Momo Love Episode 4

Time to continue on Momo Love – my watching experience was interrupted with other distractions, but in a good kind of way, because I was kind of getting sick of the silliness of Momo Love where we last left off. Not that I have anything against Momo Love, as of now, since there was a cooling off period. I’m good for now. πŸ˜‰ If you remember anything from the previous episode, Shilang’s hot lady cousin made her appearance to balance off the testosterone, Taohua decides to take a test so that she can be in Shilang’s school, and the Fearsome Four then forces Yui to ace the same test to reduce Taohua’s chances of getting the two available spots.

The episode begins with the brothers (again) apologising to Taohua for being mean to Shilang (they stepped all over Shilang and his mp3). If there’s anything to be sorry for, Taohua should be sorry that she has these four brothers.

They’re trying to buy her off with some cake, but I’m not buying it.

Taohua is on a hunger strike (and she refuses to speak to them too!)

Taohua refuses to speak to anyone of them, and instead shoves post-its at them to say that she won’t leave her room. Okayyy, but her silence doesn’t last long (or maybe she just got lazy with the post-its), because eventually they bug her enough for her to start speaking again. Now, if only they can work their magic on mute people.

What they were bickering about was insignificant, because everything that the brothers say, they will forget anyway (unless it works to their advantage). One second they’re okay with her liking Shilang, and the next, they’re all over Shilang’s mp3. So who says women are fickle? At least Taohua isn’t clingy, and her feelings do not change every 5 seconds.

While Taohua is off dreaming about Shilang again, Yui is busy watching a black and white movie and daydreaming of his own romance with Shilang’s cousin. The noir movie cleverly avoids copyright issues by having Larisa (of They Kiss Again!) and another foreign (or of mixed blood at least) actor acting out the roles. There’s even a kissing scene! And a cheesy ending, which brings our Yui to sadness and more fantasy.

I bet Yui dreamt about Larisa’s character all the time. If he’s a boy. Lol. When Yui is out renting more Dvds (of unknown genre), Taohua tails him out and begs Yui to help her out. It takes some blackmailing (remember how Yui tricked Taohua about Shilang’s supposed girlfriend?) but Yui gets melted into a puddle of goo by her anyway.

But the brothers sense something wrong with Taohua the next day – her thighs are awfully hairy, and…

She pees while standing?

Where is Taohua then?

She’s off to look for Shilang, but she’s intercepted by Shilang’s cousin, Xue. Xue tells her that Taohua’s attention towards Shilang has brought him a lot of trouble, and he treats her only as a friend. Plus, the added dangers of having four brothers who belong in an asylum is just too much for Shilang. Taohua tries to defend her brothers, just as they show up. Under pressure with all the accusations from Xue, Taohua confesses her feelings for Shilang.

And guess who suddenly appears?

Her confession is also overheard by Shilang, who appears in a typical dramatic coincidence. He doesn’t break into a smile and embrace her, but he looks genuinely confused. Stumped, in fact. Taohua gets all nervous and turns to leave, and Shilang attempts to go after her (too late, man), but he’s stopped by Xue and the Fearsome Four.

That night, Shilang’s Dad is awfully pleased that a girl is interested in Shilang, because he’s always worried that Shilang’s not into girls. I don’t know why parents would think that their children are gay just because they are single. And at this point, Shilang has yet to show more than an inkling of interest in Taohua (okay he has, but there’s no way Dad would know about it!). Daddy’s joy at the development seems to act only as a plot device for Xue to insult Taohua’s character, so that Shilang can retort in defense of Taohua.

Taohua, on the other hand, imagines a whole range of scenes that could possibly happen, instead of what actually did, including a kissing scene. Director, fantasy scenes do not actually make up for the actual disappointment of the lack of development in the actual scene. I hate all the fantasy elements of Taiwanese drama, even more than the slapstick parts. It’s frustrating to watch all of these happening, and then be told it’s all a dream. WTH!?!

Shilang also thinks about how he should have reacted, as opposed to being a block of wood, he ponders what he actually feels for Taohua. Some silly quiz pops up on tv, which is possibly the worst written piece of plot device on earth.

Note that the silly quiz is to search for Mr Right

  1. Are you good at expressing your feelings?
  2. Have you ever lost to a girl in sports?
  3. Does the girl who recently confessed to you have brothers who are insanely obsessed with her?

Guess what Shilang’s answers are. Maybe the silly quiz was an embodiment of Shilang’s own imaginations, but why should a quiz be entitled “Who’s Your Mr Right?” if the target audience is male? (Unless…Dad’s fears are not groundless…) But seeing as this is a Taiwanese drama, it’s just a really bad piece of writing. The main point that this silly scene tries to get across is that Shilang just can’t stop thinking of Taohua. Yay! I would’ve known that anyway, since I’m a psychic.

Back at the Chens, Yui is asked to bring Taohua to have dinner at Cheng’s room, but he finds her fast asleep. He reports back to Cheng that she seemed to have cried, which obviously invokes guilt from Cheng towards Taohua, and rage towards Yui (you know, for not knowing every single thing that goes on with Taohua.) Each brother then bursts out from each other corner of Cheng’s room in rage and pounces on Yui.

I find it amusing that Qi pops out of the closet πŸ˜€

At least this was more funny than sad, because at least they seemed to have done this out of guilt than to torture Yui for fun. I think they’re not as tough on Yui when Taohua is unhappy (even if she’s unhappy directly due to their doings).

The Fearsome Four ponder over Shilang’s reaction (really? we absolutely need everyone’s opinion on this?) and He wonders if Shilang even likes girls, and for a second He suggested that Yui should go after Shilang. This possibly gay thing isn’t funny like that, guys, seriously.

Yui just wants to watch his dvds in peace.

They then hatch a plan to divert Taohua’s attentions from Shilang, by ‘naturally’ coming in the way of Taohua’s schedules.

Which includes letting her oversleep on purpose.

Delaying her with irresistable food

Giving her a the national museum.

It’s not really like they were fighting dirty or something; these were nice sweet gestures that are not unusual of them anyway. They stuff food to Taohua at every episode possible, I’d think. Why do they think that food brings peace? Women binge eat when they’re angry, not when they’re forgiving. *rolls eyes* Taohua comes home all sulky that she missed class and the Fearsome Four have unabashed glee all over their faces. Taohua refuses further ‘help’ in getting to class the following day, but the Fearsome Four just cannot contain their joy at their one little success in thwarting what may have been an opportunity for Taohua to see Shilang. Gawd, even a moron would sense that something is not right with these goons making their intentions so clear. (And by moron, I definitely meant Yui, in the most endearing way possible.)

Does this affirm my point?

Yui is trying to study while doing chores, but Taohua shows up, begging for another favour. Another last favour. Lol. It’s like an alcoholic taking their ‘last’ swig. Taohua begs Yui to pass an mp3 player to Shilang, as a replacement for the one that the Fearsome Four broke. Yui relents, and passes the mp3 player to Shilang on the bus the following day.

Shilang listens to the mp3 player, where Taohua puts in her favourite music, plus a recording of her own thoughts and feelings. She comes off really forthright and vulnerable, and I think the gesture and her recording managed to move the wooden block that is Shilang, because he actually smiled. And all along I thought he wasn’t capable of showing expressions which are not confusion and curiosity. It’s amazing how he’s progressed from the wooden little boy to someone who actually may feel something for a girl. It doesn’t feel too sudden, yet I can’t help but think if Taohua hadn’t been so obvious with her feelings for Shilang, he may not even have all these butterflies fluttering in him. On a side note, I liked Taohua’s recording/podcast on the mp3, the heartfelt parts at least, because I think Cyndi is more capable of expressing the emotional side of Taohua’s character. When she has to act cute, she seems a bit hesitant, and her holding back makes Taohua’s cuteness a bit forced at times.

Both of them continue to think about each other even more, which leads us to the oh-so-frequent split shots of the two mains…

I’d like to glaze over the imaginary sequences because of the unrealness of it all, but this time Shilang is the one with the fantasies. And I’m assuming this is the PG version of the fantasy…because he’s a dude after all. What I mean to point out is all the tension and chemistry between Taohua and Shilang in the fantasy scenes were amazing. If only they were less awkward in drama reality.

At first I thought imaginary Taohua was his cousin (but then I smacked myself for being so wrong since Xue is so not on the Taohua-Shilang ship), since imaginary Taohua was refering to herself in the third person, and she spoke like a relationship expert. But well, Shilang could be schizophrenic (although not in the context of Taiwanese dramas, where fantasies are normal!).

Taohua then has her own imaginary conversation with imaginary Shilang, which reflects her doubts in whether Shilang truly has feelings for her. Yui, the only caring-but-not-overbearing one in the family, realises Taohua is in a dilemma over boy issues. He tries to not care about Taohua’s problems, but his conscience comes to bug him…in the form of the Fearsome Four. It was hilarious, yet cute to see silly Yui get cornered by four incarnations of the Fearsome Four as himself. Guess who is who? πŸ˜€

It takes really long for Shilang to decide on his feelings, so Daddy gives him another push into realising his feelings for Taohua by telling Shilang how he met with his mother. A little cheesy, but we get a neat little flashback where Amber Guo is Shilang’s Mum.

At least now half of Shilang's good looks can be justified by genes.

And Shilang has this puppy-dog look in his eyes that I couldn’t resist capping. πŸ˜€ The lighthearted moment between Shilang and Dad may have been a bit cheesy, but Jiro Wang’s sincerity wins me over.

Shilang then makes an effort to reciprocate Taohua’s affections by asking Yui to pass along some study material to her. And thus, they begin texting each other. All the flexting (flirting via text) between the two makes their development seem more real to us, and they should have started this so much sooner. Unsurprisingly, they try to keep their development a secret from their nosy family members.

Even when they try to play nice they look a bit scary...

Flexting leads them to…their first date. Finally! Development! The Fearsome Four and Xue sense something wrong with Taohua and Shilang, and decide to stalk them (separately). Taohua and Shilang managed to shake them off by pulling a switcheroo on the bus and blending in with other students in uniforms, leaving the Fearsome Four and Xue to go all the way to the last stop of the route, only to find no one on the bus.

Xue conveniently followed the Fearsome Four who were following Taohua, but later on goes into a rage when she finds out that they lost Shilang and Taohua. Well yeah, blame it all on the men, but you got tricked too!

So on their first date, the activity that they choose to do was go on a plane ride. Rightttt, of all the things they could do, they had to choose this. This isn’t exactly a very low-risk activity, and considering Taohua has four overprotective paranoid brothers, this is perfect. The first date goes along pretty sweetly, I must say. Taohua reaffirms her feelings for Shilang, which he seems pleased to hear but does not give a clear response to. But I foresee not much interference from other non-family characters in their relationship, so I’m really enjoying their less awkward interactions a whole lot here. πŸ™‚

They even sleep together! How's that for progress?

Not-so-nice things await them as they return for their date though – it seems that the Fearsome Four and Xue have been camping out at the bus stop. Don’t they need to eat at all? Needless to say, more confrontation ensues. Xue confronts Taohua for kidnapping Shilang, the Fearsome Four go all overprotective. Xue cries bully (seriously, Shilang is burly enough to hold his own against the Four, but Xue is just too macho for her own good), and then turns around and flings a garbage bin at them. Whoa. Fierce.

She then throws a punch at Qi, who grabs her arm and throws her onto Cheng. How unmanly is that! But the whole girl-falling-onto-guy thing has resulted in some sparks between Cheng and Xue. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Although Xue was still pissed, Cheng seemed to have softened a little in his attitude towards her after the incident, even defending her actions, saying that she’s just looking out for Shilang like they do for Taohua. Taohua picks up on Cheng’s change in perception, and she then plots with Shilang to matchmake the two. They send gifts to both Cheng and Xue, presumably from the other person. The only down side of this is that Yui sees the card that Taohua planted, and he feels devastated, because he has a crush on Xue. Awww. The poor boy. He questions Cheng about Xue’s interest in him, but Cheng is rather nonchalant, because he’s had girls fawning over him all his life, as opposed to cute little puppy Yui, who wants to love Xue with everything he’s got. Not that Cheng isn’t interested in Xue, he just knows how to work his way around women.

Taohua asks Cheng to take her out during the weekend, sans the rest of the Fearsome Four. The other three are jealous over Cheng’s special attention, but Yui realises that Taohua is just using Cheng so that she can go out with Shilang, who’ll probably drag Xue along. Yui wishes that he was the one used instead.

The trio make their feelings known...

Cheng feels the heat from the remaining three out of their silly competitive jealousy. Seriously? But he feels pressured enough to leave home with Taohua extra early before the other three wake up. I don’t know how these four can be so dim. It’s not as if they didn’t know about Taohua’s feelings for Shilang, they’re completely disregarding the fact that she likes Shilang. And they’re dense enough not to realise that Taohua does not want to hang out with them and go to picnics with them all the time. They’re like parents who have trouble letting go of their kid during the rebellious teenage phase. Only in this case, their actual parents have no problems letting go…

As expected, Cheng and Taohua run into Shilang and Xue at the theme park. But it does not seem like a happy coincidence. Did they not expect Shilang and Taohua to pull something like this off? Seriously?


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