Burning Flame 3 Episode 4

Episode 4 was well, not really central to any particular character. Instead it explores the relationship of Rex and Chung Sir. In flashbacks though, because as we have seen in the present, those two aren’t really on speaking terms with each other. For what reason remains unknown.

Since their relationship is sort of the central of the series, the flashbacks prove to be quite interesting, showing where these two come from. It starts off in the present day, where Rex and Chung Sir are disagreeing over something. No, arguing, more like.

See how Chung Sir has his hands behind his back? Like he's resisting the urge to swing his fist at Rex lol.

Staring daggers at each other

Then as Chung Sir walks away, no longer able to control his temptation, Rex throws another scathing comment at him, saying that he has greater seniority than Chung Sir (not in terms of age of course). And that he was under him or something like that. Which definitely raised my eyebrows.

Hey! Call me Uncle okay!

Then, thanks to some poking around by Encore (I’d love to go into details about how he did the poking around, because the irony is hilarious, maybe later), we find out that Chung Sir wasn’t always…Chung Sir. He used to be just a regular paramedic working in the Pik Yiu Station. It fits with his story to Encore in Episode 2 that when he couldn’t get into university he wanted to get a job in a uniformed body (police, fireman etc) but they were only lacking paramedics so he took the job.

Chung Sir as a paramedic

Apparently there are some double standards when it comes to paramedics and firemen, even though they work at the same station, firemen are considered ‘more elite’, so to say. Or it’s just that they hold themselves at higher esteem than the medics and the medics just accept that. Back then his nickname was Cow (it’s still his nickname now though, Big Brother Cow lol) but I just can’t bring myself to call him Cow, although it would make typing easier. The reason behind the nickname was because he was so darn hardworking, studying whenever he can during breaks, working harder than anyone else.

But he still constantly hurts himself in the line of duty apparently, note his oof! expression

So where was Rex all this time?


It was a year after his father’s death that Rex first met Chung Sir. He’d just qualified as a leader and was sent to Chung Sir’s station. He was more respectful and understanding of a paramedic’s job compared to the other haughty firemen (including Chung Sir’s current second-in-command), and he soon becomes friends with Chung Sir. Either out of admiration or pity, I guess.

The two of them having their first decent conversation

Note how Chung Sir still has his hands behind his back, although this time it could be due to respect actually, not anger. Heh, he was embarrassed that Rex had to call him ‘big brother’ despite being in a higher position. But Rex obviously doesn’t give a care.

He actually looks...mesmerised?

Their relationship goes on to a greater level when Rex gives Chung Sir a ride back to his old home, because Daddy Chung (which could be shortened to…Dung? Dachung? Dang? Oh never mind) was hit by a foreigner and no one could understand what the foreigner was trying to ask from them. What made me laugh out loud was Chung Sir going, “What you want ah?” in his pathetic attempt to communicate with the foreigner. This was before he went to university, by the way, before he learnt to say “out of difficulties makes miracles” in a funny accent.

What you want ah?

Pushing baskets of veggies around builds character. And wearing the same pair of shoes for 10 years is also shows some character - note what Rex is wearing.

Thankfully Rex mediated the encounter with the foreigner and he gains some insight into Chung Sir’s background. So he sort of understands what Chung Sir has to go through and identifies with Chung Sir, and to some extent, he wished that he did as much for his father while D-Rex was still around.

Rex pouting because D-Rex object to his relationship with Chung Sir

But Daddy Chung is thrilled at meeting Rex

Chung Sir’s Dad is probably wishing that his son was half as capable as Rex (who is still pretty good-for-nothing at that point really), just because Rex has a university degree. But in fact, Chung Sir tries so much harder to be a good son compared to Rex (when Rex still had the chance), but old people, they’re difficult to satisfy. So in some ways Rex tries to project his life upon Chung Sir and his dad. Alright, that’s a bit too harsh, but technically Rex tries to help Chung Sir so that Chung Sir can make his father happy, and then Rex too, can feel some sense of fulfillment I guess. He starts off by giving Chung Sir the muscle-relaxing cream that he meant to give D-Rex, for Daddy Chung and his aching muscles.

Aww...first present

Aww...first date

I don’t know why I have to distort every male-male relationship in shows that I watch. Forgive me, really.

Chung Sir is kind of amazed at the frequency at which Rex switches cars, but Rex just tells him that he knows someone selling second-hand cars, so it’s just convenient for him to be cool.

Chung Sir seems impressed by Rex and his awesomeness

Rex was supposed to bring Chung Sir to buy a second hand truck for his dad to transport his veggies around instead of using that old cart. But Rex has a completely different idea as to their activity for the day, so they spend some quality together time at a BBQ session with Rex’s other friends, since Rex thinks that Chung Sir could do with some networking.

But Chung Sir seems more preoccupied with eating

Later on, they get some me-and-you time. Aww. They discuss Chung Sir’s future, and Rex actually makes some good suggestions.

Awww...more pouting from Rex

And it's not one-sided...

*shy smile*

And then the punchline comes: Rex is the one who originally came up with the ‘out of difficulties, makes miracles’ quote. He even translated it for Chung Sir, and then I go O_O. Because it’s hard to think of Chung Sir as Rex’s protege, compared to having Encore as Chung Sir’s protege. Right? Because Rex looks a lot younger than Chung Sir.


But Rex really did inspire Chung Sir, and he worked even harder than before (is that even possible??) and got into a public university. Woohoo! Because apparently, without a degree, options to further his career and getting higher positions are extremely limited.

He shows off his achievements to Daddy

So everyone is happy; but the burning question is: what went wrong?

Could one of the reasons be Ying?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Other highlights of the episode include:

Wong Hei coming between Myolie and Bosco? Ah, onscreen, offscreen, what's the difference?

Wong Hei showing a lot of legs, Bosco showing very little

Some enjoyable camaraderie between the members of Team Chung (and some meditation going on there)

Some cool shades on Chung Sir

Don’t really like the flashbacks because the picture quality and colours are horrible (and not nice to cap at all). But will have to live with it because seems like there’s more to come.

Till next time!


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