Kara’s Nicole Goes Where?

To Konkuk University!

Lately I’ve been quite interested in Kara – I like their concept for their new single, Lupin. (I’m a sucker for cool concepts and accompanying outfits, I know). Nicole is the only familiar face in Kara (to me) because of her stint in Star Golden Bell, the only k-variety show I used to watch. Didn’t know much about her group back then but she seemed really bubbly and likable.

So I went on a bit of a youtube rage on Kara and found Nicole’s semi-reality show, about her going to university. The theme is kind of like US reality shows, except that everyone in here (including Nicole) is aware of the cameras. In American reality shows everyone just kind of ignores the cameras, I dunno how they do it.

If you do want to watch, click here! When I found it I was quite glad that all my efforts in learning Chinese did not go to waste. The Chinese subbers are amazing!

She’s her bubbly self in here too, and her personality comes off as pretty natural. She’s kind of like Jay in some ways, her Korean isn’t that good because she studied (and grew up?) in the US. I love her because she’s a bit poofy at times, and she just comes across as a girl-next-door.

She got accepted to study veterinary science, but I think that’s not really her main interest, because she’s always bored with classes, and the work seems to tough for her to cope. But I guess the production team wanted to give her a challenge; let’s face it, it won’t be interesting if she just cruises through college.

There’s also hint of love interests and things like that thrown in, her histology lecturer who makes life hard for her (with a smile too, the ultimate villain yo), friends she made in the club/society she joined, and also the other friends she made in university. Everything you need for some nice ‘ol drama. 😉

I don’t know why she does voiceovers in English though, it’s a bit odd because half the time I don’t understand what’s going on, then suddenly her voiceover comes on and I get everything lol. I’ve gotten used to it after a few episodes though.

In essence, Nicole seems like a regular college-going kid and it does make for pretty fun watching. Pssstt….she even appears without makeup several times throughout the show…and still looks just as pretty.


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