Cinderella’s Sister Episode 5

It’s all a lie! I’d rather we stayed at 8 years ago, because if you thought the series was dark and melodramatic when they were young girls, brace yourselves because 8 years later it becomes a blackhole. And yes, it will suck you in and make you go on watching because there’s no escaping it!

The bombshell that Hyosun dropped at the end of the previous episode? Was it a true bombshell or was it just for dramatic effect? I think it remains to be seen as Kihoon makes his appearance later in the episode, and the answer will be obvious enough.

But if you observe and listen to Hyosun’s childish monologues with herself (and with Eunjo, because most of the time she spends talking to Eunjo is a monologue anyway), you’ll see that Hyosun hasn’t changed one bit from her old self. Eunjo looks more mature (as mature as baby-faced Moon Geun Young can get anyway) with her shorter hair, skinny jeans and killer style, but in essence her state of mind is still dark and twisty.

Hyosun wonders why Eunjo isn’t curious about her dating Kihoon oppa, because Eunjo would rather pretend to sleep than to listen to her rambles. She asks Eunjo to help her put a good word in with Daddy because she’s gone over her credit limit (again!) buying designer bags. She claims that they’re not just for herself – it’s for Eunjo and Mummy too! Yeah, right, like that’s going to earn you points with Eunjo. 8 years and she still doesn’t learn?

Eunjo looks at pouty Hyosun and delivers her killer line (and stare), asking if Hyosun has any dreams. Hyosun isn’t all that nice and sweet to Eunjo either, but I was just surprised at the fact the Eunjo can speak so much, such a progress from 8 years ago! Hyosun knows that Eunjo doesn’t care if she has any dreams and she rants at Eunjo a bit. But Eunjo isn’t done with Hyosun just yet. She smirks and points out blankly that if Hyosun wants to do ballet, she’s not practicing like hardcore ballet dancers do, because her feet are still nice and pristine. She drives the point home by saying, I don’t think you have any dreams or any plans for your future at all – just admit that you are a poor thoughtless little rich girl and I’ll help you hide the cane that Daddy has in wait for you.

Whoa. I’m still taken aback by the fact that Eunjo just delivered more lines in one scene than in the past four episodes. Hmm…

Hyosun goes home and we see Daddy with a little kid, who is Mummy’s son with Daddy, Junsu. Junsu has cute little nerd glasses! Daddy hasn’t forgotten about the caning part though, but Mummy interrupts the caning session by threatening death and escape, saying her health hasn’t been good since giving birth to Junsu, blablabla. Hyosun gets away easily. All I can say is, Mummy is still the queen when it comes to passive aggressive! She knows which buttons to push to manipulate Daddy.

We do get a bit of a flashback to 8 years ago, where Eunjo is trying to run away from home, but she’s stopped by Daddy. Daddy said that he knew she had a special relationship with Kihoon, that she was the most affected by his departure, and that staying in this family meant nothing to her. Awww. He said he could not let her go. She argues that even if she doesn’t get his blessing, she’ll still try to escape. He promises her that once he feels that he doesn’t have to worry about her, he’ll let her go. He even gives her a reassuring pat, which I think is more warmth and family-like than her mother ever was to her.

So that’s how Eunjo stayed, and devoted herself to working at the makgoli factory. She has bigger plans for the makgoli factory, which is to develop a type of bacteria to aid the fermentation of the wine and produce better makgoli. Yup, the girl is ambitious and a go-getter. She reveals to Daesung that if her experiment with the bacteria works out, then she’s paid her dues here and she would leave. Daesung is a bit taken aback – he’s shocked that Eunjo has been working for him all along because she felt like she owed him for his nurture and care. He obviously thought he meant more than that to her.

Back to Hyosun. She is slowly seeing through Mummy’s loving facade. Because despite standing up to Daddy for her excessive spending, Mummy ends up taking all of the designer bags that Hyosun busted her credit limit over. Mummy gets greedy over designer bags, but even Hyosun can see that Mummy’s interest in her welfare is…limited. On the contrary, at least Eunjo cares more about Hyosun and her future (albeit in a not-so-nice way) – Mummy obviously does not care whether Hyosun passes her ballet auditions. Hyosun’s problems is that she’s ben too sheltered and spoiled since young, no one can bear to tell her that she needs to grow up and fight for her own future. So the only thing she knows to fight (for now) is Eunjo, who she hates with all her heart and soul.

Then, we see Kihoon at the airport, which basically reduced what everything Hyosun said about them to a lie? The first person he goes to see is his dad, who tells him that Kijung (his elder brother) has taken over the company, and he’s keeping close tabs on dad’s people to prevent a rebellion. So he didn’t go off to fight for his inheritance! Dang. I dunno what he’s been up to then, because evil dad says some things to him and then we see him washing his face, looking all conflicted. He then sits by the phone and hesitates for a while, before calling someone who is undoubtedly Hyosun’s Dad, because once he starts speaking he has his old smile back on his face. That genuinely happy old smile. That can only mean a comeback to the makgoli factory! His intentions, however, remain to be seen…

Also, Taecyeon finally makes his appearance as grown-up Jungwoo. There was a lot of hype about him and his satoori accent, but since I don’t understand Korean I cannot judge if he did a good job. All I can do is point out the fact that he has a funny hairstyle and his face is too skinny, it’s getting a little gaunt. Jungwoo is a straitlaced army guy, whose mind is as linear as it gets. He still adores Eunjo though, which is the reason why he came to work at the makgoli factory. So far most of his scenes are of him gazing longingly at Eunjo, who refuses to acknowledge any memory of him. (I doubt she forgot about him, I think she just doesn’t want to think of the past again?) Jungwoo is roped in to do some seemingly secret stuff with the evil uncle, something we’ll hear of in future episodes.

Kihoon then shows up at the factory, but Eunjo treats him like he’s a complete stranger. Awkward! It was a pain for me to watch. Turns out he’s there to interview for the marketing job. The other two candidates didn’t show, but Daesung and Eunjo still interviewed him. The whole interview session was a nerve-busting situation, which Daesung felt like a third wheel, I bet. Eunjo asked him some questions which I thought were for her own curiosity, like what did he do after the two years in military. He went to US to study, and he interned at a marketing company there. She then asked if he ever came back to Korea during his the 5-6 years he was studying, and he said he did every year during his holiday. Dang! Even Daesung sounded disappointed that he never called when he was back, but Kihoon just vaguely said he was busy. Yeah, with his evil dad, plotting to take over the world.

Hyosun later finds out that she failed her audition, unsurprisingly. Kihoon then consoles her for a bit and does his oppa thing. She leans on his shoulder to pout for a bit, but Eunjo drives past and sees it (because she has great eyesight to be able to spot two tiny people from the highway).

Kihoon, Daesung and Eunjo then sit down for some marketing strategy discussion, where Eunjo plainly shoots down every suggestion that Kihoon makes. She asks him to compile some info about budgeting and goes off. Turns out her cost-saving idea is Hyosun. She makes Hyosun do some modelling with makgoli while she shoots her (with a DSLR, of course, what were you thinking?). Hyosun says that this had better not be nothing, then Eunjo turns back and says, “you’re pretty.” Which makes Hyosun all flattered and happy, because Eunjo has never said something so nice to her! Hyosun asks Eunjo to repeat what she said, but Eunjo just coldly says that it’s not the first time she’s heard that compliment anyway. Well, still Eunjo then, not possessed.

A little update on Mummy, who’s still seeing Beardface once a month. Not in a promiscuous way though, just for drinks, but still, scandalous enough in a Korean perspective. Beardface asks if they can get back together, but she throws her soju in his face in scorn. Well, obviously he still doesn’t have any plus points for her to leech onto him, which he should know as well as she does.

The last scene of the episode was most heartbreaking: Eunjo and Kihoon end a drunk Hyosun back to her room. After that, Kihoon stops her and asks (for the millionth time) if he has anything to say to him. She then gets angry at him, because she thinks that he’s playing both her and Hyosun (gah I didn’t think she actually bought Hyosun’s story about the dating, but well, I give Eunjo too much credit sometimes). He then realises she’s misunderstood and tries to explain, but she just glares at him, telling him to never step into their house again and walks away. He then yells “Eunjo-ah!” after her, and she stops.

Wow, all I can say is wow. I think Kihoon has changed the most after the 8-year leap, now he doesn’t even bother to hide his emo-ness behind a smiley persona, because he’s probably not been very happy since leaving Daesung’s factory. I bet he lived every day of those 8 years wishing he could be there again. But well, where is the melodrama without that?

Eunjo and Daesung’s dynamics was something that I really liked in this episode. Even though Eunjo said that she wanted to leave, that she didn’t help Daesung just because she enjoyed working at the factory, it just doesn’t tally with the amount of work she’s put in. I get that she feels indebted to him for taking care of her all these years, but she’s not dumb enough to not know that Daesung does love her like his own daughter. I think she just wants to keep Daesung and Hyosun at arm’s length, even after 8 years I don’t think Eunjo feels secure enough, after all that she’s been through with her mother. She doesn’t treat Hyosun nicely, but she does care for Hyosun – or she wouldn’t ask Hyosun to think about her future, and she wouldn’t pull over the blanket for her. She doesn’t disrespect Daesung, but she puts in all her efforts in the makgoli factory, to help him build it up.

I think she has been planning to leave all along, and not treating them like family is her own defense mechanism, so that she won’t feel hurt and sad when she has to go. So that they won’t feel hurt and sad when she leaves too. This is my take, I hope she proves me right. 🙂


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