Cinderella’s Sister Episode 6

After watching this episode, I am in total agreement with Eunjo’s intentions to run away from home. Or better still, for her to run away with Kihoon! (I hope that does eventually materialise though, it’s too early to say now, they’re not even speaking on civil terms!)

We relive the end of the previous episode at the beginning of this episode, but instead we see it from Hyosun’s point of view. (Looks like she wasn’t all that drunk after all.) Then, we go back to the “Eunjo-ya” moment, which at the very least brings tears to Eunjo. At this point I don’t know who Eunjo is more angry at: herself or Kihoon.

Hyosun hears their exchange, and when she walks back into the house and sees Daddy Daesung comforting a crying Junsu after his nightmare, she reflects that everyone’s changed/moved on, except for her. Well, I can’t blame her for being ignorant here, because she is quite a bimbo. Eunjo and Kihoon have moved on with their lives and careers, but emotions-wise, I think they’re still pretty much at their high school state.

The next day, Daesung tells Eunjo that she’s free to leave if those were her wishes. He didn’t think that her staying there was out of debt, but since she thought she was, he decides to let her go. She says okay, I know – Daesung interjects, saying she doesn’t. If she knew better she’d know that all Daesung wanted was to raise her well, find her a good husband and see her live a good life, like what a father wants for his daughter. He asks her to write a proposal for him, for her plans after leaving the family.

Mummy overhears this conversation, and jumps to the (melodramatic) conclusion that Daesung is kicking both her and Eunjo out. She then acts out a very dramatic breakdown and begs Daesung not to.

While we turn away from Mummy’s OTT groaning, Hyosun is busy making her proposal to Kihoon. Yes, a proposal. For marriage. He seems slightly amused and says okay, in a slightly dismissive manner, imo. I don’t know how he can always take her so lightly, even if she’s a bimbo she still has bimbotic feelings!

Anyway, Mummy’s breakdown has her all passed out, and Daesung even has the doctor over to check on her. Eunjo remains by her side, and when Mummy wakes up, she asks where everyone is. Eunjo seems genuinely concerned for her mum (doesn’t she know better?!), and Mummy wakes up and smacks her a few times, after establishing that there’s no one in the house to witness her sudden recovery.

Mummy reprimands Eunjo for being so stupid. She cannot believe why Eunjo would want to leave – she’s in such a good position to take over the company, and be in control of all the moolah that Daesung has. Does Eunjo not think for Mummy at all? Eunjo is in quite a state of disbelief, she mutters to herself that she should have died/ran away when she had the chance to.

Then, Hyosun comes over to see Mummy after hearing of her state. Mummy quickly leaps back into bed and puts on her weak-but-holding-it-in face. She then lies in with Hyosun.

Poor Eunjo, having witnessed all that, she leaves and goes off to the beach, with Jungwoo stalking/following her. It’s a bit more annoying than creepy for now, but creepy could be later. He also turns her shoes around for her, and stands behind her while she’s deep in thought at the beach. When he tries to sit next to her (all giddy and happy at the thought of sharing a moment with her), she stands up and walks away. She asks him basically what he was doing there, and eventually I think he just answers yes to one of her questions so that he won’t have to admit that he’s a stalker.

As she walks away, he calls “Noona!” after her, but she ignores him. He’s then prevented from further annoying her when evil uncle honks at him to call him over. Evil uncle asks if he told anyone about their excursion in the previous episode, which Jungwoo says no. Evil uncle then tosses him an envelope full of money, which isn’t Jungwoo’s salary. O_O Jungwoo may be simple-minded, but he’s not a dunce to the extent of not knowing that he’s being paid off after doing something illegal/bad. Uh-oh.

Back at home, Mummy and Hyosun are sleeping together. More lke only Hyosun is sleeping, with her arm placed on Mummy, who wants to leave but can’t. Junsu comes in, demanding for Mummy’s attention, which Mummy swiftly gives, to get away from Hyosun. But turns out Hyosun was only pretending to sleep, and she’s a bit disheartened that Mummy cares more for Junsu than her. Okay, so you’re not the centre of the universe anymore. Accept it.

Meanwhile, Eunjo is slogging away in the lab, hoping that her new strain/breed of bacteria can save her. Her colleague overhears, and I think offers to set Eunjo up with a guy. Later on, Eunjo has another talk with Daddy, who asks her if she has done her proposal. She doesn’t have it done yet, which surprises him, since earlier she was adamant on leaving. He tells her that if one day she gives him the proposal, he promises he’ll let her leave.

He says, however, that he wants to take care of her, at least until she finds herself a good husband and things like that. It was never about whether Eunjo can fend for herself; he knew that she wouldn’t starve/die without him, but he just wanted to be a good father to her.

She then says that it’s very difficult to live in this house, and asks him to not be so good to her, because he has no idea how bad she is. She says that it’s her mother who is keeping her in the family, but one day she will leave – whether it’s after she’s managed to produce a good strain of her bacteria, or after she marries the man she’s about to have a blind date with. She would not stay just because she feels indebted to him. I dunno why, but I felt that this is more of her telling Daesung that she doesn’t want to hurt him. I think he knows too.

Then we have more Daddy talk, with Kihoon’s evil Daddy this time. Kihoon asks eDaddy if there’s any other way to help him (another way that doesn’t involve hurting Daesung), but eDaddy thinks that Kihoon is soft. Kihoon stresses that he’s not the same person as he was 8 years ago, then points out the similarity of what they’re doing here to the power struggle in the Chosun times. It’s probably true, but Kihoon’s point is that Daesung’s company/business is not their enemy. Kihoon just wants to remain there to take a break while pondering how to help eDaddy overthrow Kijung.

EDaddy however, calls Kihoon an idiot. Turns out Kijung has had his eyes on Daesung’s business for a long time. Kijung’s tried to buy him out several times, but failed. I think eDaddy wants Kihoon to buy/snatch over Daesung’s company. EDaddy firms his resolve by reminding Kihoon of how Kihoon’s mother died. (Which I assume is because of something his evil stepmother plotted.)

As Kihoon leaves, he runs into Eunjo on her blind date. Her date is a guy whose entire family are doctors, including him. After showing off his family tree, he then marvels a bit about her family business and how he’s heard that big companies like the Hongs (Kihoon’s family business) view them as a threat bla bla. Then he asks her about her height (I dunno why Koreans care so much about height). She asks him back, how tall does she have to be in order for him to marry her? I think she’s making her intentions to marry him very obvious here! But Dr Dunce Date thinks Eunjo has some sort of inferiority complex about her height, and tries to cover it up, but Eunjo coolly leaves. I think she got bored of him right after he started talking about the family business. Kihoon thinks so too! But she ignores him and drives away.

He then goes after her, where a car chase ensues. He calls and tells her to slow down, but she hangs up. Then just stop going after her! Tsk tsk. He overtakes her eventually, and she manages to just stop in time without crashing into him. He goes over to her and tells her to go slow, that he won’t go after her anymore. It’s a uphill road with loads of turns, it’s so easy to get into an accident. He is going to stop running after her, so he asks her to stop running away from him too. He almost wants to tell her about his deal with the devil (eDaddy) and how he can’t be with her anyway because he’s going to destroy her family, but he doesn’t.

I think Eunjo doesn’t want to run away from him, but she would rather hurt herself than to hurt Hyosun, that’s why she’s running from him, that’s why she went on a blind date. Back at home, Jungwoo is (again) followig Eunjo around, turning her shoes around for her. He says he’s just trying to take care of the person who used to make him rice. Awww. She looks like she’s programmed that into her head, for future use (like if she needs to manipulate him for anything).

Kihoon then finally makes a call to the Devil, saying that he’ll help with the takeover of Daesung’s business, but with one condition – he wants to be in charge of running Daesung’s business after they own it.

Okay, enough heavy stuff. Back to some lighthearted stuff, like Hyosun making a fool of herself in the factory. She’s trying to help out, but she obviously doesn’t want to be there. She messes up simple things like washing the rice, but no one is brave enough to reprimand her, except Daddy. Even she thinks she’s quite useless, just that no one dares to agree.

Eunjo gets Hyosun to put on a dress, and Hyosun asks her what she wants, another dance? Eunjo says, no need, just take off the dress, you’re pretty *dismissive* Hyosun fights back, saying that the compliment is useless, she knows that Eunjo is complimenting her so that she can manipulate her to do whatever Eunjo wants. Hyosun refuses to be ordered around.

Eunjo is kind of relieved that Hyosun isn’t such an innocent-minded dunce after all (because that kind of manipulation isn’t as devilishly satisfying as what she’s about to do). Eunjo plays it cool, saying that it’s alright if Hyosun doesn’t want to be the model for their ads, money can settle everything. Her father’s money. See? Blackmail always works out better!

Hyosun gives in eventually, and is made to work hard (for once in her life!) at the CF shooting. Like hundreds of twists and pirouettes and things like that. Kihoon is sympathetic, but Eunjo is all blah, predictably. Eunjo isn’t all too happy when she sees Kihoon’s face while he observes Hyosun via the monitor. *aww* She’s so not over him. And he’s not over her too, because he has this hurt puppy look when she walks away.

At dinner, Eunjo’s mind is still at work, thinking of advertising tactics and how to get their product out there. Which means, another proposal that Kihoon has to draw up. He isn’t too happy about it, so Hyosun tries to console him by feeding him meat. Leaving disgruntled Eunjo to down all the makgoli she ordered. Kihoon gets all worried about Eunjo because she can’t drink, but he tells the only person he can order around to not drink – Hyosun – so that she can drive. He then tries to down all the makgoli before Eunjo can. Childish, much?

They both end up puking by the roadside, while Jungwoo is sent to meet them and drive them back. I don’t know why Hyosun can’t drive. Tsk tsk. She just can’t do anything on her own. She asks if Jungwoo is a soldier, and he answers her very seriously. He then corrects her, saying that he’s not just a soldier, but a marine. Yeah, boys and their military pride.

When they arrive, Jungwoo takes Kihoon back to his room first, and Hyosun takes Eunjo’s bag back to her room. Which leaves Eunjo to wander off to her favorite quiet place. Jungwoo and Hyosun go off looking for her, but it was the half-drunk Kihoon who found her first. Well, I was tricked to thinking that there was going to be a nice moment there, but it was just her looking at him indignantly before passing out drunk, and he reaches out to touch her hair/head, but ends up just walking away. In the law of kdramas, the second male lead has to come to the rescue, so Jungwoo piggybacks her back to her room. It was kind of sweet, but I’m not putting much hoping into these two yet because it’s too one-sided…and Kihoon’s puppy dog look wins me over too easily.

We actually have a commercial break during the drama, showing the makgoli ad that Hyosun starred in. Then it’s back to Eunjo slogging day and night to get her bacteria churning. Meanwhile, the outcome of the commercial hype means that Daesung’s makgoli is getting loads and loads of orders – orders they can’t supply in time.

But Eunjo gives them good news – they’ve acquired another factory and can increase production, so let the orders come in! The brightness of the occasion is disrupted when Daesung rushes over and stuffs a roll of toilet paper in Eunjo’s face (hilarious!) – Eunjo has a nosebleed. From all the extra hours she’s been putting in, not surprising. Daesung lectures her but Eunjo eventually collapses and has to be sent to the hospital. Kihoon makes up for his lack of piggyback time by doing the honours this time.

While Eunjo is lying in the hospital, Hyosun sits by her, reflecting that she cannot be like Eunjo at all. (Is that a compliment?) Even thinking of emulating Eunjo brings tears to her eyes, and she claims it’s not out of worry for her sister. Ookayyy…keep lying to yourself and her then. Because apparently Hyosun swore to only lie to Eunjo. Hmm…let see how this turns out.

She then says some things aloud to Eunjo, like don’t die, I will love you, etc etc, which are supposed to be lies. I think she thinks even saying the word ‘unnie’ is a lie. Lol I know I’m supposed to be horrified at Hyosun, but I’m not, because she’s just a kid. And I think Eunjo sees through her so easily too.

When Eunjo wakes up in annoyance at Hyosun, she tries to leave, but Hyosun pushes her back onto the bed (only because Eunjo is weakened she can do this to her). Hyosun then spews hate for Eunjo over her mere existence and everything she does, because it makes her look even smaller in her father’s eyes.

Unfortunately for Hyosun, Daddy and Mummy overhears everything. Daddy is outraged at Hyosun, but still runs after her when she leaves. Hyosun ducks into Kihoon’s car and orders him to take her home. Mummy remains in the room with Eunjo and lies on her bed instead, marvelling at how Eunjo has managed to pull something so sensational off. Amazed, seriously? What kind of mother is this, thinking Eunjo is any bit like her?

She says to Eunjo that she doesn’t have to work this hard, even if she worked half-heartedly the business will still go to her eventually. Eunjo looks at her vengefully, and asked Mummy about one of Mummy’s suicide attempts. Eunjo asks if Mummy would really do as she said and attempt suicide again if Eunjo tried to leave home. Mummy then does the closest thing to showing her love for Eunjo by telling her how she begged for Eunjo’s life when Eunjo was sick as a child. Eunjo cries, but Mummy asks her not to, all mothers would do that for their child. *aww*

Then Eunjo asks the million-dollar question – did she ever love Hyosun’s father? Mummy, not aware that Daddy was just standing outside, answered truthfully.

I think Eunjo’s conversation with Mummy showed how truly vulnerable she was – how Mummy is the only one who’s been able to hurt her. Kihoon did hurt Eunjo too, but Eunjo managed to push him away . Mummy however, is different. Mummy is the driving force and the main reason behind why Eunjo is the Eunjo we know. Eunjo knows that Mummy is using Eunjo so that she can have and continue to have a better life. She knows Mummy for who she is, that’s why she wants to run away, because I think knowing all these stuff about Mummy and her intentions is the reason why she’s dark and twisty. She’s not bad like what she tells Daesung, she’s just torn between loyalty to her mother and doing the right thing.


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