Momo Love Episode 3

In the previous episode we see that Taohua decided not to give up on her feelings for Shilang, which made her brothers super happy. But when she gets home, she has an agenda of her own. Her brothers are worried about the reason for her change in heart (do they not know women enough to understand how fickle women are?).

While they are fretting over this...

Taohua decides to look for her own place to live, so that she can be independent of her brothers. Which is a pretty nice way to sugarcoat “I don’t want to be smothered in this hell-hole anymore!!!”.

They spy on her and eventually find out what she's up to

Seriously, privacy is hard-to-get in the Chen family, lol. The fearsome four throw a huge fuss about Taohua moving out, but she seems to be adamant with her decision. She insists that it’s not about Shilang or getting away from her brothers, but she truly just wants to learn to be independent. Pah, pretend all you want, but everyone can see through it, my dear girl.

As everything in the Chen family goes, when there is a problem, the fearsome four will always turn to Yui. Either to do the dirty job for them, or to be on receiving end of their angst.

Poor Yui gets cornered by the fearsome four yet again

They eventually decide that there is nothing they can do to stop Taohua moving out. They then go through a whole mirage of plans, like renting all the rooms in the area that Taohua is interested in so that she can’t rent them. Even though Taohua is going to stay in a place for girls only, they plan to make Yui dress up as a girl so that he can live near Taohua to take care of her (LOL how convenient). Then they plan to move to somewhere near her to be around her as well. Sigh. I just don’t get these boys.

Another one of Yui looking pathetic and helpless - it's just too cute to not cap

Yui accompanies Taohua to her new digs

So they move everything into a moving truck and set off to Taohua’s new place. But Taohua still looks as though she has a million things running through her mind. Yui tries to find out what’s really going on in her head in a non-creepy, brotherly fashion unlike the fearsome four. Yui actually seems more like a real caring brother compared to the other four, who are just plain scary. Speaking of plain scary, they were actually just following behind the lorry in a car. (So much for giving Taohua some space.)

While they were at a traffic light (or something), guess what Taohua and Yui (and the fearsome four) saw?

Shilang locking lips with another girl!

And it didn’t seem like one of those fantasy dreamy scenes. And Shilang didn’t push her away and run off. O_O That was Taohua’s reaction as well. She seemed pretty stunned to see that, and Yui is all like “WTH??” Then suddenly Taohua tells Yui she doesn’t want to move out today. Well, obviously she’s so affected by it that she cannot move on out, but she’s not expressing herself at all.

Yui was all “err ahh uhhh”, but tells the mover to go back to their house. The mover isn’t too delighted, but I think the fearsome four’s wallets will hurt more lol. Unfortunately for Shilang, the fearsome four catches a glimpse of his PDA (public display of affection) as well. They actually start to get real mad, well, actually only He, because he’s the hot-headed one.

The fearsome two restraining a fearsome one

As Cheng and Zhuan hold him back, someone (I forgot who) says that Shilang didn’t cheat on Taohua (the main reason they are mad at Shilang’s PDA), because Shilang and Taohua aren’t actually together. Yup, it’s about time you bozos figured that out. They then shift their attention back to Taohua, who was very upset over the incident.

Yui seems quite happy, even a bit pleased. Maybe because he is glad that the fearsome four are mad at someone other than him for a change.

They check on Taohua, but she does not answer her door

They barge into her room anyway, afraid that she might have done something crazy. Which she did, because she was not even in her room.

The next thing they know, a nun shows up at their doorstep.

This part becomes quite predictable then, because the nun asks for parental permission (which I may add, means none of them are qualified to give permission) for Taohua to become a nun. This was quite funny, because they try to brush her off initially by giving her a donation, not knowing her actual intentions. The nun has quite a bossy tone actually LOL. Once they sorted out what actually was going on, everyone rushed to the temple where Taohua was at.

No peace for Taohua, even at a temple

*grumblegrumblegrumble* (Lol @ Yui's expression in the background)

They ask Taohua if she’s sure that she wants to become a nun, that she knows what she’s getting into. She answers yes to both questions, despite the obvious answer being no. She’s such a drama queen, but even I think this is kind of over-reacting, because monks and nuns have other things to do. *rolls eyes* It’s kind of an insult to Buddhism really, that people see it as just an escape route from their worldly troubles. *sigh* But this is not a series that delves deep enough into these sort of things, so this whole Buddhism thing becomes a tool/product of Taohua’s overreaction.

However, it *is* a good chance for Winnie the director to squeeze in a little cameo role for himself here lol

Qi tries to persuade Taohua from becoming a nun, but when he fails, he decides to become a monk to accompany Taohua. Now this is taking overprotection to a whole new level. Zhuan decides to do the same, followed by He. Cheng seemed a little apprehensive though, could his hesitation be due to his vanity? Lol he is a fashion designer after all, he has to be pretty self-conscious. Finally he decides to join the rest, and pulls/forces Yui to do the same. Poor Yui, he was really reluctant to play along, probably because he knows better than to just blindly follow what Taohua does, and he still wants to live his own life. Awww poor thing.

Taohua is positively outraged at their actions and storms away. It’s kind of amazing how her brothers can ruin just about everything for her, even this. Lol. The fearsome four try to run after her, but just then, the red alert goes off and Qi asks them to stop. Something more serious needs their attention. What? How can anything be more important than Taohua? O_O

The answer is...Mummy and Daddy!

Apparently the only thing(s) feared by the fearsome four is the parents...look how subdued they are!

Mummy is quite the lady, from the looks of it. Daddy lets Mummy take charge. Mummy demands to know where Taohua is (apparently she’s much harder on the fearsome four compared to Yui too). The not-so-fearsome-now four stammer and stutter their way through and eventually push Yui to answer. Lol. Eventually Mummy steps in to save the day by making a grand appearance at the temple.

They have a little mother-daughter bonding back home

Mummy talks to Taohua and tries to understand how she feels. She gives some motherly advice to Taohua and tells her to give her feelings a chance, which is pretty much what logical people would tell Taohua, really. Can’t really blame Taohua for the most part, since she’s lived such a sheltered life all this while, it’s a bit overwhelming to be her.

Meanwhile, things aren’t all that rosy for the fearsome four, as they get a little bit of disciplining from the parents.

Mummy and Daddy put these fearsome four back in their place yay!

It was really, really weird to see four grown men getting all nervous and afraid in front of their parents, especially the older two, because they look like they’re 30 yet they’re such wimps in front of Mummy and Daddy lol. Especially Mummy, who sees through their stupidity and whips them back into the little kids they are, despite their age. I had such a good time watching the parts with Mummy and Daddy in them. ^___^

Yui seems to get good treatment unlike the other four. I suppose Mummy and Daddy do know that Yui doesn’t get treated well by his brothers, but they could’ve done so much more to prevent that, if only they’d be around more. Mummy and Daddy made He move into Yui’s storeroom/bedroom, and Yui gets to stay in Qi’s room for a change, which is like a 5-star hotel suite compared to Yui’s dump. Lol I think He can barely stand up in the storeroom.

Yui gets his lucky break

A cute dejected shot of the fearsome four -Cheng is so cute with the little doggy his glum pose.

They look so lovable when they’re sulky for a change. 😀 is gooooodddd

Yui enjoys his newfound lucky streak, and dreams a little dream, even. With Mummy and Daddy back, he’s free from the clutches of the fearsome four! We find out a little more about Yui and what his life plans are. He actually has plans to leave the country (like a fugitive! lol) and study and things like that. Awwww so sweet.

But good things don't last long...

Because Mummy and Daddy leaves the next day to go back to their charity work overseas. =( for Yui. It’s as if he had a 2 days 1 night holiday and it’s now over. The kids bid goodbye to their parents sadly. Qi then makes a drastic announcement by saying that if Taohua really does have feelings for Shilang, they would allow her to date him. I guess he is trying to get back on her good side?

I kinda love how they all tower over her...and note a sad sad Yui behind Taohua

They then teach Taohua some warped, old-fashioned way of testing whether Shilang likes her. Actually the teaching was done by Cheng, who presumably, has had the most girlfriends lol. Cheng and He were the demonstrators, which made for some pretty funny scenes, probably the only reason why these scenes were written in the first place, because they were outrageous!

First, you put on some light romantic music. If he doesn’t leave, and if he starts having sweaty palms and gets fidgety, it means he is 20% into you. (Lol how the heck did he come up with percentages even?) Then you look at him with googoo eyes while chatting. If he doesn’t flinch or run away, it means that he is 50% into you.

Guess which one of them role-plays as Taohua?

Lol...looks more like crazy eyes


The kissing scene was obviously done for the sake of the viewers, because in no way would they want Taohua lunging forward to kiss Shilang, would they? XD

Taohua seems genuinely happy at something, for once

Then comes the biggie. You make a scene/situation so that you get closer to him. In this case Taohua/He would splash a drink over herself/himself.


So, if he gets angry at you for it, then he’s a selfish jerk. OUT!

If he takes the opportunity to pounce on you, he's a pervert. OUT!

However, if he takes care of you instead, it means that he’s a gentleman. And he’s 80% into you. This is when a bit of alcohol would come in, and help him be honest about his feelings towards you. (Well kids, alcohol is a bad bad choice. It makes you do really stupid things.)

Taohua is a bit apprehensive about using this tactic though, she doesn’t want to come between Shilang and his girlfriend. But her brothers encourage her to go on with it. So they invite Shilang over. I’m a bit surprised that Shilang does appear at their doorstep really, because I thought he said he never wanted to see Taohua again in the previous episode? Or is my memory failing me?

Dodgy moments otherwise,

The fearsome four invite Shilang in with an overly friendly reception

Shilang is puzzled that they could treat anyone who is not Taohua with such enthusiasm and effort

They were super freaky with their friendliness towards Shilang, and they send him to Taohua’s room to meet her.

While they worry and fret outside the room

If you wonder why Yui is nowhere to be seen, it's because he's hiding under Taohua's bed

The scary part is not only that they sent Yui to spy on Taohua, they also placed several cameras in Taohua’s room for surveillance. OMG what is the value of privacy nowadays.

Shilang looks cute holding the puppy! In fact, almost anyone holding the puppy would be cute lol

Shilang and Taohua’s conversation revolved around naming the puppy, because the atmosphere was kind of awkward, and Taohua did not know how to direct the situation according to Cheng’s silly plan. But I personally felt the puppy convo was pretty sweet. Yui tries to push some progress by turning on the romantic music (I would freak out if that happened to me).

Yui even prepared a mirror to spy on them properly! Wow.

Taohua tries to do the googoo eyes at Shilang, but ends up squinting like an old woman instead

Yui tries to takes things even further by letting out some cockroaches, so that Taohua and Shilang can get closer to each other. But things got pretty chaotic.

At one point, they both end up on the bed

I think the fearsome four almost got a heart attack when they saw that

Amidst the attack of the cockroaches, Shilang and Taohua dislodged the camera(s) so they lost visual, but they could hear some weird conversations between Taohua and Shilang, which they interpreted as hanky panky. They rush to Taohua’s room…

But Yui suddenly appears!

Turns out Shilang and Taohua found him under the bed and shoos him (amidst the roach scare?)

The fearsome four get even more panicky, because now the two kids are completely unsupervised! There’s even more reason to go into Taohua’s room now!

Shilang pleads his innocence

And because they cannot find a reason to fault Shilang, Yui has to bear the brunt of the fearsome four once again. Awww poor thing.

But the outcome of this incident is that Shilang and Taohua are now...friends. Yay!

While Yui is subjected to FBI-style interrogation

Actually they look more like the Mafia than the FBI...

The fearsome four knew that Taohua has intentions of switching over to Shilang’s school, so they want to prevent that from happening. Again, they enlist the services of Yui. They want Yui to take the entrance test and pass, so that he will take up one of the four available spots and reduce the chances of Taohua getting in. Yui is actually amazed that they’re not playing dirty (not completely anyway). It’s not really a foolproof idea because there is a chance that both Yui and Taohua get into the school. (Which I imagine would be what happens eventually) The fearsome four has underestimated Taohua.

Obviously Yui isn’t willing to succumb, but the fearsome four promised to fund his studies overseas in exchange, so he gives in for the sake of his dream. (Which I imagine would not be fulfilled by the fearsome four anyway)

So they make Yui work like a dog to ace the test, with the help of Zhuan the genius and He the intimidating. Of course, life is not a stroll in the park for Yui. Ever.

He still has to do the grocery shopping for the household

And he cannot stay away from trouble, even in the supermarket

But a pretty lady steps in to rescue him

Yui is all excited, so cute

The lady is actually Shilang’s cousin, but Yui has no idea just as yet. He has a little fantasy (in black and white too) about her, where he was Charlie Chaplin. Lol I was going to cap that but it was too difficult to, everything was too bright. She helps his out of trouble, and volunteers to give him a ride. When she sees Shilang and realises that Yui knows Shilang, she interrogates Yui about their relationship. She apparently thinks Shilang is gay, probably because he never had a girlfriend. But her curiosity is piqued when she sees Shilang talking to Taohua.

Taohua and Shilang having a little chat at the cafe where she was studying

However, happy times for these two don’t last long. The fearsome four catches up to Taohua and Shilang. They are pretty rough towards him as usual, but Shilang’s cousin steps in to intervene. She’s a pretty tough cookie herself, and will definitely not lose to the fearsome four. Shilang seems kind of…overprotected like Taohua all of a sudden. Lol.

Shilang and his cousin

More to come next time. I kind of went crazy with the screencaps this time, will focus more on the review for the next recap. Shilang’s cousin is the girl who kissed him earlier in the episode. I think he’s too afraid to push her away, not that he didn’t want to, lol. But she seems like fun, it’s nice to have people to challenge the four brothers. =D


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