The Finder Episode 1

I had been looking forward to watching The Finder ever since I watched the intro episode on Bones. The characters are charming and not bad-looking. Lead character is quirky, female lead has sass and personality to match Booth’s and there’s a trusty best friend-cum-lawyer to sort the lead out. I love the similarities between the two series, and in theory there are so many parallels to this series that I could draw. But I will try to refrain myself.

First glimpse into the episode and I realise that the female character that was introduced in Bones had been replaced. Not replaced by another actress in the same character (which sometimes happens like how Audra McDonald had replaced Merrin Dungey as Naomi in Private Practice)but rewritten as a completely different character. The female lead is now a deputy US marshal. Still sassy, still kickass. But a little too close to the female-Booth type of feel for me. I liked the original bartender/pilot character and wished they’d stuck with that. I would’ve forgiven them. Because she was lovable, with her somewhat criminal ways and violent tendencies. Deputy US marshal will take a bit longer to get used to.

Anyway, on a whole I expected a more impressive premiere. It did a good job of introducing the whole cast, new or known, to us but lacked the action and excitement that sucks you into the drama. The chemistry felt a bit lacking too. The only viable chemistry I felt was between Walter and Leo, even then mostly because of Michael Clarke Duncan’s sheer awesomeness. Willa’s gypsy girl character seemed interesting but her connection with the rest of the cast remains to be seen. Izabel is spunky and all brawn, but not easy to like on the first try. I feel that chemistry is the main reason for Bones’s success, and if The Finder wants to build up their fan base they got to work quickly at the chemistry and throw some more interesting cases our way.


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