We Got Married

Who got married, you say? It’s my latest k-variety fad, where celebrities are united in make-believe matrimony and carry out romantic missions designed to make viewers’ heart go all aflurry. Usually I’d see through the ploys and scoff at these sort of things, but I really did fall for this couple – Kwon and Ga-in. While I disagree with the show being anything close to reality tv programmes in the States (what’s real when they’re not really married anyway?), this couple sometimes blurs the lines between reality and tv.

Who are these people, you wonder? Jo Kwon is the leader of idol boyband 2AM, while Ga-in is arguably one of the most outstanding members of the Brown-Eyed Girls. While they both have had success in their singing activities, their exploits on We Got Married has surprisingly propelled them into spotlight. I could spend all day discussing the phenomenon of kpop fandom and their obsession with their idols, but all I can say is that the show did do Kwon and Ga-in some good. For someone like me who had no inkling of who 2AM or Brown-Eyed Girls were, it opened up my eyes to their work, some of which are rather enjoyable.

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From Kwon’s twitter

I don’t wonder if they’re really dating in real life, that would be completely up to them. But I do wonder if their interactions on the show, is it hammed up as a professional act in the premise of the show, or are their actions somehow a reflection of their true affection for each other? Now, that is why it’s got me hooked. Judge for yourself. Go watch it!

If you understand Mandarin, just type ‘我們結婚了’ in youtube and you can find all previous episodes subbed in Mandarin. Due to their large following in China, the episodes are subbed very quickly after the Saturday broadcast in Korea. The latest episode is already up here, and it’s just Sunday afternoon in Asia! For English-only viewers, there’s a fansubbing group to follow on youtube. Tell me what you think. 🙂


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