Wonder Girls on 100% Entertainment

It was aired today, was a pre-recorded episode. No Xiao Zhu though; he’s still on leave to prepare for his concert so HuDie stood in for him again. They had a cardboard cut out of him to remind us of his presence lol. I bet he was more upset than us though, he’s such a kpop fan, and he probably knows all their dances too!

Links to watch: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

They performed Nobody first, but it was lip-synced to the backtrack. The sound system probably wasn’t all that good or they didn’t have time to rehearse because of their packed schedule. Sohee did her ‘omona’ look for the fans, and HuDie tried to imitate her too! Lol. And they asked the girls to pick a guy from three pictures showing only their mouths. It was suffice to say, Xiao Zhu wasn’t missed at all, they had a bit of a tribute to him. 😀

After that it was some fan interaction time, which was nice! Most of the fans were girls though, I thought there’d be some fanboys there too! I initially thought the new member, Hyerim was fluent in Chinese, but she was just okay. Yeeun had the best pronunciation though, like with my observations during Kangxi. There was also the all-time favourite guess-who-drank-bitter-tea game with the fans. Which reminded me of the time that Shinee’s Jonghyun downed all his bitter tea at one go lol. That was a really fun episode ^^

Really missed Zhu’s presence in this episode – I don’t mind HuDie, but Zhu is just more fun! Enjoy the episode!!


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