Burning Flame 3 Episode 2

This episode continues where the previous one left off, with Bosco trying to prove his innocence. He tries to look for the actual culprit who did it, but his plan was really quite silly anyway. When he did find the guy, the guy blatantly refuses to turn himself in. Well, duuuuhhh.

And not to mention that the guy and his friends are all a bunch of pyromaniacs…so what else can happen?



And at 7 am in the morning too, which is why we get to see Chung Sir sliding down the pole with his shirt unbuttoned. All the more admiration for him, because I’d never have gotten up. XD Team Chung rushes to the scene of the fire and Bosco’s friend stops Chung Sir, telling him that Bosco is in the karaoke lounge in there.

Little do they know that Bosco is up there getting his ass kicked around by the baddie.

Little do they know that Bosco is up there getting his ass kicked around by the baddie.

Loads of drama and suspense ensue as Chung Sir makes his way up the building, and has his team save other members of the public. By the time he gets to Bosco, Chung Sir is all alone. He helps Bosco free the useless baddie (who is even more useless than Bosco, and that’s saying something there), and before Chung Sir can find a safe way out for them, he senses a huge explosion coming and ducks out of the way with the other two. No thanks to the inconsiderate actions of the guy in the previous episode.

Chung Sir

They try to escape through the lift

They were hoping to literally take the lift down, but obstruction prevented the rest of Team Chung from getting to them quickly enough. Chung Sir heroically removes his oxygen mask and tank and tells Bosco and the baddie to share the oxygen while he tries to get them out.

Real wimp

The wimp hogs it most of the time, no doubt

Chung Sir climbs his way via the lift cable all the way up to the controls for the lift, the sort of pulley thing that can move the lift. He then huffs and puffs to try and lift the entire lift (pun not intended) up about half a floor so that Bosco and the baddie can escape.

Chung Sir

Even in bad lighting he looks heroic.


Meanwhile, pretty boy Rex and his team arrive as backup


While Bosco also huffs and puffs to drag himself and the baddie up.

He manages to pry the lift door open, and then drags himself and the baddie, who wouldn’t let go of Bosco since he’s broken his leg or something. Chung Sir lifts them up a little till Bosco catches hold of the floor, and then lets the lift go, because it’s so darn taxing to hold up a lift with your bare arms, alright?

Chung Sir

So taxing that he collapses after managing the great feat.

Bosco and his hand

But the lift door would not hold open long enough, and Bosco simply cannot lug himself and the dead weight of the idiot baddie up.

Thankfully, the rest of Team Chung get to them at that very moment, before Bosco can slip off. Yay! A second later (literally) Rex and his team arrives, and Rex shoves everyone aside to help the baddie out. See, he’s smart to spot an opportunity for effortlessly glorious publicity so quickly. Chung Sir’s second-in-command sees that rather hopelessly, but still compliments Bosco, who is suddenly the hero in this case.


Rex getting hounded by the reporters

Chung Sir wasn’t in too good shape after the incident, so he was at the hospital, and he was holding his hand in a very awkwardly stiff position too.

Chung Sir

He looked pretty happy though, despite running into Bosco and his Mummy

Bosco and Mummy

Bosco tries to get Chung Sir to sing a few praises of him to Mummy again

Chung Sir

But hey, where are those eyes straying to?

Anyhow, Chung Sir does compliment Bosco’s courage, and admits that he might have a teeny weeny bit of potential to be a firefighter. I suppose after going through that ordeal and having only the wimpy baddie in comparison with Bosco, it suddenly would seem that Bosco has tons of potential, really. Bosco is obviously thrilled at this, and he obviously has already set his mind to become a firefighter. But his joy is short lived, as police show up at hospital to arrest him for setting off the fire we seen in the first episode. Well, obviously the baddie was aware that his image as the ultimate baddie would be ruined after his wimpy display during the fire, so he’s obviously determined to get rid of Bosco, and told the police that Bosco set off the fire at the doghouse. The police also somehow misguidedly found some trace evidence that links Bosco to the case, so they have decided to press charges against him. Uh oh.

For the rest of the episode we don’t see much of Rex, instead we delve into Chung Sir’s life, and how he became a fireman. First we’re introduced to his brother, who I initially thought was adopted.

Chung Sir and brother

See what I mean?

Daddy Chung

This guy is his Daddy

We also see Daddy, and we see that Chung Sir comes from a poor family. His mother died 10 years ago, and his parents always had to work hard for a living. Chung Sir tried to study hard to make it to university, but his grades were not good enough. He wanted to become a firefighter, but his father was so disappointed in him not making it to university that he no longer spoke to Chung Sir. So Chung Sir, ever the Daddy pleaser, worked his ass off to get into uni. Right, still does not explain why he’s still a fireman, but well. I really don’t get how the older generation used to yearn for their children to get university degrees, because having one now really means nothing if you can’t make a living with it. I bet Chung Sir did not get a Bachelor in Firefighting degree, but he’s still a hero.

And just some comparisons between our two leads: Rex doesn’t seem to have a father, Chung Sir lost his mother; Chung Sir comes from a rather poor background, but Rex’s family seem to be middle class.

Chung Sir and Bosco

Surprisingly, Bosco is the person that Chung Sir shares his life story with

Chung Sir already seems like a protege, encouraging Bosco to be positive in light of his recent misfortune. And coincidentally, they both went to the same primary school. Awwwww.

Chung Sir and Bosco

Chung Sir encourages Bosco with rather awkward English

And that’s about all for now. I expect next episode would focus more on Rex (and how the station head seems to favour him more than Chung Sir?). And maybe some Myolie? Because it’s been two episodes and the only prominent female figure in the show is Bosco’s Mum. Who is great by the way, but it wouldn’t harm us to have some more oestrogen to balance off the male hormones. 😀


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