Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 finale

I just watched it, and OMG it is so…

Do not read on unless you want to know, or already know.



RIP, Izzie and George. I am just so furious at how they let George die, because half the time he wasn’t even onscreen in the two episodes. But mostly it’s just heartbreaking.

Because they made me think that Izzie has a chance. That Izzie can be saved by Derek and his godlike surgical skills. That her initial stage of amnesia and confusion was just initial. Seriously, when she started to retain memories, I was so happy for her. But no, she gets hyperkalaemia post-op because of her iffy kidneys. It’s not a bad way to go, it’s just that I’d rather Izzie not go at all.

And George. First they made me think that he’s just going away to the army (heck, he may still make it back alive). Bailey and Torres even scheduled an intervention to talk him out of joining the army, all while working on a disaster of a patient, who is a John Doe. At the very end of the episode, like literally in the last few minutes, we then realise that the John Doe patient is George, who, disfigured beyond recognition, traces ‘007’ into Meredith’s palm. Why is he all disfigured and battered up? Because he threw himself in front of a bus to save a girl. See? You can die even if you don‘t join the army. This was the episode’s theme or something like that. Which is a bummer for me, because at the end with Meredith’s voiceover, asking us if we said I Love You to the people we love, I wept like a bumbling idiot. Gawwwd. Why does Grey’s have to take so much out of me?

I don’t think that either Izzie or George are going to come back next season, if anything. They won’t tell us for sure, but I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I thought this season was way better than the previous season overall though, in terms of writing, since the previous season was bogged down by the strike and all. I am somehow dreading watching Grey’s Anatomy again, with Izzie gone. She was one of my favourites, and it sucks that she has to go. Now, I shall go weep in a corner alone.


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