The Queen of SOP Episode 4

The break-up between the secret lovers has gone down. Zi Qi stomps his way back to his car and leaves, while Ji Qing wonders if she’s taken her threat of breaking up too far now that he’s actually gone. Zi Qi returns home and orders his assistant (does he never get to go home?) to toss out the life size cut-out of Ji Qing. He then sees a news article on his laptop and a glimmer of hope pops into his head. If the Ji Qing strategy cannot work out, he has a backup plan…one that involves Xiao Jie.

Oh no, now that’s devious. And morally wrong.

Xiao Jie is caught out in the rain, but she still takes the time to text Tang Jun (why not seek shelter first?) to tell him about how she feels lonely. He’s just close by, watching her in the rain. Hmmm, it would be a little stalker-ish but he doesn’t give me that vibe, strangely. He suggests she get some ice-cream to cheer herself up, which does put a smile on her face. Well, ice-cream is a miracle drug.

I don’t know why he wouldn’t just step up to her now and surprise her, but he just kind of watches her from afar as they text each other. I suppose he was just trying to summon up enough courage to approach her, and it’s especially evident after Xiao Jie says that it would be great if a loved one would come pick her up to take her home in this weather. Yes! Make your move, silly!

Just as he’s about to approach her, Jia Yi and her boyfriend pulls up and offers Xiao Jie a ride home. Awwww. He has so fallen for her. He tells her that perhaps she already has a prince by her side, only she hasn’t noticed it. Aww, that’s right, but maybe you need to multiply that number by two.

The following day at work, Xiao Jie is give 15 minutes notice to do a media presentation. Really? That’s not even giving her a fighting chance, given her lack of experience. Sometimes I wonder why all these characters can’t be written with a bit more professionalism, realistically.

Her presentation was a bit of a flop, with no one really paying attention to what she way saying. All the reporters were just waiting for it to end so they can swamp her with questions about her personal life and the scandal involving her and Zi Qi.

And who else should appear at this very moment but Zi Qi. He’s obviously using the media presence for his very next act. Is it just me or does he look a bit lecherous here?

He confesses his love for Xiao Jie, and swoops in to plant a kiss on her. Seriously? How transparent can you be? I hate that Xiao Jie is not smart enough to figure it out, and she goes along with it thinking that he’s sincere.

Our poor loverboy is forced to watch this unfold on the news, and can only drink away his sadness.

It gets even sadder when she confides in him about her nervousness before her first date. He even gives her advice on what to wear, which she completely disregards. And they’ve done the virtual crossover thing again, where he’s the unseen third party present on the their date, making jibes and comments by Xiao Jie’s side. Which all makes up for some great couple screenshots.

That was him with his disapproving face. Zi Qi and Xiao Jie end up at another supermarket shopping for ingredients for dinner. Everything that Xiao Jie puts into the trolley, Zi Qi removes from it with disdain. She’s completely oblivious though, because she can’t stop fawning over him and she seems to still be in complete disbelief that they are on a date.

They have a little debate about bargain-price honeydew vs imported cherries, which Tang Jun also briefly features in. Tang Jun tries to make her see how selfish Zi Qi is, because he hasn’t even considered what Xiao Jie wants. But they end up brainstorming a key idea for their supermarket project, which is a line of ready foods for busy people who can’t be bothered to cook.

Tang Jun and Zi Qi cross paths again (for real) the following day, when Hai Yue holds a meeting with Tang Jun’s CEO Mummy.

I don’t really know what the point of the meeting, apart from showing us CEO Tang. Tang Jun seems utterly bored by the presentation from Zi Qi, and his mind wanders to Xiao Jie. His mother picks up on this and calls him out. She threatens to take away his shares and his credit cards unless he agrees to remain by her side as her assistant, not son. This trick works every time, doesn’t it? Even on our boy it works like a charm, and he agrees, but with one condition that we don’t know yet.

Xiao Jie is busy at work, and inadvertently creates a media faux pas when her comments to a reporter is misconstrued. The situation basically explodes and Xiao Jie gets a smattering from her boss.

She confides in Tang Jun again, and Tang Jun assures her that someone (meaning him) will come to her rescue. I think this should be his condition of working for his mum, that she would do something to salvage the situation.

Xiao Jie couldn’t just sit by and do nothing, so she goes to Zi Qi to figure out a plan of action. Which then ends up with her crying. And him kissing her. Again?! I’ve never been so mad at kisses in a drama, but this annoys me. He kisses her the first time when he sees her crying.

But then he kisses her again, and this time it’s when he sees Ji Qing stepping into his house. This is just to reiterate his point to Ji Qing that he can make someone happy, and that someone ain’t gonna be her.

I really dislike the inconsistency in Zi Qi’s narration. He says that he’s closer to falling in love with Xiao Jie when he kisses her the at his house. But then his intentions of getting close to her were all for the wrong reasons, which really grates on me. The worst thing is that Xiao Jie seems to buy into this fairytale romance too easily. She realised that he doesn’t really listen to her, yet she just let herself be swept off her feet.

It’s a lot easier to like Tang Jun, who seems sincere in his feelings towards Xiao Jie, and at this point I’m practically screaming for them to meet again already. And for him to swoop in to sweep her off her feet.

Is that a dime on the floor?


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