Momo Love Episode 1

Momo Love is my first idol drama in a very long time. I haven’t followed any idol dramas for a while since Black and White (which isn’t a very conventional idol drama either), and I got to know about Momo Love after seeing the cast on Kangxi. Ah yes, the juiciness of the cast was definitely one of the plus points. It goes to show the power of promotion. 😉

Links to watch: Episode 1 | Episode 1 with English subs

Unsubbed version is from youtube, with slightly better quality. Subbed version is uploaded to Viikii, quality is poorer but bearable I guess, depends on how desperate you are to watch them. 😀 I am not responsible for uploading or subbing any of these videos, so I take no credit for them but am just sharing them here.

Cyndi Wang is the main actress here, and from the looks of it, the only actress in this series, because every other female just seems to be an extra. I’m not complaining about the testosterone overload anyway. Her character is TaoHua, the only girl in a family with 5 elder brothers.

We are first introduced to Huang Jing Lun’s character, Yuyi/Yui, who is the youngest of the brothers. His name reflects much on his character, meaning he’s the one remainder of his family. Awww. And he seems more feminine and a pushover who gets bullied by his brothers all the time. But he’s very very endearing though, with his Singaporean accent and his constant helplessness.

Taohua has four other brothers, Qi, Cheng, Zhuan and He in that order. They are all very charming manly guys, whose sole purpose in life are to protect Taohua. Their overprotectiveness is described by Yui as being insane, and I don’t blame him. Being an adaptation from a Japanese manga the storyline can obviously be exaggerated most of the time.

Qi is a suave weatherman, Cheng is a successful fashion designer, Zhuan is a genius that can rival Jiang Zhishu and He is just a tall athletic guy that girls fall all over for. We get some insight into the reason they are so protective of Taohua – before Taohua was born, their mother was a tyrant, but finally having a daughter turned Mummy dear into a mellow, gentle lady.

So in the first episode we see some random Einstein wannabe that professes his love to Taohua in school. Yui, presumable under the immense pressure of his bully brothers, send off a red alert to each of them, and they all swoop over to beat up/scare that guy away. To me, it was a little creepy because there didn’t seem to be anything wrong (on paper) with that guy lol. And…those four really do seem more like suitors than overprotective brothers.

Taohua is really a pretty sensible person who doesn’t seem to know how lucky she is (or unlucky, because it seems as though she has no clue how her brothers are getting rid of her suitors). This makes Cyndi much more tolerable (heck, even likable) as Taohua, since she doesn’t have to act cute or over-excited, which are her Achilles’ heel. Dunno how it would be in the future episodes though, but I’m pretty sure Yui has got the cuteness department all covered. =D Love that boy.

In the first episode itself, Taohua meets Shilang, and she falls in love with him at first sight, in a refreshingly sweet manner (for me, who hasn’t watched an idol drama in years). Jiro Wang is Shilang, and he’s looking mighty delicious here, mostly because I haven’t seen him since They Kiss Again, and he had long hair there which I didn’t really like. Here though, he has handsomely short hair and he’s generally very well dressed. Ooh, he’s finally enjoying the perks of being the main lead eh? Good for him, although this really isn’t his first leading role already. =P

Taohua takes an immediate liking to Shilang, who’s hot or cold at times to her. Yui seems to smell something fishy and I’m pretty certain he’ll find out soon, which means the fearsome four will find out too. O_O Things aren’t going to be nice eh? But I look forward to watching this, because seeing Yui goof around is just so enjoyable (he’s so squishy!) and I don’t mind the eye candy (which means everyone else, really) at all.

My verdict: Cyndi and Jiro generally give me a good vibe so far when they’re together, so it means…I will definitely go on to watch Episode 2. Weehee!


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