The Queen of SOP Episode 1

Just watched an episode of a new Cdrama, 胜女的代价, or SOP Queen. I randomly saw a trailer of it on Tudou and thought I had to catch up with Joe Chen (Qiao En) to see how she is. I love her to bits but I haven’t watched a drama with her in for a long time, the previous one being Fated to Love You.

So yes, I jumped at this drama, and sometimes, that’s all it takes. I’ve spent my time watching 50+ episodes of nonsense over so much less before anyway. The premise of the drama seems simple and light-hearted enough to keep me going.

Qiao En plays Xiao Jie, an office lady working in the admin office of a large departmental store. She’s a bit of a lackey who does jobs that nobody else wants to pick up on. She’s been at the same job for 3 years now, but she has got dreams of her own, and she’s trying her best to move upwards in her career. She lives with her colleague and BFF, Jia Yi, who’s played by another familiar face, Xia Yu Qiao.

 In the first episode, Xiao Jie gets sent to London for a photo shoot assignment, which strangely no one else in the office wanted to do. (For all the wrong reasons too! I would jump at an all-expense paid trip to London, even if I was working 70% of the time.) Xiao Jie gets ‘stuck’ with it, but runs into Tang Jun (Hans Zhang), who helps her out when she runs into a snatch thief.

They go on a little date where he takes her for ice cream and she buys him something as a thank-you. They also discover their shared love of Peter Rabbit. Right. I’ll refrain from further comment on that point this far, because I think there might be some plot relevance later on. I hope. Although he doesn’t reveal what he does to Xiao Jie, it seems that Tang Jun is a rich boy with some money to throw around.

And he has Ming Dao as his friend. Or Sugar Daddy, judging from their cringeworthy bromance-y conversation. (If I didn’t know Ming Dao’s personality from his variety appearances I might have been a bit disgusted)

On to our other characters then. We have Godfrey Gao as Gao Zi Qi, the heir of the department store boss. He is secretly dating Ji Qing (Coco Chiang), a celebrity. They have a rendezvous in London, where Ji Qing travelled to be in the photo shoot that Xiao Jie was also working on.

Godfrey and his ‘tache doesn’t really do it for me. Just had to let that be known. And his chemistry with Coco is quite flat, so I’m hoping he does a lot better with Qiao En. Anyway, back to Zi Qi. He’s the second son to the mogul, the elder son being Zi Hao (played by Gino). They have a bit of sibling rivalry going on there, trading barbed comments about each other in front of Daddy.

Daddy seems like a nice Papa Bear-ish character. He meets Xiao Jie when he’s shopping (in his own store, nonetheless, these undercover bosses) for a suit for the New Year party. Xiao Jie was just there to pitch in because of lack of staff, and we’re supposed to believe that, since the other member of staff had the luxury of fiddling with her phone when Daddy walked into the shop, blatantly ignoring Daddy as he wasn’t well dressed enough to make a purchase.

Xiao Jie impresses Daddy with her customer service, and he duly notes her name before he leaves. I like him already.

I presume Xiao Jie will get scouted by Daddy to do something important, judging from how impressed he was. And I am surprisingly like Hans Zhang so far. He at least seems more natural and his character comes across better compared to Godfrey Gao, who seems stiff most of the time. Qiao En seems unchanged after all these years; she still has that charm.

Okay, more cute and let’s move on!

Onwards and upwards!


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