100% Entertainment 2010-04-13

Just a random episode of Bai Fen Bai I watched to fill time (and to catch up with some Xiao Zhu craziness, to be honest). It was one of those pre-recorded dating game episodes.

Male guests were Terry, Chen Bo Cun (a Jay Chou lookalike who also has Jay’s mannerisms!), Wen Sheng Hao (James Wen, but he looks like a Danny to me, partly because of his outfit – the leather jacket do). Ladies were Xiao You, and two other ladies whose name I can’t remember, but presumably are actresses from the movie they were promoting, Lie Yan. I didn’t really know much about the movie, but after watching the episode I presume that Danny James Wen is the male lead, Janine Zhang (who should have been here!) is the female lead, and the other two ladies are probably the second female lead and/or the supporting actresses. The movie clips shown imply sex, violence and stalker tendencies are strongly present in the movie, lol.

Link for the first part, click here.

For more ramblings, read on.

The first thing I noticed was that Xiao Gui has shorter hair now! Good for him! The last time I watched Bai Fen Bai, which was some months ago, he was this close to getting a toilet bowl hair, seriously. I love their banter at the start, no matter how short it is, lol. Xiao Zhu was grumbling about the producer promising to invite YiLin models for an episode of the dating game since forever, and Xiao Zhu says that’s one of the reasons he keeps extending his contract. Lol right. I get your pain. They invite in the male guests and have them pick from three bags which belong to the ladies. That’s the first match-up.

Xiao You gets Chen Bo Cun, which she’s not too happy about. I thought Taiwanese girls are crazy over Jay Chou, but apparently not for his looks? It’s kind of hard to defend Bo Cun also, because he comes across as a really slick kind of guy, despite his honest-looking appearance. Okay, so maybe it’s my misconception that guys with single eyelids are honest-looking. But aren’t they? Isn’t that why girls fawn over Korean stars nowadays?

The bombshell of the episode was during the acting segment, where Xiao Gui and James Wen and one of the fiesty ladies were reenacting a scene from the movie. James Wen enters the scene with the other two with a leather bag under his armpit, bumps into Gui and drops the bag (I’m slightly confused as to what happened actually) and goes #%&*$%@. Then the whole studio – Zhu and Gui – burst out laughing like they’ve gone mad. I did too! Because I totally didn’t expect James to blurt profanity lol. In real filming they probably do that a lot, especially the directors. But to let your tongue slip on variety broadcasting is quite mad really, especially when you look like a polite gentlemen like James Wen (I think it’s his single eyelids speaking to me again, plus his super cool speaking tone).

In the end, where they have to pick a person they want to go out with, Terry and James picked Xiao You but Xiao You picked Terry (who’d think Xiao You would have 2 guys going after her!). James was like “I got rejected by Xiao You! *devastated* which was lol-worthy! I realised I actually like Xiao You more when she doesn’t try so hard to be likeable. Maybe the fact that she always gets put down (and practically stomped over) by Kangxi makes me want to stand up for her. She may not be a stunning beauty, but I don’t think she deserves much of the insults she had. Hmm, speaking of Kangxi, I remember James Wen from one of the episodes promoting PS Man, but he practically had no screentime, and I think another time about jobs outside showbiz (he was a waiter and was heavily tipped by loads of rich ladies).

Conclusion: James Wen is a hidden gem. I’m gonna go scour some of his past variety (non-Kangxi) appearances or watch one of his dramas, PS Man or My Queen. Maybe PS Man, but I probably can’t expect a good storyline for him I guess, since he’s the second lead.

Oh yes, a nice rambly Bai Fen Bai post after a long time! Hope to find a recent live episode broadcast with Xiao Zhu. (I think I’m the only one who watches for their random banter)


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