Super Junior – It’s You

Credits: wondersmurf of youtube

This is the song currently on repeat. It’s unusual for me to go into Kpop away from my favourite Cpop, but there’s nothing much happening in Cpop now that deserves my attention.

I don’t really know the details of Super Junior, except that they have 13 members, which is helluva number of people for a newbie like me to keep up with. I obviously don’t know their names and stuff like that, but I like the guy in the pink collar in the mv, his voice sounds pretty okay. And there’s also a little boy with this killer jawline, except that he does really look like a little boy. But there are older guys in the group too, so something for everyone then. ^^ This song is pretty good, I also looked up Sorry, Sorry, which is also one of their newer songs, and that entertained me a whole lot. *rubs hands together* Lol.

Someone else showed me this, which is only to be appreciated if you watched the original Sorry, Sorry music video. I watched the original once (which is more than enough), and then this parody just blew me off in laughter.

I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery. You gotta be loved for people to want to make fun of you. Like Big Bang and Haru Haru. Rofl.

A little diversion: Tank is releasing his new album soon. I snuck a listen to this, which was pretty good. Hopefully he’ll stick to the style he’s gone with in his previous albums. =) Will do a nice post for him once his whole album is officially released.


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