Lost and Found

Better known as 天涯海角 to viewers. It was a movie back in the 90s, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kelly Chen. Waaayyy back before they were the megastars they are now. It was probably their first ever collaboration – they then went on to star in Lavender together. If anyone thinks Lavender was great, Lost and Found would trump that by 5 million times (at least to me anyway).

Because the net is such an amazing thing, I actually found…links. 😀 Which really made my day because the last time I watched/re-watched Lost and Found was on my old tape recorder. Awww. I would really want to get my hands on a DVD copy though.

Here you go: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4

The most amazing thing is that it’s in it’s original language, Cantonese, with Mandarin subtitles. (I did try to find one with English subs, but what the heck). Even more amazing than that is that it’s very clear, very HQ. I really want to send my love to the girl who uploaded it. Muah muah muah.

And because I absolutely cannot let a post go without adding my own thoughts to it, this one is no exception either. I have a million of other posts left to write but I just needed to get this out of my system because I am absolutely bursting with excitement upon discovering this again.

The movie is based on Kelly Chen’s character, who finds out that she has a terminal disease. At the beginning she feels doomed, but she meets Takeshi Kaneshiro’s character, Mr Nahauchong. His character name is less a mouthful than it is a keyboardful really, lol. He is a person who operates a Lost and Found agency, hence the English title. She is initially skeptical of him, because he’s just so optimistic and sincere and cheerful. She asks him to find her ‘hope’. Yes, who better to ask than him, because his line of job requires him to have constant positive thinking and dang, he’s just brimming with hope. So he does her best to help her. She then goes on this journey to discover her hope, which brings her to ‘the end of the world’ (which is the literal meaning of the Cantonese title of the movie). There are many touching little details along the way, including other characters and things like that, but I should really leave that up to you to watch and find out.

Watching the movie gave me different thoughts compared to when I first watched it, because back then I was probably too busy looking at Takeshi-eye candy that I couldn’t follow it. But really, it’s the kind of movie that leaves you inspired, and looking to make the most out of life. Don’t mind that Kelly’s acting is a little wooden here, because you gotta keep in mind that she’s dying in the movie lol. Takeshi pulls off the sincere young man very well; his easygoing character and bubbly personality make him very likable. I like the dynamics between the two of them the most, not because it seems so unlikely or anything. But because, it just seemed so right for them to be together that halfway through the movie, I totally forgot that Kelly was living on borrowed time.

If these two are not reason enough to watch, then you should also take note that current Tvb stars, Moses Chan and Steven Ma, are also in the movie, albeit with little roles. Of course, back in 1996 they were probably just starting out in showbiz, but it’s nice to see how different they were back then. Steven plays the role of Kelly’s younger brother, by the way. 😉 Another interesting tidbit: Eric Tsang is one of the movie’s producers.

There’s also some amazing cinematography I think, for a 1996 film. Some of the parts were set in Scotland, and I think they really did go to Scotland to do the shooting, which was pretty cool. Alright, that’s about all I’m going to rave about. Watch it!


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