My Take On The Good Wife

I first caught The Good Wife on the telly about over a year ago, when I watched the final episode of Season 1. Well, not even the whole episode, but about the second half of it. And I was hooked. I remember watching Will and Alicia and their multiple phone calls, him professing his love for her and his lack of ‘plans’, Alicia being torn between the two men. In an instant I knew what it was about, not completely, but the essence of the show was conveyed so well that I could not help but think, well, what happened before? What’s going to happen after?

So I went ahead, watched the entire first season in a matter of weeks, and soon I was on the tail of every episode after. Initially, Alicia’s story is compelling and is the core of the show, because she is a wife of a man in politics. A man who was scorned by a sex scandal and proceeds to bounce back onto the political scene and return to the states attorney office. You can go as far as to draw parallels between the show and actual incidents in American politics, but to me it just makes for a really good drama.

I really like how they have developed the characters so far, with the first season focusing on Alicia’s development from being a ‘good wife’ to a good wife who is also a lawyer. It really centred around her in the first season – with everything somewhat geared towards Alicia and her greatness. While I didn’t have any problem with that, it would have been a problem if they went on with that in Season 2. But in the next season more of the other characters were focused on, with the introduction of Eli Gold and more of Kalinda, who I think is one of the most intriguing characters in the series.

What I like about Kalinda is her charm and the show knows it and plays it to the maximum effect. Her interactions with Alicia and how she plays Cary makes for very interesting tv for me. And she has great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

Eli is also a revelation and he’s one of my favourite characters, because he’s smart and is not afraid of calling it as it is. He has some sort of respect for Alicia and her need to protect her children from the limelight, which I thought was rare. His rapport with her eventually builds up and becomes more interesting when he moves his consultancy business into Alicia’s firm.

As for Will and Alicia, at first their relationship, or rather, their could-have-been lingering feelings for each other was interesting to watch. As the show progressed I found myself rooting less and less for the pair. Most of the time I just wished they’d get on with the case. They do have some great moments together though, but only when they’re not talking about themselves. I don’t see how they are/were ever going to work out – not even now after Alicia separates from Peter. Despite Peter’s cheating on her, I think there’s still a part of Alicia that is attracted to him and wants to forgive him.

Diane is the other partner in the law firm with Will. She is an amazing character in herself, but haven’t really been given a lot of chance to shine. She’s got strong political views of her own, which provides more dimensions to her character. She was given some rather interesting arcs in the second season and I really like watching her scenes because she’s powerful and intimidating as a lawyer, yet really likable. She is coming into her own as a character and slowly becoming more of a mentor to Alicia.

Cary Agos was an associate at Alicia’s firm in the first season, but he was fired by Will and Diane when they had to choose between keeping him or Alicia. He was not too happy, obviously, and has chosen to work in the States Attorney office. In the SA’s office, he takes on most of the cases going up against Lockhart and Gardner, mostly because of his past experience with them, which conveniently provides the drama as well. He has an on-off flirtation with Kalinda which is ongoing despite his better judgement. Kalinda has great chemistry with everyone but I must admit I do enjoy watching her wring information out of him every episode, I really do. Please let that go on, Show. Nothing like having Cary eat humble pie as his staple food. When Peter returns to the States Attorney office he promotes Cary to Deputy SA, although for what reason we still do not know. I have learnt that everything Peter does, he does for a reason. Or a scheme.

As of this season it has been really interesting thus far. What’s more interesting was a special episode aired before the first episode of Season 3 where the cast discusses what to expect this season. I had no idea that the actor who plays Eli is actually Scottish! And there he was with a full-blown Scottish accent during his interview and I was simply stunned. Alan Cumming just adds on to the list of British actors who have managed to work on American television without anyone really noticing them being British (unless they google them, of course). That includes Archie Panjabi who plays Kalinda, but I knew that before, having watched her on Bend It Like Beckham. Maybe I’m the only one who is oblivious, but well.



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