Cinderella’s Sister Episode 2

Episode 2 is filled with so much angst but the character development and pace is great, I think they’re trying to build everything up to a certain point.

Kihoon shows that he can be angsty too! We get to see more into his background, and we find out that his life isn’t exactly a bed of roses. He is the illegitimate son of a rich family, but he is not acknowledged by his family, which is why he has to work in Daesung’s factory to make a living. His two half-brothers come after him, one unhappy that he’s working in the factory because if it gets out it’s going to be a disaster for the family name, the other wants to force Kihoon to sign a paper waiving his rights to the family inheritance, because the existing one that says Kihoon cannot tell anyone about his heritage is simply not enough. He has every reason to be just as dark and twisty as Eunjo is, yet he chooses to hide his angst beneath his calm smiley exterior. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have angst, which is why he identifies with Eunjo.

Eunjo has issues of her own – she seems to be doing well in school, but when asked to work out a math problem in class, she flatly says no to the teacher (who stomps away hilariously, poor lady). Actually, her good grades in math is a result of memorising the questions and answers. She has no idea how to work it out on her own, because she doesn’t even know the basics in math. Daddy kindly offers to let her take up an extra curricular – learn the violin or the piano, but she refuses to. She’s trying not to let herself get close to Daddy, not to believe in his promises, as she’s probably learnt that most of her mother’s men hand ot empty promises too often. But after she embarrassed the teacher at school, she humbles up (just a little!) and asks Daddy for a math tutor. Not as any studenty tutor, she wants an expensive one. Daddy says, why not get a tutor for Korean as well, but Eunjo boasts that she’s the best in class for Korean. Daddy then proceeds to correct her language/vocab, saying that she should use more respectful terms etc etc. Hah! Daddy sure knows to use the upper hand to his benefit.

The tutor turns out to be Kihoon, to Eunjo’s not-very-apparent dismay. She’s disrespectful to him, so he insists that she calls him teacher. She isn’t too happy about it, but calls him teacher just the same (in a ‘whatever’ tone, which I don’t think is polite either, but Kihoon takes what he can get). They do get into a tiff during the tutoring session; she said something about not having a lot of time, he catches on to that and prods her a little. Eunjo then kind of explodes with rage and runs away to the wine cellar, the quiet secret place that he showed her to before. Kihoon goes after her and explains to her that he used to be like her (I can’t imagine!) but coming to this place (Daesung’s) has changed him for the better. In an odd way, he sort of says, don’t you think I’m quite awesome now, but I think you can be even more awesome than I am if you stay.

The weird thing is, I don’t feel that he’s trying to coerce her into living a happily after or anything either. He’s just again, sharing a bit of himself with her, and showing her it can’t be as bad as she thinks. That she can actually do something with her life now, because before she could never settle down, the next day they may have to run away or be kicked out. I think the possibility of that scares Eunjo, a lot.

Now let’s talk about Hyosun a bit. I thought she was smitten with Kihoon oppa, but in fact, she’s all caught up with this boy Dongsoo, who wouldn’t reply her texts. She bugs Eunjo about this, and Eunjo, with her ears bleeding out, coldly tells Hyosun that she’s being ignored. Hyosun doesn’t get it and continues to jabber, so Eunjo goes up to Dongsoo and tells him to either reply Hyosun’s texts or tell her he doesn’t like her, so that Hyosun can get off her back. Dongsoo eventually does reply, but it’s to tell Hyosun not to text him anymore. Aww. Poor girl. She obviously gets a lot of pitying and loving from Mummy and Daddy, but Eunjo obviously just scowls and walks away. Okay, maybe Eunjo was a bit envious over all the fawning that Hyosun got from Mummy, but it could be…an optical illusion?

Although Hyosun can be overly perky and cutesy at times, she gets vulnerable too, when she feels shut out from Kihoon and Eunjo’s blossoming growing relationship. She spots him looking wistfully at Eunjo during the parents’ wedding ceremony, ignoring her completely. She also sees him looking at Eunjo in the wine cellar while she worked. What’s worse, during the tutor session, he focused completely on Eunjo and shut her out too. I personally think she’s just a bit miffed, because when Mummy came she thought her perfect little world was complete, but now she feels as though it’s not so perfect after all, because Kihoon’s attention is constantly on Eunjo (practically all the time, really). I kind of pity her really.

Mummy dear has gotten what she wanted – she marries Daesung officially. She’s not too happy about the immense number of relatives though; she had to kneel and give her respect to each and every one of his relatives. One of which was a fortune-teller old lady, who took one look at her face and asked for her ba-zi, which I suppose is a bad thing for Mummy because Mummy’s ba-zi isn’t all that pretty and shimmy, I guess. Old lady then proceeds to have a funny staredown with Eunjo. Eunjo pwns her, of course. But old lady still has her doubts about Mummy and asks Daddy to hold off registering the marriage (which would make it legal). Daddy refuses to listen and storms off, but this conversation was overheard by Eunjo. (I can’t make out what she felt about it though, her expression was as per Eunjo, which is general discontent. Lol)

Mummy then uses Eunjo to get this done. A bit of crying and lying, about Eunjo getting teased at school for having a different surname. And it’s done! Daddy takes her to the registry and makes it official. Mummy dear is ecstatic to the point where she had to excuse herself from the car just to go scream in delight secretly. Ah, that shameless woman. Later on, Hyosun somehow decides to take a bit of wine before an exam, and asks people in their class if anyone had ever teased Eunjo about having a different surname. No one owns up. When they go home, Hyosun asks Mummy about it, but Eunjo gets impatient (she didn’t want to be embroiled in her mother’s lies) and ends up shoving Hyosun to the ground. Right in front of Mummy. And also Daddy and Kihoon. Mummy, realising gravity of the situation, quickly throws a slap across Eunjo’s face. Oh oh oh…bad move there.

There, no chronological recap today, because I’d have to relive the angsty moments again and be angsty myself. Till I watch the next episode, then. 😉


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