Boys Over Flowers Episode 21

Boy, these people are fast.

Links to watch in Mando subs: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Happy times with Jandi and Junpyo are just so hard to come by. After their shortlived moments together in Episode 20, Jaekyung finally finds out that Jandi is working at Junpyo’s place as a maid. And she runs into them in the most awkward possible situation too, which has Jandi lying on top of Junpyo. Jaekyung somewhat knows what’s going on, but before Jandi can explain, Mummy Junpyo sweeps into the room. Recipe for disaster.

Mummy Junpyo questions Jandi’s presence in the mansion, but Halmo dearest steps in haughtily. Mummy Junpyo is taken aback by Halmo’s appearance too (she probably thought Halmo was dead too lol), and Halmo just looked at her smugly, and she called her Madam as opposed to President Kang (which she’s now known as). Then she goes, oh right, I’m not used to calling you President Kang at all. It does sound kind of sexist/degrading, but I have a feeling it’s not because Halmo thinks lowly of women, she probably just thinks lowly of Mummy Junpyo. (I would too.) She reminds Mummy that the previous President (either Junpyo’s dad or grandfather, I suppose) left her in charge, that her position in the family remains.

Now, it sounds like there’s a whole pecking order/ranking system thingy in the family, but one thing I can say for sure: in most countries in Asia, age and experience counts for a lot, especially in big families, hierarchy isn’t only determined by blood ties. It’s a bit far-fetched in the whole Hana Yori Dango anime sense, but it’s not completely baseless. Halmo comes from a whole line of people who served Junpyo’s family, and she knows the rules and how the house is to be run, so everyone, even Mummy Junpyo has to listen to her. When it comes to house issues.

Mummy tries to oust Jandi, but Halmo says it’s not up to Mummy whether to keep or fire Jandi, it’s Halmo’s decision. And apparently firing maids is not within Mummy’s juridistion lol. Halmo says that Jandi still has a lot to learn, if she just lets Jandi go, Jandi will ruin Halmo’s name, since Jandi’s her disciple. Whew. Disaster averted.

Jandi thanks Halmo for helping her, but Halmo said that she didn’t do it for her. And it’s not just because of Junhee either. Turns out Halmo has been very concerned about Junpyo’s behaviour even when she wasn’t around, because as he grew older he’s become more violent and bad-tempered. But all that has changed, and she thinks it’s becaue of Jandi. Halmo goes on to say that she owes Junpyo’s family too much, so she wants to nurture Junpyo to be a good person, that’s her final mission in her life. Awww.

Jaekyung then has a little talk with Jandi. She understands that it was hard for Jandi to tell her about things like this (working in Junpyo’s), but she wished that Jandi would’ve talked to her first. She then reaffirms that she won’t let go of Junpyo, that she’ll work even harder at their relationship. Jandi barely gets a say in the entire conversation, but it’s just hard to hate Jaekyung, even now, because she doesn’t seem fake, and she was angry or scathing towards Jandi. She was just determined, which makes it even more difficult. I can’t say I hate her, even though I ship Junpyo-Jandi to death. Jaekyung’s determination leads her to make a special request from Mummy Junpyo. She asks Mummy not to chase Jandi out, and asks for another favour from Mummy.

We take a little break from the Junpyo-Jandi situation by going to Ga Eul and Eunjae at their pottery lesson. After the class, Ga Eul goes up to Eunjae and asks her how she broke up with her first love (Yi Jung). Speaking of the devil, he’s gone stalker-ish on her, waiting for her outside the school. When he sees her coming out, he makes a move to go talk to her, but he overhears her talking on the phone happily to someone which sounds suspiciously like….her boyfriend. O_O He decides to take another leaf out of Junpyo’s book and follow her to wherever she’s going.

Surprise surprise, he sees Eunjae pull up at his brother’s cafe, where Eunjae greets brother dear with a hug. Yeah, the lover’s kind of hug. Yi Jung looks on sadly as they have dinner together and feed each other. He even witnesses brother dear (I have no idea what his name is, or I’ve forgotten) teaching Eunjae how to make coffee with nice swirly tops. Gosh. Yi Jung must’ve been looking on for a very long time. Poor little boy cries to himself. He decides to call his brother, whom he hasn’t spoken to in a very long time, obviously. His brother tells him he’s doing fine, and that Yi Jung should come and see him some time soon, because he wants to introduce him to someone. He promises that Yi Jung will be surprised but happy for him. Oh no I don’t think so clueless bro.

Yi Jung then asks if brother dear is happy, to which Clueless Bro says yes, but he’s sorry that he’s the one that’s happy (as opposed to if he didn’t run away and stayed with Yi Jung I guess). Yi Jung then hangs up on him (I would too), probably because he can’t take it any more? Or he’s heard enough to know that brother dear and Eunjae are both happy, which is (heartbreaking) enough for him. Poor boy, it breaks my heart to see him cry like that.

Back to Junpyo’s humble abode, where they are having dinner. Jaekyung walks in mid-dinner with her luggage, announcing that she’ll be moving in from now on for her pre-wedding training. Or some silly reason she and Mummy Junpyo cooked up to have her stay in the mansion too. Mummy Junpyo pretends not to know anything, but I suppose this is Jaekyung’s other favour.

After dinner, Mummy Junpyo shows Junpyo their wedding invitation, to which Junpyo is surprised. Mummy has decided to bring forward the wedding, and Jaekyung’s parents and Jaekyung have already agreed to it too. Junpyo obviously isn’t all that happy about it, but Mummy presses on, saying that Jaekyung is moving in before the wedding to get used to life at their mansion. Mummy also tells them that they’ll be doing a photoshoot for ShinHwa’s new cellphone ad, in this horribly fake-happy tone which made me want to slap her. But gosh, she’s just so deliciously evil. And not scary at all. Junpyo objects to the idea, but Mummy tells him “Give and Take” is one of the basic business principles, and casts a dirty look at Jandi. Junpyo storms out.

Later on, Jaekyung calls Jandi to go over to her room, where she is trying on her mum’s wedding gown. She’s going to wear that at the wedding, and she asks Jandi to be her bridesmaid. Seriously, that’s the only thing she’s doing wrong, because Jaekyung knows that Jandi isn’t going to fight her for Junpyo, why the hell would she insist that Jandi give her blessing to her and Junpyo anyway? I dunno if that came out right, but normal people would want to keep their future husband’s exes as far away from the wedding as possible. Seriously. That’s probably the only reason why I’d hate Jaekyung though.

We go to Jihoo’s place now, where Jihoo is preparing to go fishing. Grandpa butts in and gives him some advice about bait and fishing-related stuff which I really dunno, and he ends up passing Jihoo his own fishing rod, which he says is suitable for the weather. Jihoo isn’t all that happy, but reluctantly (more like grumpily, because that’s how I look when people tell me I’m wrong) asks Grandpa if he wants to come along. He tells Grandpa that they leave in 10 minutes, to which Grandpa goes all “Squeeee!”

While they’re fishing, Grandpa tries to make conversation. Unfortunately, the first thing he talks about is Mummy Jihoo’s delicious fish soup. Talk about choosing a bad topic. But well, there isn’t that much screentime for idle banter anyway, so…Grandpa continues by saying that today was Jihoo’s parents’ wedding anniversary. Uh oh. Jihoo tries to avoid eye contact with Grandpa, who passes him a wedding ring, which I think is their family ring. Jihoo looks at the ring and breaks down, while Grandpa apologises for taking Mummy Jihoo away from him, saying that it’s all his fault. Jihoo just cries, very very badly. It made me cringe a little, and I feel a little bad for Hyunjoong really, because he’s not an actor by profession, so he has less depth compared to Minho or Kim Bum.

Junpyo contemplates his marriage, and tries to find a way out of it. Jihoo tells him to think of a way himself. Woobin says that if this happened some time ago, the right answer would be to get married, so what is the reason that they’re fretting over this and abandoning the so-called right answer. Well, true love, duh. Haha alright I shouldn’t be so harsh on Woobin, he’s being philosophical and he already has so little lines and screentime to begin with. But what he says does have a point – remember how Yi Jung said before that dating was their only freedom, and everything else (including marriage) was up to their families? Junpyo then immaturely tears up the wedding invitations and storms out (again).

Jandi and Ga Eul are at work, when Ga Eul asks if Jandi is okay. Jandi gives some kind of hopeless answer, or at least I thought it was a hopeless answer, about how Junpyo and Jaekyung belong together (because they’re both from rich and powerful families, right). Jandi then gets a call from her parents (what happened to ‘Jandi gave her phone to her parents and no longer has one’ eh scriptwriters?). She tells her family to take care of their health, and tells them to eat some meat, don’t worry about the money. It’s kind of sad that they’re so poor that they can’t eat meat without having to worry that they can’t afford their next meal.

While Jandi is brooding about her family, she gets a call from Grandpa Jihoo asking her t0 meet him somewhere. She turns up, and runs into Jihoo instead. Naughty Grandpa tried to set them up, and both of them realise that immediately. Aww 😀  They walk around the park for a bit, and they see a wedding photo competition in progress, where couples get dressed up in wedding attire and get their photo taken and the public votes for their favourite 3 couples, who get prizes.

Jandi isn’t all that interested at first (why would she?!), but when she sees that the second prize is a huge pack of beef, her eyes widen. Heh Jandi is so cute. Jihoo spots her salivating (or via his psychic powers), and suggests that they join for fun. Which then leads us to see the never-to-be couple taking wedding photos! They do look really really nice though. Even though I’m a huge Junpyo-Jandi shipper, anyone’s loyalty can waver when they see things like this, no?

The photographer gets them to stand closer to each other, and the crowd surrounding them kept egging them on, asking them to kiss. Jihoo sort of caves in and bends a little towards Jandi, and I thought he was going to kiss her. But Jandi reaches up and kisses him on the cheek instead. Awwww so unexpected! But maybe Jandi was afraid he’ll end up kissing her on the lips or something and decided to take things into her own hands (lips really). Or she was really desperate to win. Hahahaha which is more likely anyway.

When the results are out, the absolute gorgeousness of Jandi and Jihoo wins over the crowd and they win the top prize, which is a trip to Jeju Island. Jandi isn’t downcast but isn’t all happy either, and Jihoo offers to swap prizes with the second place couple, who got the beef. Omg that’s so sweet. He presents the beef to her, and Jandi is so over-the-moon that she practically glomps him, which was a really cute Jandi-Jihoo moment. The wedding photo part was eye candy, but this scene was the real Jandi-Jihoo moment to relish, in my opinion. Jihoo was a bit taken aback at how happy Jandi actually is after getting the beef lol. Back at home, he looks over their wedding photos and smiles to himself. He then takes out the wedding ring that his mum used to wear. Oh no….could he be thinking what I’m thinking? Or are the producers just playing around with us?

For the Jihoo-Jandi junkies of the world

For the Jihoo-Jandi junkies of the world

Next we see Ga Eul and Yi Jung in a plane, first class! Woo! But no, they’re not going on a lovetrip or anything, F3 and Jandi and Ga Eul are all off to Jeju Island for the wedding. Their cars were flown over to Jeju Island too, appearently, because next they show the 3 guys driving coolly along in Jeju Island. Poor Woobin is alone in his Bumblebee (becuase it’s yellow and black :D).

Junpyo is brooding alone on the balcony when F3 come to join him, where they talk about the wedding and how preposterous it is again, but again not figuring out any plans to counter it. And there’s this hilarious BTS photo from the official site taken after they shot that scene presumably, where they all look like “Arrrgggh the wind is blowing sand into my eyes!” and “Omg my hair’s gone all crazy!” Naw just kidding they look really happy and loving.

Oh no! Save my pretty hair please!

Oh no! Save my pretty hair please!

Happy F4 :D

Happy F4 😀

Meanwhile, Jaekyung thanks Jandi for coming to Jeju. She then reveals that she knew about Junpo and Jandi, but pretended not to know. She apologises for being cowardly, but Jandi says it’s her own fault for not telling Jaekyung. Jaekyung says she can’t let go of Junpyo, but she really likes Jandi too. And she will make it up to Jandi for marrying Junpyo.

In a completely unrelated scene, we get to see the boys playing football! (or soccer, if you’re American) I have nothing much to say about this scene, except why the hell is Jihoo wearing long pants? People play football in shorts, which are called football shorts. I want to see some skin!

Is that a Chelsea jersey I see him wearing?

Is that a Chelsea jersey I see him wearing?

The two of them just can't keep their hands off each other lol

The two of them just can't keep their hands off each other lol

[How does Kim Bum look so happy every time someone takes a photo of him? And these look candid too.]

Just to show that Minho can play football, heh. And he looks awfully like Mike He in this one.

Just to show that Minho can play football, heh. And he looks awfully like Mike He in this one.

Ga Eul, not involved in any of the heart-to-heart talks or sports, takes a little walk in a nice flowery garden or park. She thinks back to the conversation she had with Eunjae about her break-up with Yi Jung. Eunjae tells her that she confessed to him on Valentine’s Day, but she said he didn’t get to see her true feelings, and she was disappointed. The way Eunjae described it was pretty abstract though, I think they want to play this out further.

Yi Jung joins Ga Eul in the flowery fields. ^___^ Ga Eul remarks that having an arranged marriage in this day and age is something that happens in dreams (in reference to Junpyo and Jaekyung), but Yi Jung says that in their world (the rich people’s world) it’s nothing surprising. Ga Eul asks if he can accept an arranged marriage. Yi Jung says that no matter what the future holds, it makes no difference to him. Ga Eul is horrified that he can be so irresponsible towards his one and only future, and says that because of this, no one would dare to stay by his side. Yi Jung says “Just because you know about my family and my weaknesses you think you know everything” and storms off (boy does he see Junpyo as his role model or what).

Ga Eul asks him why he never appeared, three years ago, on Valentine’s Day. Yi Jung goes O_O at that. It’s obviously the time that Eunjae wanted to confess to him, but we don’t get to know that now. Hee. Even though this encounter doesn’t go off too well between the two of them, I dunno why I just feel happy about it. Because all this while he’s been so suave and gentlemanly and patient towards Ga Eul. Now he can actually get angry at her and show her his true feelings, which I think is great (not the get angry part). Remember how at the start he really couldn’t stand her and her whole touristy thing at New Caledonia but still pretended to be all nice and sweet? It’s so different now, like he can actually be himself with her. =)

They look like they're treasure hunting in a very nice flower field

They look like they're treasure hunting in a very nice flower field

And it’s really sweet how in the next scene we have Jihoo and Jandi walking in another field. With Jihoo wearing this Justin-wannabe fedora that made me LOL. Maybe the hairstylist gave up trying to battle with the breeze and just decided to put a hat over the hair. The outdoor scene didn’t really seem to serve any purpose (for me) because Jandi just falls over and Jihoo suggests that they go inside.

When they go inside, he tells her that this is the last day for her to grab hold of Junpyo. After this she’d have no chance. He says that ever since he’s known her he’s wished for her to happy, like how she was when they first met. He’s afraid that after tomorrow (wedding day), she’ll never smile happily again. Jandi tells him not to worry, she’ll still smile because he’s looking over her. Awww. She cries while saying that though, so unconvincing, but she blames it on the wind. Jihoo moves over to help wipe it off, but she refuses. She says that once there’s a habit of wiping the tears off, they’ll be more greedy, and won’t stop flowing. Awww so heartbreaking. =( I dunno if it’s Jandi’s way of telling Jihoo that she can take care of herself; he doesn’t have to look over her shoulder all the time.

Later on, we see Junhee entering Junpyo’s room. She tells him she’s not there to attend his wedding. Her hair is now curly, but at least not tied up in a librarian style. She tells him about how she felt when she was forced to leave her lover for her arranged husband, how painful it was for her. Junpyo asks if she feels sorry towards the guy she left, but she says that she feels sorry towards the 20-year-old Gu Junhee. Junhee tells little Junpyo that she’ll understand his decision, no matter what it is, because he’s her little brother. Aww…for the first time she’s showing her concern for him in a non-violent manner, it’s odd.

Junpyo ponders it seriously by the swimming pool, where Jihoo joins him. He makes a semi-confession to Jihoo (it really sounds like a lover’s confession if you wanna take it out of context) that he thinks Jihoo can do well without him, but he wouldn’t know what would happen to himself without Jihoo. Jihoo then asks if Junpyo wants him to run away with him at the church on the wedding day. Of course he didn’t mean it the way it sounds, but if you don’t look at their expressions and purely at the dialogue….LOL. Jihoo and his dry humour. Junpyo doesn’t laugh, but asks Jihoo to punch him once in the face. Jihoo is taken aback, but after a few moments of (pretend) pondering, he deals a huge blow to Junpyo. In the face. Woohoo he must’ve wanted revenge since Junpyo gave him one at the airport. While on the ground, Junpyo remarks that he can’t let Jandi go. =(

Meanwhile, Jaekyung with Jandi, making some unimportant-to-us-but-important-to-the-bride decisions. She receives a text from Junpyo asking her to meet him at the church. She looks at Jandi while contemplating which veil to choose whether to choose friendship or non-existent love.

She goes up to Junpyo, who is standing at the altar brooding. He tells her that she can’t marry her, and apologises. She asks him if sorry is enough, what is the police there for? Junpyo continues, saying that there is someone he likes, and till death, there’ll only be her (Awww). Jaekyung says that she’ll still marry him, which led him to question if she was still normal. Lol. She tells him that she knows that the girl he likes is Jandi, because of that she wants to marry him even more. She likes him because he knows how to love someone, and because that someone is Geum Jandi, she can live with that. (As opposed to if Junpyo is madly in love with someone like Ginger or something, Jaekyung would probably go mad and kill Ginger?)

Junpyo just keeps looking at her as though she’s mad. When all else fails, he goes down on his knees -both knees, not just one – to beg for her forgiveness. She refuses to, because there’s no need to, because they’re going to get married tomorrow. Darrrrnnnn Jaekyung, people must all be hating her like mad. She tells him that she has to go, and leaves in tears. Junpyo is just….defeated.

I personally think that from when Jaekyung received the text from Junpyo, she’s pondered and came to a decision as to how to ultimately deal with the Junpyo situation. From how she looked at Jandi, I think she wants to unite them, but she has to do it her way, so that Mummy Junpyo has nothing to say against it. Because if it were Junpyo who broke it off, Mummy Junpyo will go ballistic and heap everything on Jandi. If it were Jaekyung however…let’s just wait and see. (I hope I’m not the only optimistic one)

The wedding day arrives, and we see Mummy Junpyo beaming (not for long, I expect). Jaekyung is waiting expectantly at a corner. F3 are in a waiting lounge with Junpyo, and Woobin tells Junpyo that it’s time. Did I mention they all look absolutely gorgeous in their tuxes. Junpyo walks out of the closet solemnly, and asks for a favour from Woobin – to break his arm. Everyone looks at Junpyo as if he’s crazy, and Woobin can’t believe his luck as Junpyo sets his arm on the coffee table, telling him that he’s sure Woobin can do it with just one blow. Woobin grabs Junpyo’s arm, and it looks like he’s really going to do it. Yi Jung shuts his eyes because he can’t bear to look (chicken!). Jihoo can’t wait. Okay, he’s just expressionless. Even Woobin himself can’t bear to look, but I’m amazed at the foolishness of these boys. Who said you can’t get married with a bloody broken arm?

Jandi steps in to save the day! Of course, she’s the voice of reason here, because with the four brains that were already there, there weren’t actually any brain cells that stopped to think what breaking someone’s arm would do to prevent the wedding. Seriously, thank god for Jandi’s sensibility. She tells them with this OMG-are-you-all-retards look that it’s despicable that he wants to end it like this. He might as well just run away if he can’t face it. But even if he were to run away, he’d have to face it eventually. Junpyo steps up and asks her to stop him from getting married, but Jandi just looks away, in eye-rolling manner.

And we’re left with the credits and NG scenes. There’s funny one with Minho and Hyunjoong and their cooking scene heh. And also with Gu Hyesun being caught sleeping on camera, she’s so cute. 😀

Can’t wait for next week, I’ll be lagging with the posts because I’ll be going away, but stay tuned!


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