Tank – Third Round

His third album, also known as 第三回合 in Mandarin for you. It’s been a while since I’ve had a music post, partly because I’ve been too busy to listen to any new songs, and Cpop has been pretty stagnant lately too. Been looking forward to his album for quite a while now.

Tank’s album name has always been about battle themes and stuff like that, which I find pretty cool, but the album is also peppered with ballads here and there, which is the staple of every Cpop album. I don’t find it particularly annoying, but I tend to like his beat heavy songs more than his ballads, which tend to sound pretty generic. Track-by-track comments below. Whee.

Tracklist :
1. 繃帶俱樂部 Bandage Club
It’s a bit like Extended Competition from his previous album, but I have this thing for rock-ish songs, so put a little bit of electric guitar into a song and I’ll be a sucker for it. Not the most outstanding song but does get you into the mood for the rest of the album. Or psyche you up enough to not get bored by the rest of the album.

2. 生還者 Survivor
I like this song a lot more than Bandage Club, because the lyrics fit the song so well. This song feels more personal and closer to him, because I feel like it’s based on his experience/emotions relating to his heart disease. He has a inherited heart disease of some kind, and has had surgery to treat it. I don’t know about the details, but I do know that his sister passed away because of the hereditary condition, which I must say, is huge for just about anyone. 

3. 全世界都停電 Power Out All Over The World
A more soothing ballad with a nice piano intro, and imo, is dangerously close to falling into the generic ballad category. The melody may stick better after a few listens, but I wasn’t immediately wow-ed by this song.

4. 阿門 Amen
I dunno where the title comes from, because it’s probably like very well hidden in the lyrics somewhere. Mental note to self: look up lyrics. This song is less generic sounding and rather enjoyable, it will probably find its way into my playlist. 😀

5. 真心話太冒險 The Truth Is Too Risky
Woo back to another fast-paced song. I generally like his fast songs, and this is great, with some nice effects and electric guitar ftw!

6. 如果我變成回憶 If I Become A Memory
This is one of the classic Chinese emo-ballad type of song, which I think is pretty alright, but I may have started to grow out of it already. They chose to promote this song though, having Jiro Wang and Kirsten Ren (Selina of S.H.E’s sister) act in the music video. The song is a little too emo for me, I’d prefer Amen over this, but karaoke-lovers will probably be all over this one.

7. 會長大的幸福 Growing Happiness
Looks like Tank caught on with the hallyu too, with the ‘saranghaeyo, saranghaeyo’ at the start of the song. Heh. This song reminds me of When We Were Young, the feel of it is so familiar and easy going. Love it loads, and will probably make it to my playlist ultimately, with all his fast vroom vroom songs.

8. 陽光美眉 Sunshine Beauty
Ahh, Jiro is everywhere, isn’t he? I love the little banter between Tank and Jiro at the start, and it’s a real nice song for the summer. (And no, I don’t think the Sunshine Beauty in the title means Jiro…) I also thought I heard a part in the song which has ‘Sha Hen Da’, although I don’t think he meant it in the Yao Yao context. Or did he? Aha but nevertheless a very nice relaxing song, which I think suits his voice pretty well.

9. 再做一個夢 Dream Again
At first, this does sound a lot like Generic Ballad #74 or something like that, but after listening to it properly for the lyrics again, it’s not that bad. Worth a listen.

10. 是誰 Who
A pop rockish piece, which I devour with joy. Woohoo it’s not that difficult to please me, but this song definitely sticks well with me. Another one for the playlist. 😀 


In general, I don’t think this is one of his greatest albums, but I foresee If I Become A Memory becoming a hit in Taiwan. Tank’s basically stuck to his own style, improved on it a little, but I feel that he could do just as well with less ballad-y songs (for me anyway).


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