We Got Married 100612

It’s out already in Mandarin subs. Gotta love the subbers – they’re so efficient!

Links to watch: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

I didn’t plan on doing a weekly post of the programme, but they’re just sooo cute! Kwon wanted to give Ga-in the couple ring in the cinema but they both ended up falling asleep…so fail, but hilarious. It’s moments like this that enforce the realness of the show (even if it’s made up), that nothing in the world is perfect. You can plan for ages how you want something to turn out, and eventually nothing does goes according to plan. But he should have angled for a kiss right after she got the ring, guess he was too excited too.

Just a little note here, Kwonnie looks a bit weird when he’s driving lol. And he probably doesn’t drive often enough to have polished his parking skills too, but he did try. 🙂 Next, they go bungee jumping – how cool is that?!

Ga-in was nervous, she even asked if there was alcohol sold nearby and she insisted the place wasn’t open lol. Kwon was scared too but I think his fear was toned down a bit in the face of Ga-in and her nerves. So sweet! It was hilarious though, later on as his fear became more and more apparent. It was such a sweet episode of them filled with Adam-couple flavour. Perfect for the weekend 😉


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