Bones Season 7 Episode 5 – Return of Angela’s Dad

Angela’s Dad is back! He’s probably one of the wackiest recurring characters on the series. And my favourite one.

I don’t think he’s ever taken off those shades though, and his beard is always the same length. I crack up whenever he appears. He’s back this episode to have a look at Angela’s son Michael, and he even brought a toy!

How can you not love a Gramps like that? Michael has been getting really little sleep and his parents are worried (and sleep-deprived). Despite Hodgins and Angela’s best efforts to avoid having Gramps excite Michael even more, Gramps manages to have his own time with the baby. And he also discovers the exact type of music that he will sleep to. Awww. It just goes to show that music can indeed run in the blood.

Gramps also manages to leave his mark on baby Michael (albeit a press-on, for now), much to Hodgins’s horror. Which really reminded me of the days when he used to torment Hodgins.

This is just a teensy off the episode – not going to do a full-blown recap but I like putting in my favourite bits from certain episodes. At least you’ll know I’m still watching 😉


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