Shining Shiny Bugs

Credits: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

Their stylist must have suddenly developed an interest for entomology. I did a double take when I saw the bug on Onew, but then I looked closer and realised that all of them had some form of bug on their clothes. Taemin has a butterfly and Minho’s looked like a caterpillar rofl. Now no one can take them seriously at all, despite all the cool dancing which does not fit with the buggy clothes theme.

And apparently, bugs chew on clothes too, because there’s a huge rip in the back of Minho’s shirt (if you can even call what he’s wearing a shirt), and Key’s sleeves were abducted by aliens. The hair looked like…some Greek sculpture, which amazing does go well with the barely there outfit, if he’s planning to go for a toga party, that is. Gosh. And Taemin’s hair makes him look like an ahjumma. =( He’s supposed to be a cute little smiley boy. =( =( Jonghyun and Onew manage to look almost normal beside these three.

I can tolerate them being dressed in different bright colours, or even in elven green and red (like when they were in Taiwan over Xmas), but this is just…sad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against these boys, but this fashion concept on them, just seem all wrong. Maybe their stylist went to fashion/design school with G-Dragon’s pals.


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