Momo Love Episode 6

Episode 6! The halfway mark of the series. Finally!

In the previous episode we saw Huiqi moving in near Taohua’s house, but the real bombshell only drops in the beginning of this episode. Guess who’s there to help Huiqi move in?

Nope, not Yui.



Huiqi announces that they are childhood friends, even grabbing Shilang’s arm to mark her territory in front of Taohua. Shilang doesn’t deny that, but he does pull his arm away from her grasp. Shilang, oblivious to the implications of his actions, bubbly introduces Huiqi as his friend from the States, and that she’s recently moved back and will be their schoolmate (probably classmate too, to amp up the drama).

After Shilang leaves, Huiqi clarifies that Shilang is not just a friend, but they’re already engaged. Yeah, if that were half-true, you’d announce when Shilang was still present, you sneaky little rat.

Yui is less than happy though

But it doesn’t take much to rattle the minds of our characters, because the Fearsome Four were raging at dinner. (I wonder why all their conversations revolve around the dinner table or in the midst of torturing Yui.) Qi quickly spots the silver lining in the cloud of Huiqi, because with her presence, it means that Taohua has no chances with Shilang. So even without their interference, Huiqi will get the job done! Imagine them rubbing their hands in glee at this very moment.

At least we know the noodles are hot - see how Zhuan's specs are all fogged up!

Taohua, on the other hand, is all glum and doubtful. She isn’t smart or confident enough to doubt Huiqi’s claims, so she doubts herself instead. Meanwhile, Yui is again wallowing in self pity while watching his old movies. What’s creepy is that Larisa climbs out of the tv set (if you watch Asian horror movies you will be creeped out) to console him…with a kiss. As much as I love Larisa, it did not reduce the creepy factor of the scene!

In Huiqi’s house, she asks him if Taohua was his girlfriend, because she sees that he likes her. (See? I knew it, you sneaky thing.) Right, the only two people who doesn’t know that Shilang likes Taohua are Shilang and Taohua. He didn’t give an outright answer, just saying that she’s very innocent and being with her was simple. Huiqi tells him that not being clear about whether he likes someone is like stringing her along, and this would hurt her. She’s talking about herself here, because she blatantly calls herself a victim of that, but Shilang thinks she meant Taohua, so he worries about Taohua feeling hurt. Well, that doesn’t make Huiqi too happy, but at least we are clear on where these two stand.

On their first day of school, during the introduction ceremony, we see the four new students sitting together – Yui, Taohua, Huiqi and the final one being Xue Zhiqiang, Calvin’s character. He is happy to see Taohua again and introduces himself to her, while wearing a huge grin on his face. More to come with these two, I presume.

While Qi is giving a speech as a member of the alumni, Shilang spots Taohua in the crowd and they wave to each other. Huiqi notices this and is furious! She fakes a faint, garnering enough attention for Shilang to rush over and carry her away to the nurse’s room, and for Qi to announce to the whole school that Shilang is Huiqi’s fiance. As Shilang exits with Huiqi in his arms, Huiqi throws a wink and a peace sign at Taohua to gloat at her little triumph over Taohua. Taohua, distraught with Huiqi’s devious ways, faints, probably for real.

Over at the nurse’s station, Huiqi panics when the weird nurse says she has to give her a shot, thus exposing her own trick. Shilang is as annoyed as his indifferent self can be, but apparently it’s an old trick that Huiqi has pulled off before. Huiqi admits that it was a ploy for his attention.

The wrong way to carry a girl who is not your romantic interest

Moments later, Yui comes in with Taohua over his shoulder. The weird nurse’s solution to every sickness is to give a shot. I suppose that would scare away anyone who’s pretending to be sick and also has a fear of needles.

The right way to carry a girl who is not your romantic interest

Yui reprimands the oblivious Shilang for being a cheating fiance, and Huiqi sheepishly admits that it was a promise he made in kindergarten. Why am I not surprised? But Shilang’s concern speaks ounces for himself, in my opinion. Yui is delighted to know that the engagement is not credible, despite Huiqi’s childish claims. Well, now you just have to explain it to the rest of the school.

In class, Huiqi officially wages war on Taohua. She engages Taohua in a debate in literature class, and challenges Taohua to a vaulting competition in gym class. Taohua is no pushover though, she beats Huiqi flat at vaulting (remember Taohua even beat Shilang in judo?), but she and Yui soon realise that Huiqi is really lousy at sports. Her main aim of the vault challenge? To gain Shilang’s attention, no less. Another pointless triumph for Huiqi! Huiqi 2, Taohua 0. (If you are keeping score, that is.)

Their next meaningless battle happens over lunch, where Taohua and Huiqi both race to buy lunch for Shilang. They both race to the cafeteria, and although Taohua reaches first, Huiqi orders first. They squabble over who should get the food first, Huiqi wins, yet again.

Pointless triumph #3 for Huiqi!

Over lunch, the topic of societies comes up, and Huiqi unsurprisingly wants to join the judo club to be with Shilang. Taohua wants to join the judo club too, and the difference is that Taohua actually kicks ass in judo, unlike Huiqi. Shilang deters her from joining by telling her that there’s a very strict physical test to enter the club. Yui is completely uninterested in judo, and instead asks Huiqi to join a movie lovers society (which he obviously made up just for her sake). But Huiqi gets annoyed by the fact that joining judo is near impossible and storms away.

After Huiqi leaves, Shilang confesses that there’s no such test for girls – the entrance test is for boys only. O_O He lied to Huiqi so that she wouldn’t join the judo club, not so that Taohua can have some peace (if only he were that considerate), but Huiqi is not fit enough and he doesn’t want her to injure herself. Dang.

But when Taohua and Yui turn up at the judo club registration, Huiqi appears and announces that she’s signed up to be the club manager. And there’s only one spot for that (imagine her saying that in a snooty tone). I thought the joke would be on Huiqi when she hears that there’s no entrance test for girls, but she turns the table by convincing the coach to enforce the test on girls too. Namely those by the name of Taohua.

Taohua, being the fighter that she is, goes along with the gruelling tests, with Shilang’s support. Taohua endures the 200 sit-ups, the bunny hopping, and also the endurance run, quite effortlessly too, I must say. Yui, despite all his disaster training with the Fearsome Four, actually finds it tougher than she did, judging purely from the amount of perspiration, lol. You be the judge.

Zhiqiang makes a pass for Taohua during the endurance test

The two unhappy people speak for themselves here

Anyway, they all make it through alive, with Yui and Taohua passing the test. Zhiqiang is also accepted unconditionally into the club, meaning he didn’t have to sweat it out like the others (I wonder why). Huiqi, unhappy that she didn’t manage to thwart Taohua’s chances with Shilang, takes another shot by telling the coach that Taohua wishes to challenge Zhiqiang to a fight.

What?! Another girl-guy battle? Not that Taohua isn’t up for it, but because it’s orchestrated by the sneaky little thing that it’s annoying. Zhiqiang is all up for it (gawd, is chivalry dead?) and he tells Taohua to go for it.

Taohua easily pins him to the ground, and he’s highly impressed by that. And positively thrilled with all the close contact with Taohua. He is then on the verge of professing his love for Taohua, but Yui stops him, saying that things like “I love you” are the passwords to hell. I love how poetic Yui is. Zhiqiang points out that Taohua is fair game as long as she isn’t married, which translates as “to hell with the Fearsome Four!” for me. Taohua meekly points out that she’s not as great as he thinks, pointing out her own flaws for him. He cuts her off, pointing out that Taohua and Huiqi both like Shilang, but any idiot would have made his choice by now. (I agree!) He then cheesily tells her that unlike Shilang who needs more time, he can tell her right now that she’s his only choice. Huiqi is delighted, but Shilang can only look on with a horrified expression.

Do you sense the rivalry growing here?

Huiqi also announces Zhiqiang’s confession to the whole class, which fuels the gossip train. Zhiqiang doesn’t help much, instead adding fuel to the fire with all his cheesiness. Yui mulls over telling the Fearsome Four about Zhiqiang, but then decides not to, since he’s confident that Taohua only has eyes for Shilang.

Back home at the pajama party, the Fearsome Four grumble about the gruelling judo club test while nursing Taohua’s aches and bruises.

Yui gets a plaster too!

The Fearsome Four realise that with Taohua’s entry to the judo club, Shilang’s presence in her life will grow, which is not good for them. They decide that Taohua has no experience in love, so that’s why she keeps clinging on to Shilang. Their next plan is to find Taohua a perfect lover to pry her away from Shilang. Seriously? And this guy won’t be a threat how? Sometimes I’m amazed by the simplicity of their minds.

Yui knows that nothing good happens when the Four are smiling so happily. So do I.

They gather Yui and Huiqi to discuss their plans to separate Shilang and Taohua. Yui’s assignment is to invite Zhiqiang over to their place. Their temporary plan is to get Zhiqiang to pursue Taohua, so that she knows what it’s like to be wooed (as opposed to her wooing Shilang). Once Taohua gives up Shilang, Fearsome Four will get rid of Zhiqiang. Well, if Taohua really falls for Zhiqiang, then their plan would backfire. If she doesn’t fall for Zhiqiang, it means that she still can’t let go of her feelings for Shilang. I don’t know how they think this could work. The odds are against them!

The next day, the battle continues between Taohua and Huiqi. Both of them prepared brought lunchboxes for Shilang. Huiqi’s lunchbox was prepared by a chef, Taohua’s by He. Lol. They both try to get Shilang to pick theirs, but before he has to make a choice, the bus jolts and the lunchboxes fall to the ground. Great. He even gets out of picking his own lunch?

Huiqi keeps following Shilang around, and Taohua, refusing to be beaten, follows Shilang too. This exasperates Shilang, so he asks them to go to class (and stop following him!). I like how he doesn’t say what he truly wants to say. Or what I truly want to say on his behalf.

Zhiqiang then puts in more cheesiness in his efforts to woo Taohua, by getting other boys to give Taohua a white rose and a compliment. He says that she wouldn’t believe if it only he complimented her, so he got other people to compliment her too. Which is sweet and cheesy, but Taohua rejects him. Now, there’s a girl who knows what she wants. The cheesy smile is wiped off Zhiqiang’s face. I actually think that he overdoes the cheesy smile – I understand that his character is more smiley and happy compared to broody Shilang, but smiling to himself a whole lot is actually too much. When he looks serious, Calvin Chen is not too bad at conveying the depth and emotion of Zhiqiang’s character.

At judo practice, Zhiqiang confronts Shilang about his non-decisiveness regarding Taohua. He asks Shilang how much he likes her, but Shilang pushes this aside, saying that he’ll respect whatever decision Taohua makes. Yeah, at least Shilang can be confident about Taohua’s feelings for her. Shilang warns Zhiqiang that the Fearsome Four will be out to get him, and it’s not easy to fall within their standards. Shilang almost sounds like he’s bragging, but his face has not a trace of snootiness in it. I would not want to play poker with Shilang.

The next 30 minutes, however, is where all the heavy action goes down. We have a bit more pointless competition between Huiqi and Taohua. Huiqi signed up for Shilang’s class and shows off to Taohua about it. As it is too late to sign up for that class, Taohua is crestfallen at being one-upped (four-upped, if you keep score like me) by Huiqi again. She turns down Zhiqiang’s offer for lunch, and wanders around school, only to run into Shilang.

Some rare alone time for the two

Turns out Shilang dropped the class that he was supposed to be in (I thought he was being a badboy who skipped his classes, dang) so Huiqi’s efforts turned against her sneaky self. But Yui happily joins her in the class, while Shilang and Taohua have some nice alone time. Shilang asks her out over the weekend, and Taohua looks absolutely thrilled. If you would take the effort to ask someone out, how can you still be ‘unsure’ of your feelings? Gawd, sometimes this show just slaps itself in the face.

Evidence #2 that nothing good happens when they look so happy.

The weekend is perfect timing for Taohua’s second date, since the Fearsome Four desperately want her away from the house so that they can arrange to meet Zhiqiang. If they were smart enough, they’d ask him to meet them outside, so that they won’t have to disturb Taohua. Stupid.

Meanwhile, Zhiqiang’s acting a little weird after Yui invites him over to their house during the weekend. He muses that Yui looks a lot like Taohua, and then imagines what the Fearsome Four would look like.


I thought the show was going to go deeper than this, but they give away the mystery behind Zhiqiang’s sudden oddness. Turns out Huiqi approached Zhiqiang before the Fearsome Four could get to him. She tells him that in order to even stand a chance of surviving the Fearsome Four and get the girl, he has to pretend to not like Taohua. Huh? If you remember, when the Fearsome Four invited Huiqi over for their plotting session, Huiqi blatantly stated that Zhiqiang doesn’t seem interested in Taohua, and that he would be suitable for their 100% boyfriend candidate.

What Huiqi wants, of course, is for Taohua to stay away from Shilang, and Zhiqiang would be perfect to woo Taohua away. The only problem is that, if the Fearsome Four gets an inkling that Zhiqiang is remotely interested in Taohua (for real), then the Four would never agree to getting him to play the part of fake-boyfriend.

So on Sunday, Taohua goes out with Shilang to shop for a birthday present for Qi (how sweet!), but she tells them she’s out with her girlfriend Xiao Mi. The Fearsome Four know otherwise though, because Xiao Mi turns up at their doorstep. Although they realise that Taohua must be out with Shilang, Qi decides to let this slide, because they have more important issues at hand – dealing with Zhiqiang.

After confirming that Zhiqiang is in fact, not a criminal and not physically unhealthy, they tell Zhiqiang of their plan to have him woo Taohua. Zhiqiang, knowing he has the upper hand here, keeps his cool and asks what he will get in return. The Fearsome Four are momentarily stumped, which I find really outrageous. How could they not have thought about this in the first place?! They plan to ask someone to waste their time pursuing a girl he does not like (that’s what they know anyway) yet they dont’ have a carrot to dangle in front of him?

Zhiqiang answers his own question, by asking that they don’t stop him and Yui from being together, and then he forcefully plants a smacker on Yui. This is rather superficially done, imo, as if just for the shock factor, and to earn some laughs from the incredulity of it all, so I shan’t dwell on it too much.

While the Fearsome Four are only too happy to sacrifice Yui for the sake of Taohua, Yui isn’t all too happy about it. Well, the Four aren’t too concerned about whether Yui actually likes Zhiqiang, so Yui can only sulk in his room about his stolen first kiss. Even when his beloved Larisa appears to console him, Yui turns her away, saying that he already has someone he likes. Who is obviously not Zhiqiang.

The Fearsome Four then set out their plan for Zhiqiang to woo Taohua. First step in wooing a girl is to not be overzealous (and tone down on the cheesiness, might I add). This means instead of shadowing her and freaking her out, just a simple polite greeting would do. Next, being kind and generous to other people in Taohua’s presence. Even if it means leading an old lady the wrong way home.

This also includes making up a sob story about a fake previous girlfriend who died of leukaemia, and getting other people to gossip about it in front of Taohua while Zhiqiang stands in his fake rain crying his fake tears. The Fearsome Four mentioned that Zhiqiang has never had a girlfriend before, so we are assured that the entire plan in its fakeness. All the above actions are to reduce Taohua’s animosity towards Zhiqiang, so that she wouldn’t think of him as such an annoying person. No one told him about the cheesiness? Darn.

While Qi is busy plotting the courtship of Taohua, he is surprised by Yui and Taohua with a birthday cake. The other three weren’t around, probably out of jealousy that Taohua is celebrating Qi’s birthday. Lol. Immature. Taohua presents Qi with the present that she and Shilang picked out on their date – a very neat cushion that doubles up as a laptop holder to work on. Cool! I want one of those.

Although Taohua gives away the fact that Shilang and her picked it out on their Sunday outing, Qi doesn’t get angry. Instead I see guilt creeping over him as Yui reminds him of his plans for Taohua. Will he change his mind about the plan? We’ll see.


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