Momo Love Episode 2

Hee Episode 1 ended with Shilang kissing Taohua, but obviously…that was just Taohua’s fantasy. Since she was fantasising about him practically all day anyway. Anyhow she looks all over for him, and ends up at his judo practice session.

Taohua herself is some sort of judo expert (or so we are led to believe), because she kicks the butts of 2 of Shilang’s waaaay bigger friends. Eventually the judo people realise that Taohua is not from their school and they think that she’s some sort of spy. Shilang defends her and takes her away. Taohua gets all shy and red and just shoves his umbrella back to him. She then runs away across the road, and in the most cliched way almost gets ran over by a truck.

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Links: Episode 2 | Episode 2 with English subs

Shilang comes to the rescue, of course. They both just lie in the middle of the road for a while and all kinds of sparks fly between them. I do sense some sexual tension between them though, but it’s quickly ruined by the fact that Cheng passes by the accident scene and senses something fishy. Soon the whole world finds out…and the fearsome four spark a red alert. They start analysing Shilang, and to their horror, Shilang is actually perfect enough to fulfill all their impossible criteria for guys who would suit Taohua.

Yui warns Taohua about the fearsome four’s craziness, and asks her not to join the mixed judo competition to avoid contact with Shilang. However, epicfail Yui gets overexcited and hurts himself in the process. Lol he’s so cute and squishy.

So Taohua takes Yui’s place in the competition instead. Under the watchful eyes of the fearsome four, she comes up against Shilang. They’re both reluctant to make any move towards each other (like how they are non-battle), but eventually Taohua floors Shilang and she lands…on him. They even lock lips, in the most cliched fashion. O_O

Cue awkwardness and loads of rage from the fearsome four, especially He, who being the youngest, is obviously the most hot-blooded. Gosh, these four are really too much. It’s just creepy how they’re more like her jealous boyfriends than overprotective brothers. Ewww. They try to make a move on Shilang, but Taohua stops them by wielding a huge weapon (dunno what that’s called, but it’s like Guan Gong’s weapon lol) at them. She then passes out, which leaves us clueless as to why she’d even do something so stupid in the first place, because she obviously can’t handle it and it falls on Yui foot. That’s the cue for another squishy flashback, explaining why Yui always is the victim when Taohua gets hold of a knife (or probably anything sharp, for that matter). The fearsome four are temporarily subdued by her silliness. I stress, temporarily.

The fearsome four warn Yui to keep Taohua away from Shilang, but Yui does seem pretty relaxed about keeping them apart (despite him doing the photoshop thing, probably feeling guilty) after Taohua confided in Yui about her feelings for Shilang. Things are still awkward between Shilang and Taohua. Taohua goes and looks for Shilang again at his judo session, and this time he tells her they shouldn’t meet again. Awwww =(

Somewhere in between the fearsome four discuss how to separate Shilang from Taohua. Zhuan, being the genius of the four, actually suggests letting them be together, which everyone sort of agrees to in the first place, thinking it would make Taohua happy, which isn’t such a bad thing. (Apparently Taohua was on a hunger strike after passing out.) Then they all imagine Taohua and Shilang getting close and cosy and they decide that it was impossible. Dang. So close to success. Side-note: Haven’t any of these guys ever had a girlfriend? Gosh. They then joked around and suggested sacrificing Yui to cause a distraction for Taohua so that she’ll forget about Shilang. Sacrificing in a literal sense of an accident that would cost an arm and a leg, lol. Yui took them too seriously and got scared into submission, producing a poorly photoshopped picture of Shilang and another girl. He then tells Taohua that it’s Shilang’s girlfriend.

Taohua is obviously heartbroken. Awww poor girl. It’s like adding salt to her wound. The next morning the fearsome four had a little talk with Taohua, saying that they want to send her to a boarding school in England, a school that’s basically a convent. That’s pretty low there, considering how they have no clue why Taohua had no objections to that at all. (And Godfrey and Xiao Ding actually spoke English for two seconds there lol) They were pretty baffled, because they themselves did not expect Taohua to agree. They probably don’t want to lose their beloved sister themselves, those little twats.

So at the airport the fearsome four kind of squabble among themselves over how they let the situation progress to this state. It was kind of silly seeing four guys bicker and whine, really. Yui was doing his usual job of accompanying Taohua and standing by her (aww). Taohua wishes she had the courage to stand up to her brothers and confess her feelings for Shilang, and she decides not to leave. Yay! She’s not giving up!

I realised I missed out the part where we see Shilang’s dad. His mum was nowhere to be seen, but Shilang does seem like a pretty good boy. His father is a plastic surgeon lol, and it seems growing up in that sort of environment made Shilang kind of dislike women, or just dislike being around women. But he realises that he does not hate/dislike Taohua, compared to other girls, I suppose. (But I dunno why he has to tell her not to see him again, maybe he’s afraid of his own feelings?) He doesn’t seem to be very close to his dad though, (his dad is Honduras, and I LOL-ed when he appeared because he does not even seem remotely like a doctor) maybe he has daddy issues, because they’re really awkward together and daddy seems to be trying too hard. And failing.

Next episode: Shilang’s fake girlfriend is actually real? I dunno but there’s a girl and he seems pretty happy with her (dang). Taohua’s parents make an appearance. Taohua wants to be a nun, and the fearsome four (plus Yui who is forced into it) wants to become monks as well. And then we see them fearsome four sitting dejectedly on the stairs (and Cheng is holding Taohua’s puppy so cute!)…why?

More next time when I’m more awake. 😉


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