Cinderella’s Sister Episode 7

After last episode’s cliffhanger, we’re left with Daesung who has just overheard the bombshell that was Eunjo and her mother’s conversation. Poor Daddy, he quickly retreats from the room to leave. Eunjo notices the door shutting and realises that someone was at the door, so she leaves to go after him, leaving Mummy to talk to herself.

Daddy’s footsteps are rather heavy, you could see that he was affected by what he heard. When Eunjo catches up to him, he just waves her off nicely. But when she continues following him, he relents and admits that despite knowing it all along, it was still difficult when he heard her say it out loud. Daddy is surprised at Eunjo’s shock, apparently Eunjo had underestimated him. Eunjo seemed more sad than shocked really, but Daesung asks her not to tell Mummy about him overhearing their conversation, so that she doesn’t have to worry. (i.e. she doesn’t have to put on another fake dramatic meltdown.) As he walks away, Daesung stumbles a bit, and Eunjo looks very concerned indeed.

Then we see Kihoon and Hyosun in the car, after Hyosun ran away from her Dad and ordered Kihoon to take her home. She’s telling Kihoon her sob stor to win his sympathy, about how she longs for Eunjo’s approval but Eunjo just comes and takes everything from her. *wailwailwail* Kihoon, who looks oddly serious for a change, asks her to stop crying. I think he actually rolled his eyes, because he sounded really sick of her at that point.

He then launches into a tirade against Hyosun, saying that she never worked to protect what she has, how can she whine about losing when she did nothing to earn what she has? Hyosun looks at him with her crying pouty face, but he just goes “What are you looking at me like that for? Are you mad that I’m not taking your side? I’m not yours!” She still cries anyway, but he says he’ll ignore her. (Yeah, that’s exactly what you should do to 5-year-olds when they throw a tantrum in public) Even when she goes up and hugs him, he pushes her away.

Then comes his earnest advice – Eunjo is not her enemy. She needs to do something on her own, and then protect that something, so that no one can take it away from her. He asks her not to depend on him, and begs her to grow up quickly. He looked very conflicted at the end of the tirade, and didn’t care less when Hyosun refused to go back with him. He just abandoned her in the middle of nowhere? Albeit, a very nice looking middle-of-nowhere.

I think his harshness on Hyosun is coming so suddenly because of his decision to go over to the dark side. He’s asking Hyosun to grow up and take care of herself, so that when someone (i.e. him and his eDaddy) tries to take away what’s hers , she’ll know how to fight them off and protect the things that belong to her. Good advice, although it’ll take Hyosun a while to get it. She’s probably still moaning over the fact that her Kihoon oppa has also turned against her. Blablabla.

Meanwhile, we see Jungwoo cooking up a storm, impressing the kitchen ahjummas. They jokingly ask him to go work in the kitchen instead, but he jokes back about how he’s too expensive for them, and then gives a deadbeat laugh. I found that…odd. Lol. He’s been too quiet and passive in the past episodes, I thought he was quite socially inept (like Eunjo). Turns out his meal was made for Eunjo, after hearing that she fell sick. He brings the food to the house, but runs into Mummy instead, who coldly tells him that Eunjo didn’t come back with him

While everyone else in the factory has gone out for a fun day out, Hyosun, alone at home pondering what Kihoon said, gets a phone call from an angry customer who wants to come to the factory to relieve his anger. Or at least that was what I gathered.

Eunjo is still stalking Daesung, from the hospital all the way back to the factory. (I wonder if she was on the same car as him, or did she follow him with her own car too?) He tells her (for what seems like the millionth time) to get some rest back home, but she’s still on the topic of her mum. He said that it’s okay that her mother is with him because of his wealth, but Eunjo doesn’t understand, how could he still treat her and her mother like that despite knowing? Daesung recalls the first time he met her, and she said to him what her mother had asked her to say, he thought, if only I was there for her when she was younger. Awwwwwwww. I don’t think Eunjo’s heart can take this.

Daesung is fine with his mother leeching on to him, because he likes her. Despite knowing that she’s out to leech off of him, it’s better than not having her and Eunjo by his side. Aww, his kindness just makes my heart bleed. He suggests that they all go for the company trip with Kihoon. Eunjo  weeps and asks him, what should I do? Daesung just asks her not to abandon him and he’ll be grateful. I’m so touched. His unending kindness means that something bad has to happen to him. Because good deeds don’t go unpunished.

During the excursion/trip, everyone is playing folleyball. Nope, not a typo, I don’t know what that sport is called. It’s basically volleyball style, except no hands, just head and feet. The ball goes out, and Eunjo picks it up. Jungwoo and Kihoon both come over and motion at her to give them the ball. Show, isn’t this too obvious for an embodiment of a love triangle, seriously? She hesitates for a moment, then tosses the ball to….? Daesung! Well, when in doubt, always choose your parents.

Eunjo then gets an SOS from Hyosun, who’s called to ask for help regarding the angry customers. She says she wants to try handling something on her own, which in this case seems scarily inappropriate. Because the angry customers are four gangsters who bought a box of bad makgoli. They surround her pretty scarily and thrust some bad makgoli at her. She tries the makgoli, which has gone bad.

She tells them that the makgoli has gone bad, but they know that already! She then says that it’s not their makgoli, because their expired makgoli never remains in the market, it’s used as vinegar instead. She sounds very confident, and she ends up convincing the 4 men and they all have makgoli out in the sun, singing happily. Woohoo! Daesung and everyone else return to see the happy scene, and Hyosun shows him the spoilt makgoli.

The culprit immediately springs to mind, because evil uncle pulls Jungwoo away. Daesung tries the makgoli and goes off to apologise to the men. Eunjo take a swig of the makgoli too, and sounds surprised that it’s gone bad. Hyosun comments that Eunjo didn’t believe her when she said it was bad, she just had to try it for herself. Not a good time to be picking bones here, sister, you’ve got a crisis. Even Kihoon knows. Eunjo asks her where the makgoli was bought, and seeing Kihoon’s serious face, Hyosun gives it up.

Jungwoo is questioned by evil uncle, who warns him to not say a word. However, Jungwoo has yet to realise that the evil uncle is the culprit. The next day, the newspaper headlines is all about Daesung’s makgoli. The production is shut down, and Eunjo and Daesung are at the police station trying to get to the bottom of this. Eunjo is passionately defending their production, saying that it’s not their fault that the makgoli is bad, someone’s been tempering with it. She’s oddly emotional and starts yelling at the police, but Daesung holds her hand to calm her down.

Hyosun is again with Kihoon, but this time she’s genuinely trying to figure out what’s going to happen with the factory and their business. Kihoon tells her that they were lucky this happened before the factory expansion, or their losses would have been greater. He says that it’ll be okay, and Hyosun asks him to repeat that, like how he would convince her that the moon is square. He just smiles and walks away, clearly with other things on his mind.

He then goes up to eDaddy, accusing him and Kijung of trying to sabotage Daesung’s business. eDaddy is disappointed that Kihoon thinks so lowly of him, and that he doesn’t understand him or Kijung. Kihoon asks eDaddy not to mess with Daesung for now, because Kihoon wants Daesung’s business for himself. He will not let Kijung get his hands on it, and he will not let Daesung’s company shut down. He wants to make the company stronger, so that when he takes over it, it will be of help to eDaddy. There’s also a little scene with Kijung and one of eDaddy’s staff, who’s reporting to Kijung. However, Kijung is aware that eDaddy already knows the guy is a mole, he’s always a step ahead.

In the middle of the night, Mummy sneaks into Eunjo’s room, and asks Eunjo in a hushed tone if the business was going under. Eunjo is all like “what?”, but Mummy is only concerned if the business folds, there’ll be nothing left for them. She asks if they’ll still have the house, and asks Eunjo to secretly change the ownership of one of the houses (at least!) to Eunjo’s name before it’s too late. Eunjo is horrified, and asks her mum to stop. Mummy gives Eunjo a few smacks on the arm and asks her not to be stupid. Eunjo, sick of her mother’s philandering ways, very seriously tells her not to worry, even if the business folds there’s still loads of assets for Mummy to get her hands on. Mummy seems happy to hear that and scampers away, and Eunjo seems a bit sad, because all her mum cares about is money.

Jungwoo is having a sleepless night, thinking about what evil uncle said to him. Yup, a good excuse to get Taecyeon in his undies, writer. Because Eunjo goes out for a walk after talking to her Mum, and he sees her outside and goes after her. It’s supposed to be a bit of a funny turn, him wanting to go see her so badly that he almost forgot to get dressed. But I didn’t really get it.

Eunjo is at the patio, where many years ago she heard Kihoon there, singing his Spanish song. She looks sadly at where he used to sit and then walks away before Jungwoo comes out. Poor guy. Eunjo walks out, and oddly hears the Spanish song again, but this time it’s not in her head. Kihoon is right in front of her, singing. She looks at him with her sad sad eyes and he looks at her sadly again, then she walks away. He goes to the patio to brood, and Jungwoo goes up to him, wanting to say something, but Kihoon doesn’t respond very amicably. Jungwoo ends up not saying anything, just salutes Kihoon and goes back in. I think Jungwoo was trying to tell Kihoon about the evil uncle and his doings, at least it seemed like he did.

Eunjo goes into the cellar for her moment with the bubbling makgoli, then someone asks her to turn off the lights. It’s Hyosun, who’s also there, brooding. Gosh, aren’t there mosquitoes there late at night? Hyosun asks if she can give it a try. She tells Eunjo that at one point, she wanted to be like Eunjo, cool, smart, not a care in the world. I think she’s going to try to emulate Eunjo again? I’m glad she’s finally trying to grow up, but I’d rather she try to grow into her own person instead of being like Eunjo.

The next day, Jungwoo goes on a little detective adventure of his own, and he discovers the secret place where evil uncle makes the bad makgoli, then leads Kihoon and Daesung there. Evil uncle is off in a noraebang having fun with girls, where he boasts that he just signed a contract to buy a piece of wasteland which is supposed to appreciate like mad in the next week. Yeah, right, nothing is that good and easy in life. However, things are not as rosy at Daesung’s. We see Jungwoo packing up his belongings, is he fired?

Daesung is having a meeting with the girls and Kihoon, where Hyosun objects to reporting the incident to the police. Eunjo is in favour of, and they pressure Daesung to make a decision. Daesung wants to protect evil uncle however he can, but not let the business go under. Eunjo doesn’t know how long it will take to regain the lost trust of their customers, but Daeusng asks her to take things slowly. Kihoon asks Eunjo to make a public apology in the papers, but she refuses to, because she doesn’t think they are in fault. Kihoon says that it’s their fault that their employees were out of control. Eunjo thinks there’s a conspiracy, that evil uncle is not the only one involved – she wants to make a police report (again?) and let them handle it.

Kihoon grabs her arm to stop her, but she flings it away. He tells her not to worry, that they’ll recover from this soon. He says that there are customers who want to see Daesung’s products out again, people are calling to find out about them. Eunjo says that there was only one phone call from the past week, and that was from someone who wanted to buy them out. The realisation sinks in after Eunjo storms out, and Kihoon goes after her to find out who was the buyer (like, my father or my brother?). He grabs her, but Jungwoo appears and stops him. Dang.

Daesung gets calls from potential buyers too, and Hyosun, overhearing the call, tries to console him. They then have a bit of a father-daughter bonding moment, which is quite sweet, considering the fact Daesung has spent most of the time worrying over Eunjo in recent times. Eunjo walks into them in their moment, and she stands outside, watching sadly. Kihoon, who went after her in rage, sees her sadness, and I think his heart was breaking for her too. He speaks to her more softly after that, asking her to go into the office with him. For one moment there it seemed like it was 8 years ago again, with him empathising with her.

Kihoon then suggests bringing their product to Japan, where the response has been promising. Eunjo wants to go to Japan to check it out first, but Kihoon volunteers to go, asking to bring Hyosun along as well. Hmm, trying one of his tricks here? He tells Hyosun that bringing her to Japan is so that she can learn how not to let people take her things away from her. It seems more fishy to me, like he wants to get some hanky-panky business in Japan, and bringing Hyosun who’s not smart enough to understand what he’s up to is a good excuse. Plus, it’s much easier to manipuate Hyosun.

Eunjo isn’t too happy that Kihoon and Hyosun are going on a trip together, she practically flings the air tickets and other documents in front of them. Lol. And when she leaves, she calls on Jungwoo, because Daddy wants to see him. Jungwoo comes out with all his belongings, and goes, “I’m fired, right?” Eunjo tells him he has to go find evil uncle with her tomorrow, and he gladly prances after her.

So the wrong couples go on the trips. Eesh. While on their road trip, Jungwoo just cannot hide his glee, and after the millions of hints and accent-dropping and memory-refreshing, Eunjo finally remembers who Jungwoo is. And she  smiles and looks genuinely happy at that. Suddenly Jungwoo has a lot to say, and he’s finally sounding more like his cheeky younger self, only more sleazy (because of the Taec factor – I keep thinking of that Ok-Daeri episode of Idol Army, lol). Their attempt to find evil uncle fails, apparently he’s ran away, unable to even pay his rent. Eunjo calls Daesung, who asks her to stay put, he’s waiting for a call for more info about the evil uncle. After he hangs up, Mummy walks in, saying that Junsu wants to go out with his father, but Daesung seems obviously unwell, clutching his chest and grimacing. Uh-oh. Something bad is going to happen.

In Japan, Kihoon and Hyosun arre waiting to meet their clients. Hyosun worries about not knowing any Japanese, but Kihoon consoles her, saying that their clients know Korean, because they’re kdrama fans. LOL poke some fun at yourself, eh? I don’t know about accents, Korean and Japanese, so I have no idea if the two lady clients sounded Japanese enough. Kihoon pours the two ladies makgoli, saying that hallyu stars like their makgoli too. Yeah that’s going to seal the deal! Lol the two ladies are impressed nonetheless by the quality of the makgoli (maybe the part about the hallyu stars helped), and they recognise Hyosun from watching the ad on youtube. Looks like they’ve done some research. One of the ladies says that her son is a fan, and that she’ll be happy to host them. Ooh, not bad. Hyosun barely had to say two sentences.

While waiting for Daesung’s phone call, Jungwoo and Eunjo rest by a beautiful river. Jungwoo suddenly gives Eunjo all the money he earned from military service, saying that it’s his life savings. Eunjo asks him why give the money to her, and he’s like, you know why. I think men always give their first salary to their parents, right? Not their girlfriends? Unless Jungwoo is thinking wife, which means he’s…oh well. Still living in his fantasy.

Eunjo ask how Beardface is doing, then she stops Jungwoo before he can answer, saying she’s not interested. Well, the overbearing guilt from one of your mother’s lovers is enough isn’t it? Not like Beardface is half as decent as Daesung is anyway. Jungwoo’s expression becomes serious, as he doesn’t know how Beardface is doing himself. He left Beardface when he was 16, but he says he was not on his own, he had noona. (Creepy? Or touching?) Eunjo asks if he’s given up on baseball (in an attempt to divert him from professing his love for her, obviously) but he doesn’t answer and says that she’s always been with him. Eunjo seems to hold back her tears, and tells him not to be rude (lack of knowledge of Korean here, but maybe in his last sentence he used informal speech with her?). He says yes, with a big cheeky smile on his face.

She decides to keep his money, which makes him really happy. Honestly, who would be so happy to give money away but him? Imagine Mummy in his place lol. Eunjo says she’ll keep the money to earn interest and give it back to him when he gets married. Their sweet moment is interrupted by a phone call, and Eunjo is…shocked.

Kihoon is awakened from his slumber by a teary Hyosun, who tells her oppa that her father has collapsed while on the outing with Junsu. I totally saw this coming. No good deed goes unpunished!

Next episode: It seems as though Kihoon is hugging Hyosun? And Eunjo is running and screaming…I hope it’s about Kihoon, because if it isn’t, it means something really really bad happens to Daesung. 😦


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