Burning Flame 3

It’s going to air on July 6th! Which is this Monday!!!

This is simply amazing news. Found some trailers on Youtube. 😉

Trailer 1 | Trailer 2

Also, the preview from Astro on Demand.

When I first saw the Astro preview, I was like O_O because I saw Esther Kwan in it. And I almost keeled over in happiness because I love that lady so so much. Then I realised that they were using footage from the previous two instalments of the series in the trailer, because there was Maggie Cheung too. =( Apparently the lead for BFIII is Myolie Wu. I have nothing against her, but since the two mains are Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng, it’s already very obvious that Myolie will end up with Kevin, because she looks too young to be with Wong Hei.

Wong Hei sort of got a ‘promotion’, because he was always just a regular firefighter in the previous ones, but team leader here. Kevin also got a promotion, since he was a relative newbie in the acting business in the previous instalment. Bosco Wong is also in this one, as the young protege. His hair looks funny. Poor guy =S.

I hope that this will be one helluva 32 episodes. =D


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