The Queen of SOP Episode 3

Xiao Jie finally gets her inspiration for her window display assignment via Tang Jun’s gift – she devises a fairy tale theme decoration for Valentine’s Day. Not really original, but at the very least not outrageous like the beer campaign.

She thanks him via text, and he seems genuinely happy that she picked up on his pointers. Also, he discovers that his vineyard in France is in a wee bit of trouble. Not so happy-puppy then. He tries to get financial help, but with no luck. Eventually he gets a phone call from his mum, who offers him a bailout. He’s not too keen on accepting it, but when he finds out that she wants him to go to Taipei for 3 months, he’s practically jumping in joy. Yay! Time to catch up with Xiao Jie!

Xiao Jie pitches her idea to her colleagues, and though they try to hide it, they are a bit taken aback by how good it is. Why not her boss, I wonder, don’t you need approval for your general theme at the very least? Anyhow, when she asks her colleagues for help in putting the idea to work, everyone somehow has other stuff to do. Xiao Jie goes to Jia Yi and her colleagues in her old department for help.

Everyone there has other work to do as well, but Jia Yi isn’t taking any of it. Even when Xiao Jie lets herself nod politely, Jia Yi steps up and reminds them of how Xiao Jie helped them when they needed it, and how she basically was their go-to girl every time. I love that Xiao Jie was so assertive when she asked for help from Jia Yi but just shrank away when everyone else said no. Whereas Jia Yi is the complete opposite – assertive with the others but a softie when it comes to her best friend.

They end up doing quite a bit of decorations for her, which doesn’t go unnoticed by her boss. He’s all, where did there people come from? Yeah well, not your department, definitely.

When Xiao Jie is finishing off her display, Zi Qi passes by (again) and drops in again. He seems impressed by her idea, and may somehow find it not-so-boring for his billionaire playboy interests.

Xiao Jie falls asleep on the job (again!) and they end up asleep on the bed in the display window till the next morning. He did say that she wasn’t his princess, so why he felt like he needed to snuggle on the bed as well is mind-boggling. Did he really think he was going to only have a 20-minute nap? The display soon gathers attention from a lot of people outside the window, all craning to take a photo of the famous playboy and unknown lady. Xiao Jie wakes up and panics, but Zi Qi decides to milk the situation for all its worth and puts on a great romantic show for the crowd.

There’s a huge media frenzy and press coverage on the incident, which is great free publicity for Hai Yue (the departmental store). The only person not too happy about it is Big Brother, Zi Hao.

He is a bit dramatic about his brother’s actions, saying that the image of Hai Yue will be affected, and tries to get Daddy to, I dunno, discipline Zi Qi. Maybe ground him for a month. Daddy’s not too bothered about it because it’s free publicity and supports Zi Qi’s suggestion that they refrain from making a public statement about it so that the media speculation can drum up even more attention. Daddy also decides that Xiao Jie will be the face of their media communications.

Zi Hao is not satisfied that Zi Qi got away with it again, so he decides that the opening of the supermarket (Bai Yue), which is the project that Zi Qi was asked by Daddy to work on, will be on Valentine’s Day. Alongside Hai Yue’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. He also asks Xiao Jie’s boss to hand that assignment to Xiao Jie, which also confuses me, since that’s really Zi Qi’s project. But I suppose the show needs to toss them two together again, so any excuse goes.

Boss gives Xiao Jie the news, and gives her a bit of training, including asking her to shed at least 5kg. I think he’s supposed to be mean, but I can’t help but feel that he’s a big ‘ol softie inside. Awww.

Meanwhile, Zi Qi has a secret girlfriend to deal with, in addition to his problems with work and the news. Ji Qing puts on her questioning look, but turns out she’s not too jealous over a photo with some nobody at all. And all is well in fairyland. Secret fairyland.


Their happiness doesn’t last for long. Their (secret) relationship is put under pressure when Zi Qi asks her to make an appearance at Bai Yue Supermarket’s opening on Valentine’s Day, but her manager has scheduled her to be at Hai Yue’s Valentine’s Day event. The Hai Yue event is obviously the more A-list stuff, since Zi Hao has upped the stakes to beat Zi Qi. Ji Qing’s manager is hoping that Ji Qing’s appearance will lead to a contract as the face of Hai Yue.

It’s really just making a choice between your career and sticking it out for your secret boyfriend, and Ji Qing chooses to go for her career. Because who wants to wear an apron and cut a ribbon when you can wear a pretty dress and give presents away? World of a difference, really. (And I thought it was because of the money.) That leaves Zi Qi really upset, and he questions her lack of compromise. She readily admits that she’s not about to compromise with him on anything, and whines that if he won’t accept her way, then it’s the…other way. He breaks up with her and leaves. Way to go, boy.

All I’m thinking is, can we get to the next episode already? I can’t wait for Tang Jun to physically appear in front of Xiao Jie.




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