Cinderella’s Sister Episode 1

I watched a music video with some moments in it, and I just couldn’t resist. Seriously, all it takes me is a music video. (like in the case of Queen Seon Deok lol) Recap coming up!

Moon Geun Young is Eunjo, a fatherless girl whose mother has bad choice in men. Her mum’s current boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic, and the episode starts with him getting into an argument with her mum. Eunjo quickly cooks and eats, telling the chubby little boy who calls her noona that it may be her last meal there. Looks like she’s used to it. She’s not too nice to Jungwoo (who can blame her for wanting to savour her last meal?) but Jungwoo seems to worship the ground that she walks on. We find out later on that Jungwoo was abandoned by his mother, who was also one of the ex-girlfriends of the alcoholic guy. (at least that means Jungwoo isn’t the son of beardface)

Mum and beardface are embroiled in some sort of fight, but Eunjo breaks it up and runs away with Mum, all prepared with her to-go bag. Even as they were running Mummy is hesitant to go – her shirt is ripped! Tsk tsk vanity. But apparently, the real reason is that she wanted to take along a ring. Eunjo has got her mum all figured out, so once she whips out the ring, Mummy is all set to go, no looking back. Beardface isn’t so forgiving, however, he rummages through his drawer and finds…no ring! He orders Jungwoo to call on some gangster buddies to chase the girls down.

Ooh suspense and thrill, all in the first episode!

So Eunjo and Mummy get on the train, where Mummy (finally!) gets to change into untorn clothes. It doesn’t take long for Mummy to fall into a slumber, but Eunjo quickly realises that there are people in black coming after them. Dun-dun-dun. She grabs her bag and moves away from the train carriage, contemplating leaving her mum and mum’s leeching ways for good. But she doesn’t. She turns back and gets her mum and they both flee.

The people in black comes after them, and Eunjo and Mummy both escape into separate lavatories. Eunjo’s lavatory is occupied though, by Hyosun, our second female lead played by Seo Woo. Hyosun shrieks (because she can’t believe how stupid she is for not locking the door?), but Eunjo clasps her hand over Hyosun’s mouth to shut her up.

She manages to pass the ring on to Hyosun to keep for her, but eventually both Eunjo and Mummy fall to the hands of the people in black. Now that’s just for dramatic effect. Anyway, we see Hyosun next speaking with her oppa about how she has lost the ring and she’s worried because that girl (Eunjo) looks like she could kill her. Lol. Her oppa is Kihoon, played by the main lead actor Chun Jun Myung (this I had to wiki to find out, heh). She kind of comes in his way while he’s going about doing his stuff (while being stalked by paparazzi as well, apparently, is he famous?lol) but he seems to be used to it and doesn’t complain. Heck, he even smiles the Derek Shepherd kind of way, which means it’s near impossible to not like him! (Plus, he does not have floppy hair, which is a plus point.)

Anyway, dear oppa comforts Hyosun about her loss, saying that she’s never lost anything in her house that hasn’t been found again later. He’s kind of hinting that she’s klutzy and forgetful, but she blissfully overlooks that, because she’s absolutely smitten with him. He probably only sees her as a kid sister though, and dismisses her with just a smile even when she says things like, ‘Oppa, you’re mine’ and ‘if you say the moon is square then it’s square’. Seriously?

Later on, we see that Mummy dearest has been sent to get the ring back from Hyosun while Eunjo is held hostage back at Beardface’s house (yay for Jungwoo!). Mummy is all dressed nicely and follows Hyosun back, where she quickly discovers that Hyosun’s father runs a rice wine factory, and Hyosun’s mother has passed away since Hyosun was 7. Opportunity is doing a lap dance on Mummy today! She witnesses how Hyosun manages to melt her father, Daesung, with her whiny little pouts and subdue his wrath on his employees, who messed up a batch of wine. I can imagine Mummy rubbing her hands with glee in her mind already!

Hyosun searches high and low for the ring, neglecting to use her common sense and her memory, obviously. In the meantime, Mummy tries to buddy up to the factory ahjummas, who treat her rather coldly. Incidentally, one of them splashes fish water onto Mummy. Hyosun lets Mummy wear her deceased mother’s clothes while her clothes dry, and she is remind of her own mother. Hyosun cuddles up to Mummy and asks Mummy to pat her head (like how her own mother did, I guess), which Mummy obviously identifies as opportunity. Hyosun then realises where the ring is, but because she wants Mummy to stay around, she asked her uncle to hide the ring away.

Mummy then makes her move on Daesung Daddy, who oddly gives me more of a blind swordsman vibe than a papa bear vibe. Maybe all his axe-wielding ruined my first impression of him. She begs him to let her work there while waiting for the ring, or something like that. I think she does tell him that she has a daughter, and that she with her an ex-boyfriend. Daesung doesn’t see all that, all he sees is a woman dressed in his dead wife’s clothes, and obviously he’s captivated, because he misses his wife dearly. (And smartie Mummy knows.)

Hyosun gets her Mummy treatment and everyone sees that she’s happy, including her oppa and Daesung. Her uncle is not too happy about it though, since Daesung’s wife was his sister, he thinks that this woman is up to no good, which is true.

List of Mummy’s devious plans:

  1. Get into dead wife’s clothes.
  2. Beg for a job and show that you are pitiful and need to be taken care of.
  3. Shower future stepdaughter with love and care.
  4. Show up at Daesung’s study early in the morning, asking for directions to the market to get groceries to cook for Hyosun.
  5. Kick back wheel of bicycle on the way there, so that you can lurch forward ‘accidentally’. (yes, men do appreciate skinship of this sort)
  6. Repeat step 5 several times. (Until you both fall off the bicycle into the ditch.)
  7. Walk up really close to him and place your hand on his chest, only so that you can take off his clothes to mend. (Ooh tension here)
  8. When the jealous uncle produces the ring to make you leave, pretend to go on the bus, just so that you can haggle to stay.

And that’s how Mummy scored Daesung. She even managed to make him offer to take in Eunjo as well, how about that? And she asked if he was doing all of this for Hyosun, which is code for, do you want me or is it just to please your daughter? Daesung responds with an embrace, which confirms Mummy’s success.

Back to Eunjo, finally. Eunjo is making kimchi, and Jungwoo is jabbering on about something. Eunjo suddenly gets an epiphany. If Mummy doesn’t come back for her like Jungwoo’s Mum, she’d be free. She’d rather be away on her own as a beggar than to live with Beardface. She finishes making the kimchi, packs away food into the fridge, packs her bag, and before she leaves, she tells a drunken/almost unconscious Beardface that she owes him nothing. Before she manages to make her exit, Kihoon oppa and jealous uncle appear at the door to take her to Mummy. Oppa flashes a smile at her; she scowls back. That’s how they met.

On the journey back, oppa notices her discomfort and asks her to sit comfortably. She glares at him and asks if she could go to the toilet. Where she obviously makes a run for it. Kihoon oppa figures her out and runs after her, in a classic sort of chase scene, where he grabs at her, only to grab the pencil holding up her hair. Her hair comes loose, and he stops for a moment, captivated by her beauty and her vulnerability. Then he gives chase again. It was a bit cliche, but I think both actors did really well to portray the moment, especially MGY – she managed to show Eunjo’s vulnerability and fiestiness in her eyes, which means good things for this drama.

Oppa finally chases her down and throws her on the ground to subdue her. Not violently, though. He lies on the ground with her too, exhausted from the chase and struggle. He then speaks to her, saying the exact things that Eunjo plans to do. But he also outlines the difficulties, because she’s still a minor. Why not wait till 20, when she’s legal, to run away? In the meantime she can go to school. It’s cool how he’s not ordering her or telling her off, rather he just laid out a better life plan than the one Eunjo had in mind. Even though she doesn’t say a word, Eunjo is captivated somewhat, because she says in the voiceover that, even if he said the moon was square, she would’ve believed him.

It’s really starting to be a bit like McDreamy and Meredith, with him being all dreamy and smiley, and her, dark and twisty.

Eunjo then goes to Daesung’s house, where Mummy gives her a telling off for trying to run away. They then have a little spat, where Eunjo challenges Mummy, saying that if it doesn’t work out with this man, then she’ll have to let Eunjo go. Mummy grudgingly agrees. Looks like she’s going to have to work doubly deviously to get what she wants then. Eunjo then sits down for a chat with Mummy and Daesung, when Hyosun makes a grand (loud) entrance. And that’s Episode 1! Pretty good stuff, I must say.


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