Black and White Episode 1

Black and White is Vic Zhou’s newest drama, which is surprisingly, a cop drama. Black and WhitePic taken off DramaWiki.

There are 22 episodes so far and ths series is just about to finish its run soon, but I have this thing for cop dramas, so despite being a bit behind I’ve decided to share the drama here. I’m not that big a fan of Vic Zhou, but I personally think he does take acting quite seriously, from the roles that he’s been taking up. Although the younger cast generally gives this series a more idol-like persona, the older generation cast in this series did raise my eyebrows a little, with Chun Pui (a veteran actor from HK) among some of the veterans included. I feel as though it’s not going to be that bad after all.

Disclaimer bit: All the following screencaps are made by me. If you wish to use them elsewhere you are free to take the images, but do not hotlink my photos. Please upload them again onto your own server or  upload them to a photo hosting website yourself.

We start up with a steamy bed scene with Chen Zai Tian (Vic) and a pretty lady. More like, a morning after scene. She answers a call (after not answering the past 66 calls) from her mum, who is not too happy that she didn’t return home the previous night. After a few verbal exchanges, we find out Zai Tian is a cop in the Northern District Police Department, and the girl’s mother is coincidentally, his boss. Right, so Zai Tian is immediately transfered over to the Southern District, no doubt because the angry boss decides to run after him with a gun, and firing a few shots at him. Little overdone exaggeration there. Vic then speeds off in his gorgeous yellow convertible to pick up more girls.

We then move on to more serious things, like Ying Xiong (Mark Zhao) getting a tattoo. I suppose when your name literally means Hero people tend to take you more seriously eh? Well, turns out the tattoo was for official reasons, because he’s about to go undercover as some thug escorting his boss to do a drug deal. His boss is a tech geek colleague who only qualified to be a cop because he hacked into the system and altered his grades. Wow that is a whole load of drama just right there, don’t you think?

Here is Hero’s supervisor briefing the team on their operation, and he not-so-subtly tells Hero not to be impulsive and to watch his temper. He drones on about how it’s not a one-man show and bladiabla while they fix a bug to Hero and pass him a bag containing $500,000 US dollars in cash. Woohoo.

Don't know if the lady behind is a very nosy extra, or if she's just a member of the public, or if she's really doing her job and acting as a colleague looking out for the boys.

Under the surveillance of the idiot boss, Hero and his sidekick walk into the train station. The drug lord contacts geeky guy and tells them to go into the toilet. The drug lord then makes them each inspect each other for weapons. (Ooh groping action here) When the drug lord is satisfied that Hero and the geeky guy (please note that Hero while in disguise, was actually meant to be geeky guy’s sidekick), two of the drug lord’s minions burst out of one of the toilet cubicles. And proceeds to smack them around. Haha no not really, they basically just taser both geeky guy and Hero, which means throw-down action for me! Wheehee. To give him credit, Hero does try to fight them off but fails, and geeky guy must be wishing he could hack something else apart from computer programmes.

Oh how many girls would kill to be that little minion guy (pun intended)

Meanwhile, the idiot boss is going ballistic because he’s lost both of his team members and he starts going into a rage. He does get one of his team, who is disguised as a cleaner to go check on them, but obviously we’re led to believe that absolutely no one in this team of cops are half as competent as Hero (who really isn’t all that invincible and great). And that idiot boss should be ashamed that he can only throw hissy fits around there instead of keeping a calm front and figuring out his next move. Seriously.

Just to ogle at the fake tattoo...or just to ogle at the arm

So the two minions leave after ensuring that there are no bugs on Hero and geeky guy, or that the bugs on them are disabled. The drug lord, who is still on the line, tells them to go out and wait in front of the ticket stands to enter the platform. He then tells them that they have about 15 seconds to catch the next train if they want to proceed with the deal. Hero, being the brash little boy that he is, races towards the train, and they make it just in time. Much to the dismay of the other undercovers, they run after Hero and sidekick but none of them catches the train.

But someone else sees the cops running after the train, and reports to the drug lord (presumably) that Hero and his sidekick are being followed

The little subtitles there is in Korean, because the drug lord is suspected to be a North Korean. At this point, the idiot boss gets even angrier and leaves the operations base/room/wherever. I didn’t call him unprofessional for nothing, because he doesn’t even seem to care that Hero and sidekick may actually die after running into the train, but he seems to think that Hero was just running into the train for fun. Hero and sidekick find that the two minions were already on the same train as them, and a third minion comes up to them to tell them to follow him.

They arrive at this huge warehouse, where they are greeted by a guy descending from above.


I was wondering who the boss guy was…

And oh my, it's Kingone Wang. Who looks utterly deliciously evil.

If you were wondering what the drug deal was all about, which I wasn’t really following because there were suddenly two hot guys onscreen, Hero wanted to get his hands on this new type of drug called ‘Dreamer’. The mystery behind Dreamer is that it’s very exclusive, and the only person who can supply Dreamer with 98% purity is the evil evil Kingone (I have yet to know his name really). The bottles of Dreamer that he supplies have a butterfly stamped on them, which is his seal of approval. I lol-ed at this, because usually the use of terms like butterflies and dreamers are limited to females…

The bottles of Dreamer, which is apparently in liquid form and is illuminated by blue light from within that case. Spiffy.

Hero passes the money to Kingone and gets the drugs. As he is inspecting the drugs, Kingone receives a phone call telling him that they are cops. Which leads to a full-scale riot. People shooting people, people running away from people, the works. I was too busy watching the action, the only screencaps which were not shaky (lol) were the ones with Hero and his machine gun.

While Hero is busy fighting off the minions, Kingone grabs the money and also the drugs and runs away. Hero runs after him, but there are still 2 more minions who are trying to get him. I wonder what happened to geeky guy. I don’t recall seeing him flee, or if he didn’t, I didn’t see anyone shooting him down too. And there was a lot of shots fired, geeky guy was unarmed, it’s a bit weird how he actually did survive. Sigh, plotholes.

While Hero gives chase to Kingone, they happen across Zai Tian, who is busy picking up a chick at an outdoor cafe sort of place. Chaos ensues as Hero and the bad guys arrive, as there are further gunshots.

Heh? Who's that?

Ah yes, better to hide someplace safe first

Of course, chick #59 doubts that Zai Tian is really a cop now, but that’s besides the point. Lol it’s not unrealistic that some cops are cowards really, but Zai Tian is supposedly the most outstanding cop from the Northern District with a record-breaking about of cases cracked. To redeem himself in the eyes of chick #59, he had to do something.

Which was to brandish his gun at the camera perp-looking Hero

He really does look hilarious, I never really imagined Zaizai to be effective in comedy, it’s a little odd but funny. And Hero really didn’t look like a cop after all, with the tattoo and everything. Unfortunately, Hero easily disarms Zai Tian, which is brings me to further amazement of how Zai Tian does all his cop work and has a good record. He can’t even keep his gun to himself, for god’s sake.

Hah, take that, you interfering idiot!

As expected, Hero isn’t all too pleased with the development of the situation. I bet you in the back of his mind he must’ve thought Zai Tian was a fraud too. I mean, would an earnest cop wear a white suit and drive a yellow convertible?

Ahhhhh, don't kill meeee!!!!! Pleeeeaaase!!!

The screencaps don’t look all that nice and clear, because the scenes were moving by so quickly. =( Thanks to Zai Tian’s interference, Kingone managed to get away with another minion. In a swanky BMW too, I must add. Even when he’s running for his life he has a swanky car to get away in. So convenient.

Hero directs his rage at Zai Tian, who tells him that he really is a cop. Just then Hero’s idiot boss and backup arrives, only see a perp lying injured on the ground. Hero coolly tells idiot boss that two got away, and there are another 3 dead/injured in the warehouse. To which if I’m the boss, I’d say ‘OMG thank god you are still alive, and geeky guy wouldn’t be alive too without you’. But Idiot Boss throws a hissy fit again, saying that Hero just threw away real cash, and starts lecturing/nagging/scolding him. Oh shut up already.

Dunno why Idiot Boss has to be in the picture, but the main point is the cute geeky guy really isn't dead

They all go back to the police station, where Hero angrily tells Zai Tian that he’ll deal with him soon.


Zai Tian is just happy to still be alive

Idiot Boss continues lecturing Hero, whose expression I can truly understand

Which leads to more glaring...

Lol at geeky guy

It seems that no one really believes that Zai Tian is a cop too. This old man here wanted to bring Zai Tian aside for questioning, but Zai Tian flashed his badge at him lol. It could be a knockoff okay.

Finally, he has to show everyone his transfer letter. If you don't want to look at that, then look at Hero's arm all you want.

Frankly, I’m just amazed that his previous lady boss managed to get him transferred so quickly, I thought there’d be more red tape and bureaucracy in the police force, but dramas like this just make things seem so simple. XD

Even the Department Chief comes down to comment on the case.

The only significance in the screencap above is to note that the guy who plays the Department Chief is Mark Zhao’s (Hero) father in real life. How’s that eh? Because of the pressure placed upon him by the Chief, Idiot Boss decides to group Hero and Zai Tian together to help crack the Dreamer case.

Hero isn't too pleased with the arrangements. He's just been really grumpy since the start of the episode isn't he?

Idiot Boss tells them that their unit name is now Shuang Xi (which translates as Double Happiness). Xi means happiness, and if you write the word Xi twice and combine them into one word…that one word frequently appears at weddings and wedding invitations. Hmmm…

Zai Tian is only too happy to oblige.

Now that is why the series is called Black and White. Self-explanatory eh?

We then get introduced to Lan Xi Ying (Janine Zhang), who works in the forensic laboratory. She seems rather close to Hero, because she passes him a box of oranges on behalf of his mother.

Zai Tian tries to hit on Xi Ying, unsurprisingly. Hero looks annoyed...or jealous.

Was he jealous because Zai Tian was hitting on someone else, or was it because Zai Tian was hitting on Xi Ying in particular? Ahhh. But anyway, Hero is all no-nonsense, asking Xi Ying if she could find a way to characterise and identify Dreamer, and gives her a sample of Dreamer he got from Kingone earlier. While Zai Tian keeps interrupting with his pick-up lines and sweet talking.

Drink your tea. *glares*

Zai Tian then proceeds to wander around the lab, which seems sort of substandard to me. I mean, no decent lab would allow anyone to keep food and drinks in the same fridge as preserved human ears. Actually, no decent forensic lab would allow food and drink to be consumed in it at all. So Zai Tian wanders around, cup of tea in hand, and interferes with other people working there. He then sees a skull on the table and begins to strike up some sort of conversation with it.

He sets down his cup on the table first.

Note that there are two cups of brownish liquid on the table. Tsk tsk.

Zai Tian obviously ends up drinking the wrong cup of tea later on. LOL. Which turned out to be rabbit urine. Ewww. Why do they have to make professionals seem so substandard again? First the cops, now the scientists?

And I don't get why he has to pinch his nose after drinking rabbit urine lol

So we’ve pretty much  established that Zai Tian is the comic relief of the series now. I get it. 😀 Hero is very frustrated with Zai Tian, because he thinks Zai Tian is useless and all he cares about is the chicks. Seriously, I don’t blame Hero. Only I don’t mind comic relief as much as he does. Hero threatens to kill Zai Tian if he doesn’t go away, to which Zai Tian seems genuinely afraid and tries to get himself out of the partnership. But the boss tells him that he has to work with Hero or lose his job. For Zai Tian that meant losing his swanky convertible, his pad, and his suits, which is a huge no-no. (But seriously, since when are cops that well-paid anyway?)

So Zai Tian tries to put some effort into the partnership and goes with Hero to look for Hero’s informant, the guy who arranged for them to meet with the drug lord in the first place.

But they arrive to find the guy dead.

Hero is very distressed that the guy is dead, because he wanted a name list from the guy. Zai Tian offers some words of comfort, saying that if he offered to become an informant, he should’ve been prepared to face death. But Hero told him (furiously) that the guy was not an informant at all; he belonged to a triad gang called Sanlian Hui. A name which struck some fear and awe from Zai Tian nonetheless.

They then try to track down the non-informant’s brother, who was released from jail as part of an agreement between Hero and the non-informant if he agreed to help Hero. (Seriously, this again sounds dodgy to me) Apparently, the non-informant and his brother had plans to bring their grandmother away from the nursing home to start a new life together, so Hero and Zai Tian went to the nursing home. But the old lady was already gone, and the only clue left was noticed by Zai Tian, who apparently has a knack for remembering things such as hot chicks’ phone numbers and car number plates.

They manage to catch the girl, but the old lady was nowhere in sight. The girl refuses to admit taking the old lady, even though a surgical mask was found in the car. Zai Tian then tries to coax/scare/threaten the girl into talking.

Zai Tian obviously trying to hit on this girl too...

But the chick manages to fling him over her shoulder and onto the car pretty effortlessly. She also fights off the other two cops present very easily. Hero then rushes over, and she tries to fling him over her shoulder too. Thank goodness he’s not as useless (because then this series would be a comedy) and he manages to pin her against the car. The process was all pretty hilarious though.

That is one fierce-looking chick. They take her back to the station for questioning.

Okay, so tell me your phone number and you can leave.


Heh, actually Zai Tian went all ‘bad cop’ on her, scaring her by saying that she won’t get any food or drink until she talks. Only to be thwarted by Hero, who walks in with a pack of food and coffee for her, saying that they don’t condone torture in this district.

Meanwhile, Xi Ying was working on Dreamer in her oh-so-unkempt lab.

Ooh, green to blue.

She was working on identifying Dreamer, but like all great scientists (who were slobs), she makes a mess out of things.

But like Fleming, great discoveries are usually accidents. Well, this really isn’t such a great discovery, she just finds traces of Dreamer from the traces left behind by Zai Tian’s cup. She calls Hero to inform him. And he grimly accepts the news, while also finding out that the fierce chick they have in custody is actually the daughter of boss of Sanlian Hui. O_o

Dum-dum-dum-dum…now that’s some suspense to last me till the next episode.

Till next time, then.


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