Bones Season 7 Episode 7

Congrats to Booth and Brennan, and welcome to the world, baby Christine Angela. Wait, did they settle for a last name? Or has that just become an unnecessary little detail in the bigger picture of the happy family? I’d like to believe in the latter, being part of the happy fan-camp of Bones.

Awww, that just warms up my heart on an unusually cold April night. Never mind the case – the only thing close to interesting about it was how all the inmates swerved out of Brennan’s way as she charged through the swarm of them looking for the killer. And she was right to say that none of them would have hurt her. Honour amongst thieves. Well, except for the killer, who did take a swing at her, but he was trying to save himself.

*happy sigh*

I love the look of their new house! Wasn’t it not too long ago that it was in shambles and barely a shell of a house? So happy that Bones is back. Till next episode!


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