Golden Melody Awards Nominations Out

The nominations are out for the 20th Golden Melody Awards. Jay Chou got 8 nominations for Capricorn, including Best Male Singer, in which Leehom was also nominated for.

Gonna just translate part of the nominations, plus some of my personal thoughts, all in no particular order. 😛

Song of the Year:
Jiang Hui – 甲你攬牢牢
Claire Kuo – 下一個天亮
Lu Guang Zhong – 100種生活
Mayday – 你不是真正的快樂
Van Fan – 國境之南
Jay Chou – 稻香

My thoughts:
The list seems a bit crowded, but I didn’t really feel surprised by any of them, except maybe Claire Kuo, because when I first listened to her song I wasn’t really impressed. It didn’t blow me away, I wasn’t really amazed, and the song just didn’t get to me. I personally would root for Mayday due to my personal liking for them and the song, but the dark horse in this category would be Lu Guang Zhong.

Best Mandarin Album:
Sandee Chan (Chen Shan Ni) – 如果有一件事是重要的
Eason Chan – 不想放手
Lu Guang Zhong – 100種生活
Stanley Huang – 最後只好躺下來
Jay Chou – 魔杰座 Capricorn

My thoughts:
Am feeling kind of lazy to translate the album and song titles, will update the post later when I have the time. I haven’t heard all the albums, but I didn’t find Jay’s album this year that impressive. This one is pretty open to me, but I’m just a little irked by the absence of Leehom. I really thought he should be nominated for this; he’s put a lot of work into his albums and he does deserve a nomination.

Best Music Video:
Abin (Fang Jiong Bin) – Wind
Rachel Liang – 最幸褔的事
Josie Ho – 愛情靈藥
Wu Bai – 太空彈
Yoga Lin – 病態
Jay Chou – 魔術先生
Khalil Fong – 黑白 Black and White

My thoughts:
Lots of newbies here: Abin, Rachel and Yoga. Interesting bit is that Penny Tai directed both Abin and Khalil Fong’s music video, I had no idea she had the director bug in her. I like Khalil Fong’s music video the most, I feel that the video brought out the feel of the song really well, which is what we want to see and feel when we watch a music video anyway. I couldn’t find a youtube link to the third track, would really want to know what the song and mv is like.

I'm not only a star, but a star director too!

I'm not only a star, but a star director too!

Best Composer:
Lu Guang Zhong – 100種生活
Khalil Fong – Singalongsong
Jay Chou – 稻香
Li Quan – 眼色 (performed by Yoga Lin)
Chen Jian Nian – 烙印祖靈

My thoughts:
Again, couldn’t find a link for the final song, maybe it is by a more indie artist under a smaller label. I’m still a bit grumpy over the fact that none of Leehom’s songs were nominated in this category either, but I feel that Mr Lu has the individuality to take at least one award in the GMAs, and I hope it’s this one.

Best Album Producer:
Jiang Hui, Chen Zi Hong – 甲你攬牢牢
Sandee Chen – 如果有一件事是重要的
Stanley Huang, Jae Chong – 最後只好躺下來
Jay Chou – 魔杰座Capricorn
Chen Jian Nian – 南王姐妹花同名專輯

My thoughts:
Where’s Leehom again? Alright, it’s a little over-the-top that I expect him to be nominated in every single category, but a fan can wish. Or maybe it’s just the jealousy that it’s Jay’s year, seeing that he’s nominated 8 times, in major award categories too at that.

Best Song Arrangement:
Lu Guang Zhong – 早安,晨之美!
Wang Lee Hom – 我完全沒有任何理由理你
Khalil Fong – Singalongsong
Joanna Wang – As Love Begins to Mend
Jay Chou – 魔術先生

My thoughts:

Just a little note that I’ve listed the nominated songs in regards to the artist who performed it, not the person who did the arrangement. That means if the song wins, the award won’t necessarily go to the artist, except if Khalil or Leehom or Lu Guang Zhong wins, since they did the song arrangement.

Best Newcomer:
Rachel Liang
Lu Guang Zhong
Hsiao Hong Ren
Joanna Wang
Yoga Lin
Jam Hsiao

My thoughts:
This seems like a pretty nail-biting category. There was a lot of hype that Aska Yang was not nominated for this category, which is a pretty big blowup, but things like this always happen at awards. And GMAs has always been associated with all kinds of controversy, intentional or unintentional. I’ve included a clip for everyone above, because newcomers could always do with some publicity. 😉 All the songs have my seal of approval (sort of), and if you’re wondering why I’ve included a duet with A-Mei as Jam’s song, I really love the song and it shows how he could really his own against a powerhouse diva like A-Mei.

Shall rabble on a bit about Hsiao Hong Ren – he’s not nominated in any other categories, but he has a sort of rock-ish style which I really like, and the song I put in there was banned (I think) in Taiwan because the song title sounded like profanity. Which I think was his intention to play on similar sounding words anyway, but the song itself is pretty cool. Lots of attitude.

And also Joanna. She has the whole Norah Jones vibe about her which is really comforting, and a lot of her songs are in English. I’d recommend anyone to listen to the rest her songs if you like her style of music.

Just her and her guitar

Joanna: Just her and her guitar

Now…for the biggies:

Best Male Singer:
Eason Chan
Xiao Huang Qi
Wang Lee Hom
Khalil Fong
Jay Chou

My thoughts:
Yay Leehom! If he wins he’ll set a record of the most wins in this category, but I doubt that they’ll let him take this award home. Not that I’m saying that the GMA is biased, but Taiwanese award judges do tend do things unexpectedly. I think Jay has a huge chance of winning this, or even Xiao Huang Qi. Khalil and Eason have an outside chance, sort of. Like how Taiwanese actors don’t really take home the Best Actor award at the HKFAs.

Best Female Singer:
Sandee Chen
Tsai Chin
Fish Leong
Tanya Chua

My thoughts:
I actually really like all the 5 singers nominated. Tsai Chin is more old school but I have heard some of her songs and she’s great. But Fish Leong and Tanya and also Tsai Chin didn’t really have brand new albums out; their releases were compilations of their past hits with some new songs thrown in, so I don’t know if that will affect their chances. If I had to be stranded on an island and could only pick one person’s CD to listen to, I’d pick Fish Leong. Because it’s depressing enough to be stranded on an island, might as well listen to someone with a nice soothing voice. 😀


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