Bones Season 7 Episode 13

It’s a week late, but I finally got around to watching the Bones finale. I don’t really want to go into the details of the plot here, but it’s sufficient to say that the writers gave us plenty to look forward to next season. Both in a good way and in a way that had me wanting to ram my head into my computer multiple times.

They’ve created quite a few worthy villains in the past, such as the Grave Digger (who was creepy) and the sniper dude (who had a perverted sense of justice). They’ve decided to bring back Christopher Pellant as the major villain arc this season, the brilliant hacker who can commit crimes and murder without even leaving his house. Literally. Some may think that he’s a perfect villain – he looks normal enough to pass off as an innocent member of public, yet possesses the skill and motive to commit murder. And the fact that you constantly want to bash his head in, no matter what face he’s pulling definitely adds to his villain credentials.

I think the past villains have always in some ways threatened the Squint family and Booth, but now Pellant threatens Booth and Brennan as a family, in addition to the Jeffersonian. Which makes me want to bash him head even more. So I was quite glad (and selfishly so, but surely not the only person to feel that way) when Booth barged into Pellant’s house and took a few swings at him.  Not quite model FBI agent behaviour (or model citizen, for that matter), but what he did must have reflected what all the fans wanted to see. The writers know what we want to see. They just don’t give us everything we want in the way we want, because let’s face it, it wouldn’t be fun if that happened.

And that’s not really what we want either. For Booth and Brennan to be separated. There must be a lot of heated discussion about what Brennan did. Whether she is right or wrong doesn’t matter to me. She hurt Booth, yes, but she’s not exactly frolicking in the sun away in Mexico either. She did what was best given the circumstances. She made a measured, rational decision. Which is what I expect of her. Booth knows this and I hope he rises to the occasion to fight Pellant and allow them to come back to a safe home. (And maybe pummel Pellant a little more while he’s at it.)

Despite it being a shorter season, I felt that there were a lot of development on the Booth-Brennan bit of the story, enough to satisfy me anyway. What felt a bit lacking was the time and space to develop the side characters, with Angela and Hodgins taking a backseat and the squinterns having practically no light on  them this season. At least it’s been renewed – I’m grateful that there will be a Season 8. Can’t say the same for The Finder, which has been axed. But at least that means more of Hart Hanson to share in Bones next season, I hope.


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