We Got Married 100619

More disaster for the Adam couple this week! The lease for their house is over, and they’re forced to move out. Awww. And where to move to but to…2AM’s dorm. The place where Ga-in had some less than happy memories. LOL.

I personally felt that the producers did this on purpose – it’s not that they haven’t scouted out a potential new house for the couple, but this is a nice opportunity to subject them to more disaster. (And because we’re such sadists who enjoy watching them go through some hardships first before being happy.)

I love how Changmin initially was not too happy at having Ga-in camping there, but when she mentioned her friends saying how handsome he was, he became so happy! Lol. See how far flattery can get you in life. Seulong was easy to impress too, and it was hilarious to see him and Jinwoon in the couple hoodie singing We Fell in Love. XD

All the 2AM + Ga-in interaction in the episode was great, and they desperately tried to hold them back when they wanted to leave, lol. I could not stop laughing throughout the episode – it’s a good way to cap off the weekend! πŸ˜€ And…in the next episode Nichkhun and Victoria of f(x) are joining as a new couple! I’m really excited to see how that goes.

The vid links in my previous posts are no longer available on youtube, but other links are available on youtube and tudou if you search hard enough. πŸ™‚ I know they’re out there.


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