The Finder Season 1 Episode 8

Also known as…Leo had a past? That wasn’t his wife and daughter? Ooh.

So his hot lawyer friend turns up. His hot lawyer friend whom he was tempted to have an affair with, but nothing happened. Yet they were ‘gross old people looking all goo-goo at each other’, in Willa’s own words.

I thought it was about time for another Leo-centred episode, but I didn’t really like how it was played out. I sensed something fishy as soon as the brother turned up, but didn’t quite expect the ending that we got. Would have liked it if Isabelle saw through the culprit earlier and had a right out fight with the culprit. Yes, that’s how it should have gone down.

I know the show has tried to explain why Leo left his job as a lawyer and follows Walter along with his finding obsession. I get that he’s a good man with a big heart who’s suffered a tragic loss. Would really like him to get in the thick of action more often. Punching out bad guys and such when Walter is knocked out cold. Bring it on, baby.


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