Bones Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

Bones is finally back! I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages. I can hear Hallelujah going all around. *silly grin*

I loved how the writers threw the Booth-Brennan surprise at us at the end of the sixth season. No one expected them to be together, so them having a baby together is probably one of the most squee-worthy moment in television. I like that the writers at Bones are always aware of what the viewers want (for Booth and Brennan to be together) yet they served it to us in a manner that we could never have predicted.

So the episode starts off with paintball! One of the guys find our victim as he was ‘killed’, which in other words, involved him being pelted with dozens of paintballs. It does hurt a lot, but probably not enough to end up like our victim.

We then cut to Booth and Brennan making breakfast in his squishy little apartment (squee!). Bones is 5 months into her pregnancy and Booth makes a quip about how she’s gotten bigger (oh, men). He does quickly try to turn it into a compliment, but it’s one of those situations that the harder you try to get out of, the worse it will turn out to be. Brennan obviously breaks in down logically and anthropologically, of course. We also get an update on their living arrangements: they are splitting their time between his place and her place. They have a cute little moment squeezing about in the kitchen when Booth brings up the topic of them moving in together. Brennan says she doesn’t mind splitting their time between their two places and that she didn’t think he’d want to move in together because he wanted to be married the next time he moves in with someone.

Booth: Are you asking me to marry you?

That cheeky monkey. That would be a bit too fast for my liking though, and he knows that too. He would wait till she’s ready and for her to ask him. Awwww.

They reach the scene where Hodgins has already started working on. Brennan insists on carrying her own case, comparing herself to women of old times who’d have to still work and carry stuff around and do lots of squatting. I’m sure working in a paddy field (or a wheat field) pretty much covers all. Bones is still Bones though, except that she starts crying halfway into her examination at the scene.

She attributes it to her pregnancy hormones of course, but Booth manages to sneak in a quick photo using his phone. To add to his collection of rare moments where Brennan is actually, well, normal. Brennan quickly finishes off her preliminary exam and rushes away from the scene, presumably to resume weeping in the car.

Ewwwww at all the juice from Cam cutting open the victim’s skull. Thank god they had masks and goggles on. Though I’d be concerned about their hair. Don’t they have hairnets? Shower caps? The victim is a lady, and Cam removes her brain, only to have beetles flowing out of it.

Hodgins is thrilled and is all “come to Daddy” as he fills the beetles into a container. The beetles managed to get into the brain as a result of an injury, which Cam had ruled as the cause of death. Wendell is just happy that Cam is done with the remains, because apparently being stuck between Cam and pregnant Bones is nothing short of a nightmare.

Brennan studies the remains with Wendell while Angela photographs it to do a facial reconstruction. Angela asks about Brennan’s weepfest at the scene earlier. Brennan casually remarks that Booth took a photo of her but she’s got one of him cooking an omelette while naked. Angela, just like the rest of us, is dying to see the photo (of the latter, obviously) and even pulls out the BFF card. Oh, I would stoop even lower if I were her.

Angela gets shooed off to do the victim’s facial reconstruction, and she takes Booth’s side in the moving in issue. Once she’s discovered the victim’s identity, Booth and Sweets swoop in to interview the husband, who is a pastor. The victim had suffered from retrograde amnesia and went missing 6 months ago, but she returned and went to see a psychologist to try and regain her memory.

Sweets is ever so nosy when it comes to Booth and Brennan, and he’s also got wind of their current living arrangements, but Booth tells him to mind his own business. Why do I always get a sense of satisfaction when Sweets is being swatted away? He does walk into the diner just after Brennan and Booth had a fight over the moving-in issue though, and being the shrink that he is, immediately senses something isn’t right.

Sweets gets a stare-of-death in the car even before he gets to ask about it. He just went “Booth…” and Booth shushes him immediately. I love that Booth just knows that Sweets is onto him, whereas if it were Brennan she’d have no clue. They continue to interview the psychologist, who had been banned from Vegas from counting cards. Sweets dismisses that as a publicity gimmick for his work, as Dr Yazrick’s research is highly controversial.

Dr Yazrick shares his knowledge about the victim, Claire, saying that due to her amnesia, there were periods where her brain would adopt a completely different identity as a coping mechanism. Booth wonders if there was anyone Claire would be afraid of, and Yazrick hesitates a bit before telling them about another one of his patients who had lost his wife and subsequently had become attached to Claire.

Which leads us to crazy Asian man who can only speak while he’s playing his violin. He lets his creepiness shine through as he proclaims that he and Claire belonged together and that she was afraid of her husband. Add that to the linseed oil that Booth finds in his violin case and he becomes a suspect.

Hodgins and Angela’s son is so cute! Never mind that visiting dad at work means having to look at all sorts of creepy-crawlies. He’s a boy; he’ll get used to it. Cam is not too happy about having a baby in the lab though. Health and safety regulations, plus the fact that the baby could throw up on an expensive-as-hell mass spectrometer. But even then she can’t resist smiling at the little one. I don’t blame her.

Hodgins gives the bad news in that the linseed oil from crazy/creepy violin man is not a match for the traces of linseed oil found with the dead body. He does, however, confirm that there was a canvas bag that was removed from where the victim was buried.

Booth and Brennan then sort of make up when she concedes that wanting him to move in with her was wrong. She still persists though, that getting a new place for both of them would be irrational given the current economical situation. Wait, isn’t she rolling around in money from her books anyway? Rational, schmational. Booth pretty much agrees with me.

“Look, Bones, I love you, okay? It’s not rational. Us having a kid? That’s not rational. But here we are.

Booth then gets notified about the violin man being clean. They then shift their investigation towards the victim’s husband after discovering that there were two domestic disturbances reported. The pastor husband deflects all those accusations using Claire’s memory loss as an excuse. Booth presses on, but the pastor doesn’t budge.

Meanwhile, the squints discover that Claire had been shot at in the past, but the bullet was not removed properly by a doctor. Angela tracks down the striations off the bullet and matches it to a a robbery. In the meantime, Angela also tells Brennan that her baby is a chance for her to start anew. She catches the thing that is niggling at Brennan, which is Brennan’s experience growing up in foster care. Now I don’t know for what reason she’d think her child would have anything to do with foster care, but Angela reassures her.

Hodgins then identifies the murder weapon, which is a spade but with a long blade attached to the other end. I wonder how people come up with these things.

Booth follows the lead for Claire and the robbery, but her shrink knows nothing about it. He then finds the accomplice, who was jailed and is now in a halfway house.

The man claims that he knew Claire as Brenda and that he hadn’t heard of her since. But when Booth tells him that she was found dead at the park, his face changes completely. Booth then gets on to something, and he says that they’d stashed the money in that park. Uh-oh, I see where this is going.

Booth and Sweets don’t know yet, so they try and figure it out. Sweets uses their Chinese takeaway to summarise the case so far, but it’s not helping much, with so many people and Claire’s unusual condition. Sweets is so adorable when he’s not trying too hard. Their brainstorming session is interrupted when Booth gets an emergency callout from Brennan, who is…stuck.

He panics and runs off to the Jeffersonian to rescue her, but turns out she really was just stuck after taking a fall, so there she was lying on the ground surrounded by artifacts/relics/whatever. He manages to sneak in another photo of her in distress (much to her annoyance) before pulling her up. Go Booth!

She didn’t think to call anyone, not even a security guard, but him. Awww. It’s in these little things that she does without realising that just tells, isn’t it? Booth takes the opportunity to apologise for being pushy in the whole moving in issue, which she misunderstands at first, in Brennan’s own way. Booth brings up his own daddy issues, saying that he doesn’t want to be like his father. Dude does have his own abandonment issues as well, not just Brennan.

She doesn’t really understand it, but she accepts it anyway and breaks it down logically as she needs to, but she concludes that she’s ready to move in to a new place with Booth, even if it’s a ‘foolish investment in this market’. Awwww that’s about as romantic as you can get off Brennan, really.

They have a short and sweet moment before Brennan realises that she’s missed something from the crime scene – they didn’t examine the paintball splatters, which could have concealed evidence. Booth then gets back on the case with Sweets as well, when Booth picks up that there is nothing in Dr Yazrick’s notes about Claire’s 6 months of amnesia. Sweets didn’t pick up on that (sucker!), but Booth says that even if Claire did not remember anything, it’s unusual for a shrink not to ask anything at all. Looking at the shrink’s notes again, Booth notices that he’s scribbled some gambling codes on the side of his notes. So Yazrick has got some gambling problems of his own, which gives him the motive to get the money from Claire.

Lo and behold, the squints X-rays each splatter of paint, and Brennan sees one particular splotch with a chewing gum on it. Which leaves them with a clear imprint of a tooth that matches Yazrick’s dental records. How unfortunate that the doctor actually goes to the dentist.

Booth and Brennan then finish off the day at Brennan’s place, where he’s watching American football and she’s house hunting. They have a little discussion about their future house – Booth wants a large backyard. They both want a treehouse, and Booth wants to go 50-50 on the house as well. Which means they might have to live in a shack. But well, at least they’ll be together.

I really liked this episode, because it feels great to feel all the dynamics with the characters again. Bones isn’t really all about the crime-solving, it’s about the people and how they do it. I liked that they came to a conclusion about the moving-in by the end of the episode instead of having something so trivial drag on. Booth surprised me by being so forthcoming about his feelings for Brennan really, because I wasn’t sure if he was still recovering from his previous relationship with that reporter lady (what’s her name again?). And Brennan exceeds all expectations by just being pregnant. How easy is that?

I hope to see more of Angela and Hodgins and baby next episode, that baby definitely needs more screen time. Maybe Brennan can babysit. I’d like to see that.


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