Black and White Episode 2

In the previous episode we found out that the fierce chick that Hero and Zai Tian brought in  is in fact Chen Lin (who immediately made me think of Rainie Yang and lol-ed), the daughter of the boss of this big mob gang called Sanlian Hui. Mob Boss then sends one of his henchmen, who rounds up loads of his minions and fills out the parking lots of the Southern District PD in the blink of an eye. The scary-looking/unproperly shaven henchman also brings along a squeamish lawyer to negotiate with the police. Right, intimidate, more like.

Mob Boss's henchman

While he and the lawyer talk to the police chief, reminding him of how great and scary Sanlian Hui is, and that they have no grounds to arrest Chen Lin bladida, Zai Tian and Hero watch from behind the mess that they created. Hero is no multitasker, but Zai Tian manages to make a whole load of funny faces while listening in.

First he wonders what the creepy guy is up to...

The he ponders what creepy guy says with a fake serious face

And agony...because he's trying to imitate Hero's expression.

I’m not a fan of Vic Zhou at all really, but he does seem to suit characters which are a stark opposite to his introverted personality in real life. The director seems to allow him lots of freedom in letting his character (Zai Tian) run wild with his bizarre actions and expressions, while creating total polar opposites with Hero’s character. The contrast in character is painfully obvious in these first two episodes, with the horribly serious and righteous Hero being infuriated by Zai Tian. However I expect that their differences between these two will lessen, the lines separating them becoming blurred.

More weirdo expressions from Zai Tian as he ponders about the meaning of life

After an unsuccessful attempt to detain Chen Lin (Creepy Guy 1; Cops 0), Hero is under tremendous pressure by his Idiot Boss and turns to cuff Zai Tian instead. Yeah, Vic is part of F4, but it’s not a crime to be pretty! Hero justifies his actions to Idiot Boss and police chief, saying that Xi Ying found traces of Dreamer (the hallucinogenic drug, remember?) on Zai Tian. But due to lots of technicalities and such, pretty lame technicalities at that, the chief temporarily allows Zai Tian to remain as a police to sort out these problems.

Hero tries to protest, but who ever listens to him?

Ahhh, so if Zai Tian is high on drugs, that might explain his bizarre behaviour, such as talking to a fax machine.

I think he's going for the Gollum look here. Myyyy preciousssssssss. Gimme a fakssssssss. Nowwwwww.

We gain some insight into how Zai Tian cracks cases, because I mentioned in my Ep 1 review that he seems too darn relaxed to be the top cop in the Northern District. Turns out that this Magical Fax Machine sends him faxes with information about the cases he’s on, allowing him to solve these cases without using much of his own brain cells. Now, whether or not the fax machine is part of his hallucination remains to be seen.

This goes on for quite a while really, because Magical Fax Machine seems to be playing hard-to-get.

Psssttt, don't worry, I won't tell anyone...

Cute little Xiao Lu, the tech geek, would love to know about the fax machine, imo

More of the tech guy, because he's underrated

Meanwhile, Hero spends some time with Xi Ying, trying to find out more about Dreamer. Yeah, right.

And she feeds him with jelly beans. Gah, has she no regards for lab protocol at all? Does her lab even have protocol?

Meanwhile, Zai Tian manages to coax a fax off the machine. He happily shows off to the bartender lady.

The tip-off was warning them that the perp that was injured in the shootout in Episode 1 was in danger.

And sure enough, we see a scary-looking nurse marching down the hallway after injecting the patient with something. (To be fair, most nurses look pretty scary.)

And a second later she changes into an all-black outfit and reports of her success to her boss (guy in hoodie). I thought I was watching Alias for one moment there. (Mob 2, Cops 0)

Just moments before, Hero was in the hospital to see if the perp is in fit enough condition to talk, which he wasn’t. While leaving he runs into Chen Lin. He’s immediately suspicious of her, although she technically has done nothing wrong by appearing at a hospital. Seriously, if she wanted that guy to be killed, she wouldn’t really need to get her own hands dirty, her father is a mob boss, for god’s sake. Hero needs to get some sense.

Her defiance was understandable, and it somehow made her more likable.

Whereas Hero tries to go along the bizarre expression method like Zai Tian, with little success. Not that it did Zai Tian a lot of good anyway.

Zai Tian passes on his warning to Hero, who refuses to believe him, even though Zai Tian left out the part about the fax machine giving the tip. Now that’s blatant discrimination. Lol.

After he produced the piece of fax, it didn’t help much either…which isn’t much of a surprise.

So what does Zai Tian do? If he were one bit like Hero, he’d go off to the hospital to stop the scary nurse himself, but…

He decides to just sit around and drink a little. Seriously?

Meanwhile, we also get to see the production ‘factory’ for Dreamer. It’s unexpectedly operated by loads of normal looking people. I half-expected them to either be thugs, or strung out on drugs. They were neither. In fact, this guy just wants to go home early to his family. O_o

Usually people would just leave half an hour early without telling anyone…but this idiot decides to ask his boss, Gao Yi (Kingone’s character)

Who just laughs it off? Yeah, and then he shoots the guy straight in the chest.

They also show Gao Yi testing out his own drugs, which kind of baffles me, because they said it’s produced in the liquid form which is the purest. But we don’t see Gao Yi glugging it down at all, he just seems to open the bottles and peer at them. He can’t possibly inhale liquid, it’s too painful. Not very well thought out here, this part.

Gao Yi peering at his butterfly bottles

Then he starts hallucinating...but note his butterfly tattoo on the back of his palm. Who's gonna take a guy with a buterfly tattoo seriously?

Even his hallucinations have butterflies. And also creepy weeds

Anyway, that aside, the following day, after he was done with his moping, Zai Tian goes back to work. They discover that the perp has indeed been killed, bladibla. Hero voices his suspicions about Chen Lin, and the Chief actually takes him seriously. He also sends Zai Tian with him, to keep a long story short.

He looks annoying righteous and bossy in this one

So the two of them go to Chen Lin’s apartment to look for her. They create a diversion by setting off the fire alarm, showing that they can indeed react pretty quickly as a team. *beams like a proud schoolteacher* Zai Tian goes ahead to find the apartment first, followed by Hero. When Hero arrives at Chen Lin’s doorstep, he finds Zai Tian on the ground.

Ouch. Sleeping on the job now, are we?

Then the credits roll, and we’re left to guess what really happened to Zai Tian.

I really like this scene from the credits with the two of them. And Hero proudly displays his name on the side of his car...


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