Cinderella’s Sister Episode 3 and 4

Yes, I got greedy and watched 2 episodes in a row. I just couldn’t resist, Eunjo is intriguing, and Moon Geun Young brings out the darkness of her character so well. She’s not just dark and antisocial. There’s a lot more good in her that probably only Kihoon can see through. Daddy knows she’s not a bad girl too, but he just doesn’t know how to get through to her.

There’s loads of stuff that happened. What’s interesting in these two episodes is actually Hyosun. To me, before this she was just this perky little kid who’s the complete opposite of Eunjo. But she’s proven me wrong – she’s not just a two-dimensional pretty face. She finally snaps at Eunjo, and she realises that she could actually hate someone after all. Not that Eunjo didn’t deserve it, she did play a rather mean trick on Hyosun. I didn’t think Eunjo had it in her either; usually she just ignores everyone’s attempts to approach her, but she never had malicious intentions towards other people. Okay that’s not true, she did want to kill Beardface, but that’s more of expressing her hatred.

Hyosun’s transformation could somehow account for her later personality, I guess, which is why I find it interesting. I’d hate it if she were just a brainless bubbly girl. She shows her cunning ways too, when she asks Eunjo to play nice in front of Daddy and Mummy, proving she’s capable of more than I expected of her.

What’s heartwrenching is Eunjo and Kihoon. I guess it’s too early to say, but Eunjo has just started to open herself up to someone. When Beardface shows up at her home to look for Mummy, Eunjo intercepts him. She basically said that if he couldn’t provide anything better than what Daesung has given to them, then there’s no chance in the world that Mummy will go back to him. And if he still loved Mummy, he’d leave her alone, otherwise he’s just here for the money. Gosh, that was so mature – I couldn’t believe it even when she said those lines, is she supposed to be just 17 or 18? I think all the years of hardship made her much more mature, which is why Kihoon finds her so intriguing, I guess.

Her relationship with Kihoon has gone to the level where he can understand her even in silence. Or rather, he’s forced to understand, since she rarely speaks. He offers to drive Beardface home, and she silently stands by the truck, but he gets that she’s worried, and tells her to go back and eat something. That’s so sweet. After he eventually returns (the next night I think? He went for a little family outing detour, sort of) he was drunk. Eunjo sees him standing outside and stares at him, ready to scowl. He calls her, Eunjo-ah and she just stones there, repeating “he called me Eunjo-ah” to herself many many times until he stumbled over to her and tripped. She reaches out to steady him and they sort of have a semi-hug. Yay! That’s about as much skinship as you can get with Eunjo, I guess. Lol.

Eunjo also gets into some scrapes when she falls and cuts her knee badly, but Kihoon made sure she’s tended to (while he wimped out just watching her get her wounds cleaned). Later on, when Daddy punishes Eunjo and Hyosun for their hair-pulling fight, Kihoon is there too. Hyosun gets one stroke, because she admits she’s wrong. But Eunjo being more stubborn than a mule, just keeps quiet. It breaks Daddy’s heart to do it too, but neither of them give in to each other. In the end Kihoon intercepts and takes her away. She grudgingly lets him tend to her wounds while listening to the bubbling of the fermenting rice wine, which was a pretty sweet scene. They semi-spoiled it though, when they added in the CGI part with the two of them in a bubble, floating to the moon. Too much of a fairytale? Anyhow, Daddy also makes up for his strictness by sneaking into her room and applying some medicine to her wounds while she’s supposedly asleep. (But we all know no one is really truly asleep in dramas…)

Kihoon’s development is also important in these two episodes. It’s revealed that his family is in the wine-making business also, which explains why they’re not too happy that Kihoon is off making makgoli in a village – he’s not supposed to be working with a competitor (or at least someone in the same business). There’s an added twist that I didn’t see coming. Kihoon’s Dad and stepmum are not on good terms – Dad married stepmum’s rich and powerful family, so he is looked down upon by her and her family. It’s a bit complicated to me, but it seems that he wants to use Kihoon’s claim to the family inheritance plus his own shares to wrestle control of the company from the evil stepmum. Kihoon isn’t all too happy to help his Dad, because he’s never cared for Kihoon very much, he’s only asking for help/begging now because he wants Kihoon’s shares, which makes Kihoon very conflicted indeed. Should he stake his claim to the inheritance and basically go over to the dark side, or should he sign over his inheritance,get paid off to continue a life of blissful ignorance and let his Dad rot? I’d choose the latter, but it seems Kihoon chose to fight.

It’s kind of bittersweet towards the end though, when he’s already decided to leave, and the way he looked at Eunjo made me want to weep. Eunjo, who knows nothing about his problems, happily (as happy as she would seem anyway) shows him her certificate for getting first in a math competition, and he tousles her hair a bit, then tells her he’s got something for her. He gives her his old fountain pen, and tells her to think of him whenever she uses it. Omg and she didn’t see that as a going away present how?

Hyosun overhears Eunjo getting a present and gets all jealous. Because Eunjo took away her Dongsoo, now Kihoon oppa too? A perfect world gone crazy! Which is why she didn’t tell Eunjo when she went to send Kihoon off. Everyone thinks that Kihoon is going off to enlist in the army, but I think he’s actually going over to fight for his inheritance. Before he leaves, he gives Hyosun a letter for Eunjo, which I assume never reaches Eunjo’s hands. Lol Kihoon underestimated the power of jealousy, I guess. But the letter was in Spanish, which Hyosun probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

At the end of Episode 4, we’ve jumped forward 8 years. 8 years! Practically a lifetime for a lot of people. I can’t even remember what I was doing 8 years ago. Anyway, Eunjo is now short-haired, and she’s promoting their makgoli as a world-class product, sounding and looking very professional indeed. She sees an art exhibition, by an artist that Kihoon admired, and goes to have a look. Hyosun is there too, and after some not-so-friendly chatter, she announces to Eunjo that she’s going out with Kihoon oppa. I think WTH?! is an appropriate response.


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