Wang Lee Hom – Still In Love With You

This song is from Leehom’s latest album, Open Fire 火力全开. It’s the 2nd single to be released after the title track and it is a slow-tempo ballad. The style seems quite similar to Leehom’s usual, like 春雨洗过的太阳, among others.

Linky to the MV:
Wang Leehom 依然愛你 Still In Love With You

The biggest selling point of this song (to me) is the music video. Leehom has enlisted Wong Fu Productions to direct this MV. It’s a collaboration of people I like and follow. Dream come true! Obviously I’m not just speaking for myself here, because Leehom and Wongfu both have a massive following overseas and in Asia so this collaboration would really be win-win for both of them.

I knew Wongfu was shooting an MV for Leehom because I saw that photo, but I wasn’t sure which song it was going to be. At that point Leehom had only released Open Fire (which was a bit of a disappointment for me because the autotune completely ruined his voice) but I was already excited. When I saw the MV for this song on Leehom’s facebook page it didn’t mention Wongfu at all so I didn’t think it was directed by them! I didn’t see any of their names credited as the directors, only a Taiwanese production company was listed. But when I watched the MV, I knew straight away it was Wongfu’s work. The shots and the overall feel of the video just exuded their style. My major gripe with Leehom and his label is only that there is no credit to Phil and Wes and Wongfu for their work on the MV. I don’t know if they were hired under the production company or whatnot, but no matter what, the MV is their handiwork and they should receive the right billing for it.

Bucketloads of photos here, didn’t want to take them off their website so head over to take a peek!

Wongfu fans would know of their work, as they uploaded two ‘making of’ videos of the MV, which entails the behind-the-scenes work they did for the MV. It’s about 30 minutes (yay!) of footage. I’m glad they didn’t edit it down further – like Wes said, if we want to watch it, we’re going to watch it. The only down side was that Ted didn’t get to join them in Taipei for the shoot because he stayed back to take care of their business. Or else it would have been like a really special episode of Wong Fu Weekends, featuring Leehom.

Looks like this album is actually a greatest hits album with 2 new songs thrown in. Pardon me for not actually looking at the promo material before jumping into this. From what it looks like I think Leehom will soon be leaving Sony. People don’t release a greatest hits album unless it’s their last album with the label.


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