Burning Flame 3 Episode 3

Myolie finally appears in this episode, literally in the first scene.

Myolie’s character is Ko Wai Ying, and she works in the Kowloon Station with Chung Sir and Rex. She holds a desk job there, somewhat like a clerk who does all the filing and admin stuff I guess. We see her staring off into space while she helps mind a fruit stall (which initially had me thinking: she sells fruits? No wonder Chung Sir likes her….his father plants veggies) Lol. Anyway, the first male character we see with Ying is…Bosco.

Rex, unfortunately, for all Boscolie fans.

Rex, unfortunately, for all Boscolie fans.

Ying getting flamed already

When she gets scolded by some angry woman which seems to happen in all Tvb series (doesn't reflect too well on HK people does it?)

He gets to be the knight in shining armour to her rescue.

Although I must say, it’s kind of fishy how anyone would stop in the middle of the road to find out why another colleague was standing by a fruit stall. If I saw a colleague by the road while I was driving, the most I’d do is honk and wave. Maybe offer a ride. I won’t stop my car by the side of the road and find out what he/she is doing there.

Anyway, Rex gets rid of the pesky woman for Ying, marvels at her kindness for minding the fruit stall for her neighbour, and then gives her a ride to work. Her and her two huge bags of vermicelli. Alright now, we get that she’s really kind and down-to-earth. They chat a bit in the car and they’re obviously not a couple (yet). No mention of Chung Sir either though.

When Ying gets back to work, we get introduced to her boss, and another young boy who is her brother.

Little bratty brother

Little brother comes off as a lazy, whiny little young fart who can’t put up with any bit of nagging. I don’t know why the scriptwriters and producers of this series have something against young people in society, because somehow if you aren’t nearing your 30s or older, you’d have to be whiny and stupid.

When Ying gets off work, her boss comments about how her boyfriend is there to pick her up even though he’s off-duty, and sure enough, we see Chung Sir lying down on the back of his truck (presumably trying to get even more tanned). Then we get to see them in the car, and sadly there isn’t much chemistry between the two of them as they go through the old-couple sort of routine. (This kind of almost guarantees that Ying will end up with Rex, because even though I love Chung Sir, it’s just painful to see him in a relationship with Ying.)

Chung Sir tries to pull off some nagging to do little brother some good...but little brother just entertains us with some =.= expressions.

And because young people in this show are generally wimpy, he can only fight the evil that is Chung Sir with his expressions.

Unfortunately for Chung Sir, he doesn’t catch on to all of the little brother’s not-so-subtle hints, until he walks off. Thankfully, Ying’s aunt is a big fan of Chung Sir (probably because she identifies with him through the nagging.)

Or because he buys really expensive herbs for her.Hah. Corruption is everywhere.

Ying and her little brother doesn’t seem to have parents? Because they live with their naggy aunt and uncle, and their young daughter.

Don't need me to describe her personality to you, because she's young

And just to add more young, useless people to the list, here’s another one. One of Rex’s team members, who is temporarily swapped over to Team Chung, for reasons that were mentioned in Ep 1 but I have forgotten.

He's also pretty superstitious, and here he's whining over how it's a bad omen that he can't light up his incense sticks

Well, enough rambling now, for some action, we have Team Chung heading down to the highway to respond to an accident (which disrupted Chung Sir’s not-so-lovey-dovey breakfast with Ying).

Accident seems pretty bad...see a figure in red lying on the ground there? Wonder if he

Chung Sir finds out that there is a lady trapped in the car which was almost flattened by the truck.

Then everyone scrambles to save the lady, which made me wonder what about the other guy lying down there. Did paramedics get to him first, since he was within reach and not trapped? But everyone seemed to care more about the trapped lady. When Chung Sir got into the car and announced that she didn’t have a pulse, everyone was so dejected. Then he yelled, “She’s pregnant!” and suddenly everyone sprang to life with some sense of urgency.

And finally, after they transported the lady into an ambulance, then only Chung Sir said something about saving the guy in front. WTH? That means they left that guy in a pool of blood in front there all the time while they were saving that lady, when he was very well in open space? Did they (writers) really think no one would notice?

Meanwhile, we also see Encore (Bosco) for some moments in this episode, where he sets off with his friend to prove his innocence. Without an actual plan for the outcome, like how he blindly went to look for the bad guy in the first episode without thinking that the guy would probably not help him out.

I have a feeling that they threw in these scenes as product placement for the gas companies. Lol.

Anyway, Chung Sir gets some minor injuries to his hand and goes to the hospital to get it fixed up. While he’s there he checks on the baby of the pregnant lady from the accident earlier. The mother didn’t make it, but the baby survived. He looks at the baby in the nursery, and has a sort of papa bear look on his face that reminded me of BFII so much. I really liked him in BFII, despite the coward that he was.

While he’s fawning over the baby (who wouldn’t?), he gets a call from Encore telling him that he (Encore) was free of all charges of arson. Turns out police found evidence (in a rather forced, contrived twist of the plotline) that proved the real baddie was guilty, so they let Encore and his friend off the hook. Encore thanks Chung Sir for his encouragement and support. Awww.

Alright now, on to Part 2 of the episode, which is Rex-centric.

Team Rex is investigating suspicious smoke coming from an apartment

They break into the apartment and find that someone has just left the stove burning. And who would that someone be apart from Rex’s mortal enemy, the guy he defeated in the hockey game in Episode 1?

Mr Eric here obviously does not look happy

Eric still holds a grudge against Rex (obviously it’s a men’s ego thing), and accuses Rex and his team of swiping his Rolex. I only assume it’s a Rolex because if it were a knock-off…but Rex doesn’t back down. He refused to let Eric search his team members, and there was another fire case they had to see to, so Rex took the opportunity to flee.

Rex gets reprimanded by his boss after he found out about it. Because something like that could affect his chances for promotion. Rex can only sulk and complain that it’s the other guy’s fault and that his team was innocent.

I did think that he was unnecessarily cocky most of the time, and didn’t know how to avoid trouble when he could see it coming. These kind of things only come with maturity I guess.

They too are lacking in the maturity department

What irks me is that Rex never bothers to convey the severity of whatever has happened to his team, instead choosing to withhold the information, I suppose, to maintain his coolness factor. And obviously his team members can only gush over how cool and amazing their boss is, because he just brushes away important points so that they can live in their happy little bubble of temporary joy.

But one of the more senior members of the team, Fai, senses the severity of the matter and tries to talk it out with Rex. Fai used to work with Rex’s dad, who has already passed on, not in the line of duty though.

What amazes me more is Rex's choice of footwear 😀

We then go back a little on Daddy dear’s era. Funny how the mothers of both Rex and Chung Sir seem so ordinary and uninspiring. The scriptwriters are obviously also biased against women, which explains the lack of oestrogen in general.

D-Rex (Daddy Rex lol) receiving an award during his heyday

Rex clapping for his Dad like an excited 5-year-old

D-Rex is a great firefighter, but we find out that Rex used to be a pretty good-for-nothing kid 10 years ago. So that means Rex is nearing 30 now, which explains how he’s sometimes has a whiny side and sometimes he’s alright. Rex was pretty much like Bosco’s character now (and pretty much every other young character in the series), who couldn’t keep a job, had no interest in making a living whatsoever. D-Rex even wanted to give him money so that Rex can run his own business, but Rex refused to step up.

Until D-Rex died suddenly of a heart attack, which I suppose forced Rex into taking responsibility for his mother and sister. That’s why he became a fireman, but he still has his devil-may-care attitude in him, which is seen when he deals with his members and Eric. It’s a stark opposite from Chung Sir, who has a nurturing side in him, leading to his constant nagging and strict disciplining of his team members.

To give more credit to him, D-Rex is a pretty outstanding character despite the short screen time, and the actor who plays him is a great veteran Tvb actor too. It was quite emotional, his death, even though his appearance was so brief. Or maybe because acting opposite Kevin Cheng, whose facial expressions are rather limited, showed the depth of D-Rex’s acting skills.

D-Rex can melt you with just a stare

Giving Rex more dirty looks

He's a great dad, but we can see that Rex takes after his Mummy

We can all guess what happens next

Even with Daddy on his deathbed Rex can't emote well

Daddy shows him how it's done

Finally he squeezes something out of him, but it had to be done with his mouth agape

Or his face scrunched up

Okay shall not pick on him in this post anymore

I’ll save it for the next post then, because watching this episode did not make me like Rex any more than before. Looking forward to more Chung Sir. Woohoo.


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