The Queen of SOP Episode 2

So what went down after the tower of beer cans?

Xiao Jie tries to figure that out herself, because her memories seem a bit…shady? To say the least. Zi Qi ran into her in the supermarket, apparently because he is attracted to loud noises (or drunken singing). So the tower of beer cans collapsed along with the two of them. Xiao Jie, in her drunken state, recognises him from the airport where he rudely knocked over her luggage and walked away.

She then bullies him into helping her build up the beer cans again, because a girl ain’t gonna take the same shit twice. And rightfully so. She also shares with him her vision for the supermarket’s beer promotion campaign (which her own manager ignored) which mildly impresses him. Although it shouldn’t, since she’s suggesting using clowns for the campaign. Really? Who do you think loves clowns? Definitely not anyone over the legal drinking age, my love.

Silly campaign ideas aside, the night ends with Xiao Jie asleep in a shopping trolley. She also eventually remembers wanting to rent Tang Jun’s apartment when he sends her an online message. They then begin a bit of a banter online, which translates quite well onscreen.

The only thing is, he knows who she is (having stalked her social networking page) but she doesn’t know who he is. She initially thought he’d be a bit of a feminine boy, what with the Peter Rabbit toys he has in the apartment, but I think they eventually build up a connection and he agrees to let her rent the place. And even offers to add in some deco and scout out colleges for her. Awww, he likes her already.

That kind of behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by your best friend though, and Tang Jun gets teased by Adam for it. Which makes for another creepy Ming Dao bromance moment.

Just as Xiao Jie decides to make a big change and move to London, she gets a job offer from the big boss himself. The man himself asks to see her and offers her a chance to work in the marketing department. I like this about the drama, making her pick between furthering her career now or pursuing her academic interests.

She grapples a bit between the choices, and eventually picks her career instead. She tells Tang Jun, who is a little disappointed but ends up sending her the Peter Rabbit toy she wanted to buy when she was in London. Complete with souvenir photos of Peter Rabbit with London’s sights.

Xiao Jie is greatly excited by her new job role, but everyone in marketing basically glosses over her, too absorbed in their own assignments. Doesn’t help that the boss is a meanie. 

He’d be the kind of boss that strikes fear into you and berates your ideas if they’re rubbish. Which I suppose accounts for everyone’s ideas. Xiao Jie doesn’t let that get to her (yet) and gets assigned the task of doing the Valentine’s Day window display. She tries to figure out what she can do with it, given that previous displays were hardly anything groundbreaking and she has only a teeny budget. She gets some encouragement from Tang Jun, who tries to guide her to some ideas. But then that would mean that she’s chatting online…at work? How professional is that?

Though it does make up for some cute. And they get to be in the same scene. She does more brainstorming at the stairwell, all while singing adorably out of tune. Zi Qi runs into her again, not-so attracted by the singing, more of a coincidence because he was trying to avoid Big Brother. There’s more conflict between him and Big Bro because Daddy has enlisted Zi Qi’s help to boost sales of the department store, which is run by Big Bro.

He sees what she’s working on and tells her that despite her difficulties with budget and time, that’s no excuse to fail. I liked what he said, but I feel that his delivery lacked some punch. I think that should give her an extra push to think of a fresh new concept for the display and give her a bit of a chance to shine.

Overall, the episode gave us more build-up between Xiao Jie and the two male leads, which was really good. Still haven’t seen the supporting actress yet, which is a bit disappointing. Hopefully with Tang Jun’s arrival in Taipei next episode things would spice up a bit and give us some more interactions between the leads as well. Liking the easy-going feel of the drama so far. My favourite part is that while light-hearted, the choices Xiao Jie makes and the reality that she faces are all quite relatable to me, and probably to a lot of the audience out there.


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