Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Finale

Whoa. That sums up the 2-hour finale of Grey’s for me. I’ve had my issues this season of Grey’s Anatomy, mainly with how they let Izzie go without a proper farewell. I was very distressed, but yet I liked some of the storylines they put out there this season too – the dynamics of the Teddy-Owen-Cristina relationship, Mark’s growth as a human being and Callie and Arizona’s relationship (most of the time anyway).

More ahead, but be warned: there’s nothing but spoilers ahead. And if you didn’t look like this throughout the 2 hours of the show, or at least at some point during the finale, then you must have a heart of stone.

Hats off to Shonda for writing this finale – it was so gripping and filled with suspense, there were several points where I thought I was going to stop breathing, too. There’s a shooter in the hospital, and while he’s looking for Derek for revenge for killing his wife, he shoots up a whole lot of other people. First, he shoots Reed. Right in the head.

When it first happened, I thought it was a bit of a joke Shonda is playing on us, by killing off the Mercy Westers like flies (honestly, I didn’t like most of them). Then Gary Clark shoots Alex. Not in the head, but in the chest. And then the terror hits me, and I’m literally on the edge of my seat as Gary Clark tours the hospital.

My favourite character on the show is Bailey, and I’m going to start from her. Bailey and one of the Mercy Westers, Percy, are in a patient’s room. (The patient so happens to be Mandy Moore’s character, Mary) Gary Clark shoots people outside in the ward, so everyone either runs away or ends up dead. Gary Clark sees Percy, who pleads for his life, saying he’s a surgeon. Percy gets shot. When Gary Clark pulled Bailey out from underneath the bed, I was so worried that he would kill her too. If Bailey gets shot and even remotely gets close to dying, I’m not watching Grey’s Anatomy anymore.

Bailey tells him she’s not a surgeon, and he spares her. I was too distraught to even question Gary Clark’s choice of killings – maybe it didn’t make sense to him who he was killing or wasn’t. All he wanted was to kill Derek, maybe bring down a few other surgeons. But what about the people in the ward? They were just nurses or maybe patients. Were those kills for terrifying purposes only?

Bailey does her best to save Percy after the shooter leaves, but without getting him to an OR and having proper equipment, she couldn’t. She has a moment where she rues fate, because she has to sit and watch another one of her interns leave (and Izzie’s leaving the show can be included in this, or at least I choose to include it). Then she goes back and holds Percy in her arms as he dies. I don’t have any attachment to Percy, but how can that not be a tearjerker?

Next is Alex. I cringed watching him crawl into the lift after he was shot, half glad that he was still alive, and the other half eerily recalling Tony Leung’s death in Infernal Affairs. Well, I don’t think Shonda watched Infernal Affairs, nor did she intend to let Alex die straight away, but Alex got into the lift. Except he couldn’t press any buttons (duh). Mark and Lexie find Alex in the chaos, which could have well been a scene from a horror movie.

They take Alex into a conference room to hide from the shooter. Lexie risks her life to go out to get the supplies they need to help Alex, and runs into Gary Clark in the process. Gary Clark recognises her as the person who turned off the machines for his wife, meaning she was the one who directly killed his wife. Oh, no. But a SWAT guy manages to shoot (but not kill or immobilise) Gary Clark before he shoots Lexie. Lexie runs for her life, and the guilt from contributing to the shooter’s tragedy makes her want to save Alex even more. She even says “I love you” to him, but Alex, in all his pain, calls out for Izzie instead.

Mark witnesses everything, poor guy. He’s just realised that he’s still in love with Lexie, and I think deep down inside Lexie still loves Mark, but she’s just overridden with guilt in that moment, and Alex is her guy in that moment (because they’re sleeping together). And Mark isn’t exact dying on a table. Anyway, Alex does manage to make it out of the hospital alive, with the big fat chest tube stuck in him. Small yay for one of the original 5 making it.

I don’t know how things will go for the Mark-Lexie-Alex triangle, but I just can’t envision Alex getting over Izzie just yet. Yes, I’m still hoping Izzie comes back, even though Katherine Heigl has officially deserted Grey’s. 😦

Callie and Arizona are not talking, and their encounter with Gary Clark was very brief but filled with suspense nonetheless. After he was shot, he was going around looking for help (ironic).

Arizona sort of freezes in the face of the shooter, but Callie steps up and gives him some bandages. He takes them and then walks away. Arizona and Callie eventually patch things up when Arizona realises that Callie is serious about the relationship and she’s willing to even…have kids with Callie. I always thought that Arizona was a bit of an oddball hidden under the perky blonde exterior, so it’s a bit hard to understand her. At the very least, they’re both still alive.

Cristina is having the same issue as Meredith did a few seasons ago – Owen has to choose between her and Teddy, or at least, he’s made to choose between them.

I like Teddy, but in the end Owen chose Cristina by running back into the hospital. Or was he just choosing based on who needed him more in that moment? I hope he chooses Cristina because of Cristina, and not because he just wanted to save her.

Cristina is my favourite character after Bailey, because she’s tough and she saves lives even in tumultuous times. When Izzie found out she had cancer, she went to Cristina, because Cristina would get the job done. This time, Cristina has to save Derek. Because Derek gets shot.

The worse part of him getting shot was that Meredith actually saw the process, and could do nothing to save him. She must have felt horrible, and being pregnant doesn’t help either. Meredith entrusts Derek’s life to Cristina, because she’s too much of a wreck to do it herself – like how Derek was when Meredith drowned herself.

Cristina keeps her head and gets Derek to the OR, but Avery tells her that Owen and Teddy are not around to help Derek – Cristina has to operate on Derek. Speaking of Avery, I think he’s one of the more interesting Mercy Westers (seeing as the writers plan on keeping him they’ve developed his character more) but I think Cristina also addressed him by his first name here, which worries me a little.

Anyway, Cristina operates and she is forced to mature into a fullblown kickass surgeon without Teddy’s supervision. The pressure is tremendous, and it only gets worse because Gary Clark comes into the OR trying to kill Derek. Cristina operates on, but she cries and begs and her fear is so real, so understandable, yet I admire her courage to continue operating despite having a gun to her head.

Meredith tries to distract Gary Clark by pointing out that all 3 people he’s tried to kill – Derek, the Chief and Lexie – are related to her, so killing her would be the ultimate revenge. Owen tries to distract the shooter but gets shot in the process. In the end, Avery pulls the lead off Derek’s heart, tricking Gary Clark into thinking that Derek is already dead. After he leaves, Cristina goes on, and asks Meredith to save Owen for her. It’s odd that they each have to save each other’s man. And so twisted in such a way that only Shonda can pull off.

Meredith suffers a miscarriage as she operates on Owen, who fortunately makes it through. And it was very emotional to watch as she tried to save Owen, while Cristina saved Derek. Granted, it turned out okay, but are they really okay? How are Mer/Der going to deal with the miscarriage? Derek has yet to know about the pregnancy and miscarriage, and it’s gonna be a hell of a ride at the start of the next season.

Cristina was more emotional in this episode than in the entire Season 1 and 2 added together, which says oodles about how her character has grown. From not even wanting to call Meredith a friend, she’s become this person who would fight for her friends, and fight for her best friend’s husband, even when her own life is at stake. What I find hard to understand is her relationship with Owen and Teddy, which is beyond complicated and exploring Owen’s maybe-choice is something I look forward to next season

Finally, the Chief. When the shootout first started, he was outside the hospital grounds, not allowed to enter. He could only wait, and he was helpless. In the end, he went in, he went to look for Gary Clark. He challenged the man, and took control of what used to be his hospital. He did not even hesitate when offered alcohol by Gary Clark, and his power over the defeated shooter was just amazing. It was like seeing the old Chief back again. Maybe it’s symbolic. For most of the season he was no longer Chief, and he could only stand by and watch his hospital run by Derek, but now, he’s taken charge, and he’ll probably be in control until Derek gets better. (I can only presume.)

So, hell yeah, what an epic finale.


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