Thoughts on Queen In Hyun’s Man

I have been through the emotional roller coaster that was Queen In Hyun’s Man, and I survived it. I jumped on the bandwagon about 8 episodes into the drama as it aired. The story was so well thought-out and the characters were so lovable and real despite being a time-travel type show.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched something like Queen In Hyun’s Man. My heart melts when I see Boongdo and Heejin onscreen together. My heart aches when I see them longing for each other, knowing that they are 300 years apart. Credit to both the leads for have such amazing chemistry and for bringing such warmth and yes, eye candy to the show.

I won’t go much into plot discussion here hopefully, but for me, up till episode 14 the whole drama was superb. It should have ended at 14, and for me it definitely did end at 14. Everything that happened after 14 seemed to be an extension of a plot device that took some credibility out of the writers.

The last story arc in Episode 15 and 16 wasn’t convincing enough for me, and seemed to be a last-ditch attempt to wring some more tears out of us when our leads are faced with more obstacles. Yeah, like having to travel 300 years to see your lover isn’t difficult enough. But they did their best, and all I could do is be glad that it wasn’t completely butchered up.

Yoo In Na was really a revelation in this series. I had previously watched her in Secret Garden and Best Love/Greatest Love. I liked her personality but I felt that she would have been a bit too shrieky as a lead actress an would grate on me if I had to watch her all the time. I was wrong. In Queen In Hyun’s Man she brought it all out. Her crying was heart wrenching every single time. Her playful persona onscreen was convincing and lovable. Ji Hyun Woo was sizzling as his character. Who says scholars can’t be playboys? Bet he’s won over many hearts of Kdrama fangirls with this role. He had so many swoonworthy moments in the show. I couldn’t help it either.

Despite some kinks in the final episodes, I really did fall hard for this series. These characters were well-written and so deserving of our love and tears.

Final verdict: Watch it, love it, share it. Like all good things in the world.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Queen In Hyun’s Man

    • Yes! Minor grumbles aside I think this drama is definitely worth a watch. I loved the earlier episodes and the drama stays solid throughout, which is more than I can say for a lot of kdramas I’ve watched.

      • I am watching Big at the same time now and since it is so fast paced and exciting, it is making Queen Inhyun seem a little more dull, but I am going to keep watching and see if I get more hooked.

      • I’m usually late in joining the bandwagon for most kdramas so I get a couple of episodes at one go to begin with so slow starts don’t really bother me that much hehe. I like the idea of Big but Hong sisters drama can be quite hit-and-miss for me so I’m gonna hold off that for a bit. I like the excitement of following a drama while it airs though, and I miss that a bit.

      • I don’t know if I’ve seen any other Hong sisters dramas other than maybe My Girl? Is that one? For some reason I was thinking it was. My Girl was only okay for me, but Big is WAY better and a totally different type of drama. I’m about to watch the next episode of Queen Inhyun though, so we’ll see how it goes.

      • So I looked it up and I’ve seen You’re Beautiful, which is pretty good, not in my top 10 though, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which I LOVED by the Hong sisters. Those are the only 2 I’ve seen by them besides Big. Big is more along the lines of Gumiho, however it’s still very different and definitely it’s own, but it’s very funny the way Gumiho was. They have done a really good job so far of making you think one thing and then it turning out to be something else the next episode, keeps you guessing. I’m about to watch another episode of Queen Inhyun;s Man so we’ll see how it goes.

      • Sorry about the first reply post lol. I wrote it and then decided to look up the Hong Sisters to figure out which dramas were actually theirs (which I don’t know why I was thinking My Girl was for some reason) and then I couldn’t figure out how to delete the first post lol.

      • I will start on Big soon, don’t think there’s anything else airing now that is worth watching apart from that though. I would like to catch up on Rooftop Prince (having watched one episode and gave up) as well! As usual it’s too many dramas, too little time.

      • Rooftop Prince was great!! It had a really good plot and a big twist at the end that you don’t expect. Yeah there aren’t any others currently airing that I am too particularly interested in so once I finish Queen Inhyun’s Man I will probably watch an older one that’s on my list of dramas I haven’t gotten to yet lol.

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