandpa to move in with Jihoo. She dumps Grandpa’s luggage there, leaving poor Jihoo to think that Jandi wanted to move in with him or something (his expression certainly suggested so). Until Jandi drags Grandpa into sight. Which leaves Jihoo even more O_O.

Grandpa is actually happy to be home, his only worry is whether Jihoo can actually forgive him. Jandi thinks so, and she tells Jihoo that the Jihoo that she knows definitely has it in him to forgive his Grandpa. Aww. Step 1 to reconcilation. The next morning Grandpa actually makes him breakfast, even though they don’t actually have breakfast together, Jihoo eats everything up, except the beans, which he realises that his Grandpa also doesn’t like (because Grandpa left his on his plate too). Aww. I went all “Serendipity!!!” when I saw this, because of Gem of Life has some similar type of storyline but it was between a couple lol.

Jandi tries very very hard to bring the two of them together, you really gotta give her props. She shows up at Jihoo’s place in the morning to suggest that they all go to work together. =) And Jihoo is dragged along to the clinic. Initially he just stands at a corner while they bustle around, but Jandi has him participating in the patient care/entertainment department in no time. Which leaves Grandpa feeling very happy no doubt, and we also get to see Jihoo with a harmonica this time. By the end of the series we’d probably have seen Jihoo play just about every kind of musical instrument eh? I wonder what’s next? Harp? Accordion? I’d definitely like to see him play a tuba, it’s such a clash with his personality it’s guaranteed to get the LOLs from me.

Jandi’s pretty busy in this episode, really. Since the previous episode she’s been homeless, but Junhee finds her and takes her in. Jandi refuses to be a freeloader, and insists that Junhee let her work to pay off her rent, so to say. And that’s how Jandi ends up being a maid at Junpyo’s mansion. Before I go on about Jandi, let me talk about Junhee first. We see Junhee looking over some old photos of herself, and she remembers how Mummy came between her and the man she loved, and forced her to marry someone else. It’s not much of a revelation to people already familiar to the manga and the other versions of the series, but we do get more insight into Junhee’s character. But…I don’t get why they had to give her such a horrible new hairstyle. I mean, her old one was just fine, this one makes her look 10 years older than she was previously. *rolls eyes*

Junhee leaves Jandi in the hands of the oldest, most experienced maid that’s served their family. The Halmoni is a strict, no-nonsense character, and she reluctantly takes Jandi to be her disciple. I lol-ed at Junpyo’s expression when he saw Halmoni. He was like O_O “Aren’t you dead?” Lol silly boy. Halmoni wasn’t all that amused, but she shows him his new personal servant, who is Jandi. Junpyo is obviously thrilled by this; he takes the opportunity to get Jandi to do his bidding. He makes her cook ramen for him, which he had to eat off a pot cover. ^___^ But, while he was gobbling away at his ramen, he ordered her to sit on his nice reclining chair. He tells her that it’s faulty and in testing mode or something, but we all know that he just wants to give Jandi a good rest.

However, working and living in Junpyo’s mansion means the possibility of run-ins with Jaekyung. Jaekyung doesn’t know that Jandi’s now staying and working in Junpyo’s place, and no one intends to let her know, of course. In fact, Junpyo doesn’t even tell the rest of F4 about it, not in this episode anyway. Jandi even has a dream that Jaekyung finds out and slaps her, which I was horrified at before finding out that it was all in Jandi’s head. Anyway, we have a few close calls between the three, but I was too happy to see all the Junpyo-Jandi action that Jaekyung’s presence was just negligible.

I put off writing this post for quite a while, so I’m going to go off to watch Episode 21 now. The previews show Jaekyung in a wedding dress, but I hope she doesn’t actually get married to Junpyo. *fingers crossed*


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